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Sleek Cold Wax Reviews

Avg Ratings : 3.1

6 Reviews


2 years ago

Sleek Cold Wax


Lasts long.

No side effects.

Budget friendly

I used this product when I was living in a different city and is some years ago. Yes, I would say that it is safe and one of the budget-friendly wax that you can ever find. I was not sure in the beginning If I could really use it, as feared I did not do it well and had a lot of hair left on the skin. After a couple of times, I was becoming good at it. I also used the cold wax for my sister and mother. The wax is pretty safe on all types of skin, sometimes skin turned red, after applying a gel my skin was back to normal. It perfectly removes the unwanted hair from your skin. Very reasonable and goes a long way. You cannot use the wax for facial hair, it is only for arms and legs, This is a painful process.

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2 years ago

Not feasible


Doesn't brun like hot wax

No need to heat

This is the first time that I bought a cold wax. I wanted to see how it fares and if it can be used on a regular basis. The texture of the wax is thick and very sticky. It is a big task to take it out and apply. It is not very feasible like the hot wax. The only thing positive is there is no fear of getting burned or any redness. The quantity when I saw in the tub I thought was very less and wondered if it would be enough for even one leg. But even a small amount is enough. The hair does come off easily. But taking it out and applying a thin layer is very difficult with cold wax. The only benefit with this is there is no need to heat the wax and there is no fear of getting burned. Other than that the cold wax is not very easy to use. In fact, it takes a lot more time and effort. I did not find it helpful. For people with very sensitive skin, this may be suitable for them.

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2 years ago



Even though we get a soft and smooth skin after waxing out skin. The process is painful and not easy. The hot waxing done at parlour is difficult to be used at home as you will need someones guidance. But this Sleek Cold Wax is easy to use at home. All you will need is the product and disposable wax strips. Apply a thin layer of the product over the skin which needs to be waxed. Now place the disposable wax strips over it. Press gently and then remove the wax strips in the opposite directions. The process is really painful but it does not contain any allergies or rashes. The skin feels red after removing as it pulls of the hair but after using a genius moisturizer, it soothes down. It does not burn like hot wax but still pains. After the removal of hair, you will be happy to see your skin soft and smooth. The skin also appears a shade lighter than before.

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2 years ago



It's very rare that i visit the parlour for waxing session .a normal visit to the supermarket made me buy this Sleek Cold Wax. I saw this at the counter and thought about purchasing it . It need not be heated and you can use it just like that. It comes in a tub packaging and the wax is like a bit thick and i feel it is too sticky too. Due to the consistency it becomes really difficult to take it out . It becomes too messy when you take this out of the tub .i first cleaned my arms and let it dry and then applied a layer of was way too difficult to apply it due to its consistency.then need to place a strip of cloth and press firmly and pull the cloth strip in the opposite side of the hair growth and then wash off with plain water. I found using cold wax a bit painful and it wasn't able to remove all the hair

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2 years ago

Not Good


I prefer to keep a back up wax handy in case I cannot make it to the parlour for a waxing session. This time around I accidentally purchased the Sleek Cold wax instead of the Hot wax. This comes packaged in a large tin. It does not need to be heated and has to be applied in the regular state to wax. I applied the wax with the help of a butter knife all over my hands and then placed the wax strip on the applied wax and pulled off the strip in the opposite direction of the hair growth. I found the wax very sticky and hence I was unable to pull off the hair in one go. Multiple attempts of removing hair became painful and tiring. I was thoroughly disappointed with the performance of the product. The wax does not melt easily and hence makes the skin messy and sticky. It was cumbersome for me to wash off the wax from my skin and hence I would never be using it again.

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2 years ago




Doesn't brun like hot wax

Can ne used at home

Soft and smooth skin

No rashes

I don't like going to salons for waxing so I prefer doing It myself at home. For hot wax you need a help to do it but for cold wax you really don't need anyone for help because it is too easy to use and apply. It doesn't cause any rashes and makes the skin soft and tan free.

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Sleek Cold Wax is one of the safest waxes that one can use at their convenience. The main ingredients are sugar, water, and citric acid. This is exclusive for removing unwanted hair from body parts. It is a cold wax and so, unlike a traditional hot wax, it can be used without the fear of burns or redness.

How To Use Sleek Cold Wax ?

  • Apply the cold wax and spread out in the direction of the hair growth.
  • Press it well.
  • Place a removal strip and pull it in the opposite direction.

Sleek Cold Wax Benefits And Uses :

  • Removes body hair effectively.
  • Can be used at home.
  • Does not leave residues.
  • Doesn't require heating up.
  • Can be used with disposable strips.

Sleek Cold Wax Side Effects :

  • Rashes may occur.
  • Hair may not be removed completely.


Sleek Cold Wax Ingredients