Sunsilk Dream Soft And Smooth Shampoo
Sunsilk Dream Soft And Smooth Shampoo

Sunsilk Dream Soft And Smooth Shampoo

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The harsh rays of the sun take away the moisture and nourishment from your scalp, leaving you with dry, frizzy, and limp hair. Sunsilk Dream Soft & Smooth Shampoo addresses these casualties. It contains an ultralight fusion of five natural oils and is enriched with egg ceramide complex that nourish your hair from root to tip and make it soft and smooth. This shampoo is packaged in a study yellow flip cap bottle. It is creamy off-white and has a pinch of shimmer.

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24 Reviews
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  • 20lathers easily
  • 20pleasing fragrance
  • 19imparts shine to hair
  • 19makes hair smooth and soft
  • 16a little goes a long way


  • 14contains sls and other chemicals
  • 13contains silicon
  • 2contains chemicals
  • 1parabens and sulphates
  • 1the bottle cap is not sturdy

Sunsilk Dream Soft And Smooth Shampoo Reviews

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Makes the scalp clean and hair soft. Nilofer approves this product

12 months ago


Lathers easily

Pleasing fragrance

Makes hair smooth and soft

Repairs limp and dry hair

Price is reasonable

Sunsilk Shampoo takes me back to my childhood memories. I still remember the sunsilk yellow egg shampoo I used it during my school days. As time passed, I switched to many other shampoos and sunsilk has also given a new appearance with new names. My grandma was a loyal customer to sunsilk and she never changed the shampoo. Sunsilk Dream Soft And Smooth Shampoo comes in a yellow sturdy bottle with a flip cap. The cap doesn't close tightly fulfilling my expectation. I always have a fear that the cap would open and the shampoo would leak destroying my properties in bag. So I carry shampoo sachet which makes the work simple and easy and I could be free from leakage. The price is also reasonable. The shampoo contains five natural oils and enriched with egg ceramide complex. The shampoo ideally suits dry hair. It claims to moisturize and nourish the scalp. The shampoo is off white in color and easily forms lather, even with a small quantity. I usually apply oil 1 hour prior to shampooing my hair. This makes my hair soft. Wet your hair and dilute the shampoo in small amount of water. Apply in scalp and through the length of hair. Rinse and apply conditioner. Leave it for 2-3 minutes and wash your hair. The shampoo has an amazing fragrance which lasts for about 2 days. The hair feels soft and smooth. It is less frizzy. I haven't seen any increase in my hair volume. But it keeps the hair clean from impurities and helps in getting a frizz free, soft hair. It also works well with colored hair. It removes the excess amount of oil from hair. Some people may feel a itching sensation after using this shampoo, in that case discontinue this shampoo and it doesn't suit you. According to me, it is a good shampoo, especially for those people who have a dry, frizzy hair.

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Fatima Sheikh

My work requires me to travel to all the remote places. Though I love my work, my hair is not getting the best out of it. By the time I reach my hotel or room, my hair is dry, very frizzy and when I run my fingers through my scalp, the amount of dirt I can feel is disgusting. On one work trip, I took Sunsilk Dream Soft & Smooth Shampoo along with me. The first time I used this shampoo, it felt soft on my hair. The sweet fragrance filled the bathroom and even after 5-6 hours, the smell lingered. The shampoo is infused with five natural oils and egg ceramide complex, which is a good combination for luscious hair. The open flip cap is not as sturdy as I thought it would be, so it’s not advisable to carry it around without being worried. I wrap it in a plastic cover and then dump it in my bag. I have used this shampoo for over a month now, and the tangles, the frizziness, and the dryness are taken care of. My scalp feels squeaky clean after every use. The effect stays long. I don’t really get time to explore different products, so when I like something, I stick with it for a long time. So, this Sunsilk shampoo is going to be my travel essential for a long time.

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2 years ago


I have been using this shampoo for two weeks now, and I will say that for my oily hair, it does not work as I want it to. Yes, it does a good job of cleaning my scalp, but that’s about it. After every wash, my hair feels clean for some time, but after seven to eight hours, it starts feeling heavy, and my scalp starts to itch because of sweating maybe. But I am sure about my hair fall. These two weeks of this shampoo have increased my hair fall. I am not going to continue using this shampoo nor will I recommend it to others. I think the problem is with the chemicals this shampoo has. The only chemicals I am aware of it being harmful is silicone, paraben, and SLS. And out of this three, I am certain that silicone and SLS are present. So, I am not going to take any risk with my hair.

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2 years ago


This Sunsilk shampoo does a pretty good job in removing the excess oil from my hair. Even if I oil my hair overnight, this shampoo does a good job in removing it. Sunsilk Dream Soft & Smooth Shampoo is easily available and comes at a very cheap price. And the best part is, the bottle lasts long. I have been using this shampoo for over a month, and I still have a good amount left in the bottle. So, it is an ideal shampoo for those who cannot spend much on such items. Now coming to its efficacy, my hair has become smoother. When I go out after use, my hair shines and I have received so many compliments. The texture of this shampoo is mild and lathers well, so while washing, all my scalp and hair is easily covered, resulting in good cleansing. Overall, my verdict for this shampoo is – it is a good shampoo that works well and is easily accessible.

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