Syska TrendSetter HD1605 Hair Dryer Reviews

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Syska TrendSetter HD1605 Hair Dryer is specially designed for drying hair gently. It effectively conditions the hair and provides soft and smooth hair. It contains overheating protection that keeps the hair safe from the hot air. It does not dry out the hair or make it frizzy. It preserves the natural moisture level of the hair. It is designed with a big wind inlet, which lessens the air swirls and aids in quick and effectual drying. It contains a two-speed regulator. It spreads uniform heat on the hair. It comes with a foldable handle and is easy to carry.

How To Use Syska TrendSetter HD1605 Hair Dryer ?

  • Switch on the hair dryer and set the speed as per the styling.
  • Dry wet hair and go for a desired hair style.

Syska TrendSetter HD1605 Hair Dryer Benefits And Uses :

  • Dries hair gently.
  • Keeps the hair soft, smooth, and tangle-free.
  • Protects hair from overheating.
  • Replenishes natural moisture.
  • Maintains a uniform temperature of heat.