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1 year ago

Added vitamins


While browsing through online shopping apps I came across Tango Hair Serum. This product claims to cure hairfall and boost shine and volume. It also stated that it is contains added vitamin C, E and B which is essential for growing healthy hair. I ordered this after reading good reviews about it to see if it lives up to the claims. It has a runny consistency and easily forms a layer around the hair follicles. I apply this serum right after shampooing my hair when it is semi-dry. It gives nice results as it dries. It helps in detangling my hair faster and makes my hair shiny and silky to touch. This serum also gives decent volume to my hair and makes it look thicker. But, when it comes to hairfall, I did not notice any improvement. I makes my scalp oily the next day and so I have to shampoo to get rid of the oily feel. however, this is worth trying for the shine!

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1 year ago

Hair serum with vitamins and nutrients


Adds Natural Shine

Suits all hair type.

I am using tango-hair-serum as a conditioner as well as hair tonic. It is fortified with Vitamin E, C and B. It is a medicated serum which can be used to treat dandruff, dry scalp, hair fall, dry hair, split ends and will provide lustrous volume to our hair. It revitalise the hair from roots to end. I apply this on my clean and wet hair and leave it with out washing the hair afterwards. It is a leave in nutrient hair conditioning serum which will nourish the hair, make it soft and shining and protects it from UV rays. It heals sun burns and inflammation on the scalp. The nutrients have antioxidant and anti inflammatory property with lots of anti oxidants. So it takes of all the hair ailments and make our hair shine and grow. This non greasy serum detangles the hair smoothly and make it manageable. It contains citrus fruit extracts, proteins, anti oxidants and keratin booster.

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1 year ago

For shiny hair


Adds shine

Frizz free hair

When I was looking out to buy leave in conditioner my friend who is a hair stylist suggested me to buy this Tango hair serum. I search for the serum online and found that it is a bit expensive for its size. I wanted to try a leave in conditioner for sure and hence on my friend's recommendation Got it at the earliest. The serum comes in a small bottle and the consistency is a bit thicker than runny. It needs to be applied on wet or damp hair and run through the hair strands from root to the tip. The serum makes it easy to comb the hair and make them manageable. It also helps the hair to be frizz free. The serum deeply nourishes the hair and forms a protective layer on the hair that protects it from harmful UV radiations of the Sun, dust and external environmental pollutants. It gave a healthy Shine to the hair and honestly I love using this serum.

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1 year ago

Good but expensive


This Tango Hair Serum is a special hair care product that is not known to many around me. I came across this product online when I was searching for hair products that would soothe the hair. This product comes in a bottle packaging at an expensive price. The quantity is very little for its high price. The serum has to be used over damp or dry hair to soften them and make them frizz free. The serum feels lightweight over hair and it is enriched with the goodness of vitamins and nutrients. It also moisturizes the hair and locks the moisture content within the hair shafts giving them a soft and silky hair texture. This productt is completely safe and gentle that it can be used by all types of hair. It is proven to reduce hair fall and to add shine to the hair. It is an amazing hair serum that is travel friendly and contains good efficiency.

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Tango Hair Serum is a leave-in conditioner developed with a scientific formula to restore the natural shine of hair and enhance its smoothness. It is enriched with Vitamin E,C, and B that makes hair shinier, healthier, and less frizzy. It also keeps the hair protected from external factors like pollution, sun's radiation, dust, and humidity. It works on the hair from the roots up to the tips. It increases the volume of the hair, and adds a lustrous shine. It is suitable for all types of hair.

How To Use Tango Hair Serum ?

  • Wash your hair with a gentle shampoo.
  • Apply Tango Hair Serum to wet hair.
  • Disperse it throughout the hair using a hair brush.
  • Leave it on.

Tango Hair Serum Benefits And Uses :

  • Untangles hair.
  • Ensures extreme conditioning and nourishment.