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Shalimar Coconut Oil Reviews

Avg Ratings : 4.3

6 Reviews


2 years ago

Coconut oil


I have always preferred to use coconut oil when it comes to my hair. Usually it is just as a stand alone or I make herbal oil by putting in alot of herbs with coconut oil as the base .I apply coconut oil couple of hours before taking a bath and massage well. I recently saw this Shalimar coconut oil at the counter and purchased this the smaller quantity though. It makes my hair stronger and while j was using this it did not rest in excessive hair fall it was just normal. Other than using this on hair I do apply coconutoil on my nails and hands too before taking a bath , for moisturization part though.thid is easily available and price is affordable too

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2 years ago

Good one to try


Shalimar coconut oil is like most of the other coconut oils. It is a pure form of coconut oil and it is not that greasy in nature. It make the hair shiny and silky and also helps to nourish the hair. It has reduced the dandruff problem a little but it is very slow in action. The smell is of a tolerable level. There is nothing very much peculiar to mention about this product. It is worth a try and the hair fall remains the same. It is a light weighted oil and it prevents the hair from getting dry and prevent the clumping of dust of the hair. It is worth a try.

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2 years ago

Shalimar coconut oil


Pure coconut oil

Pleasant fragrance

This Coconut oil is amazing. As other oils are sticky and greasy in nature, this oil doesn’t feel like that. I really appreciate the quality of the oil is easy to apply with its smart bottle. I enjoy using this Shalimar coconut oil on my hair. It not only strengthens the hair but also nourishes the skin and hair very well. I was facing hair fall issues, then I used this oil and it really helped my hair by rejuvenating the hair. I recommend this oil to everyone as it is suitable for all the skin types and rich in vitamin E.

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2 years ago



Non greasy

Coconut being one of the essential thing to boost hair I usually make sure to at least use the hair oils that have coconut as its major composition element. I recently hence bought Shalimar Coconut Oil so as to try out something new. This oil is really light in weight and unlike other hair oils that I have used it is comparatively non greasy. It moisturizes my hair so well that they now a days looks more softer even with out applying conditioner. It nourishes and hydrates my hair from deep with in including my scalp too. It ahs reduced my hair fall problem too.

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2 years ago

For shiny and healthy hair


Intense nourishment to hair and scalp

Makes hair shiny and smooth

Coconut oil is highly nourishing and enriching for hair growth. It has been used since ages by our ancestors for good hair health. This coconut is a regular product in my household. Not only is it effective but also it is very affordable. It makes the hair smooth, shiny and lustrous. It helps in preventing hair loss and also encourages hair growth. This hair oil improves the scalp health and also gives a cooling effect to the scalp. It is oily and greasy but it is highly nourishing. It is highly recommended for all those who want to have healthy hair.

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2 years ago

Great buy


Pleasant Fragrance

Non Greasy

Pure Coconut Oil

I was using this coconut oil for a month, and I really liked its result. This oil cleared my dandruff issue, and it did not stick, unlike other coconut oils. I did not feel it heavy on my hair, and even it reduced my hair fall. It is easy to apply and moisturized my hair well. It also added volume to my hair.

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Shalimar Coconut Oil is a pure form of coconut oil, loaded with the benefits of vitamin E. It has a lightweight and non-greasy formula that moisturizes and nourishes your hair. It improves your scalp health and helps restore hair growth and reduces hair fall. It replenishes, rejuvenates, and nourishes dull tresses, giving you soft, silky, and healthy hair. The oil helps in fighting the dandruff and other scalp issues and improves your scalp health. It provides nourishment to each strand to prevent protein loss and protect against damage. The oil is 100% safe and suits all types hair.

How To Use Shalimar Coconut Oil ?

  • Apply on the scalp and through the lengths of the hair.
  • Massage it using your finger tips
  • Leave it for sometime or overnight.
  • Shampoo the hair.

Shalimar Coconut Oil Benefits And Uses :

  • Lessens hair loss.
  • Reduces hair damage.
  • Protects from lice.
  • Moisturizes hair.
  • Nourishes hair.
  • Removes dandruff.
  • Promotes hair growth.


Shalimar Coconut Oil Ingredients