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Tetmosol Monosulfiram Medicated Soap Reviews

Avg Ratings : 4.1

6 Reviews


2 years ago

Good for skin allergy and rashes


My sister was prescribed this Tetmosol Monosulfiram Medicated Soap alongwith few other products after she visited a dermatologist as she had developed some skin rashes and redness. she had purchased this from the local pharmacy and he mentioned it is also good to combat head lice alongwith skin related issues although she never tried this on her hair. You need to use this just in place of the regular bathing soap .it is gentle on the skin and lathers pretty much well too .however it does make the skin a bit dry so she uses the moisturizer soon after. She did notice positive changes after using this soap but it is still better to use only after prescribt6ion from the doctor

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2 years ago

Good one


if you are suffering from skin scabies and irritation then I recommend you to use this Tetmosol Monosulfiram Medicated Soap. this soap comes in an ordinary packaging. it is a medicated one and it is recommended by the dermatologist. This soap has ingredients that soothe the redness or inflammation of the skin. it can also be used to over your scalp if you have lice problem. But it dries your hair when used over scalp. this is a gentle one so it can be used by the people with sensitive skin too. The fragrance does not seem to be overpowering. It is worthy.

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2 years ago

Tetmosol medicated soap


Gentle formula

Lathers well

I was dealing with the problems like skin irritation, inflammation, rashes, and redness on the skin. And fed up with all this issues and visited a dermatologist. As the doctor recommended this Tetmosol Monosulfiram Medicated Soap which has clinically proven to be gentle and pampering on the skin without using artificial and other chemical agents.It reduces the dark and brown spots without any bleach or scrub effect. Even this soap is used to remove lice on the head. If once used then you will use this soap again and don’t get affected by any more bacteria and germs on the skin.

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2 years ago

Medicated soap


Dermatologically approved

Cures scabies and other skin disorders

When my little niece was suffering from certain rashes on her skin, her parents assumed it to be some local infection or irritation due to playing in mud. But it did not reduce even after a month and she complained constantly of irritation on her hands due to those rashes. When they visited a dermatologist, he identified it as scabies and prescribed some medicines and this Tetmosol Monosulfiram Medicated Soap for her skin. This soap is specifically curated to treat such skin infections and it helps in eradicating them. This soap is very mild and gentle on the skin. It is quite travel friendly and has a soothing fragrance. 

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2 years ago




Recently I was developing so many skin infections that I decided to change my current bathing soap in to a medicate done. Though was not sure which one to go for. I than streamlined my search to Tetmosol soap which claims to be a medicate done. Hoping that it would solve my skin issues I started using it regularly. It has helped me tremendously in getting my skin infection treated. This soap is comparatively gentle on my skin and never ever caused any sort of irritations at all. It can be used on scalp as well how ever till now I only used it as a bathing soap.

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2 years ago

Good for Sensitive skin


Gentle Formula

Lathers Well

Dermatologically Approved

I have sensitive skin, and it becomes worse when it is exposed to the sun. I bought this on the recommendation of my Dermatologist. It reduced the redness from my skin in just one use and also soothed my irritating skin. It even works great for the lice. I recommend this product for sensitive skin, as it worked great for me.

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Tetmosol soap is a Grade I medicated soap ideal for the treatment and prevention of scabies and related skin problems. It is infused with monosulfiram with citronella oil and total fatty matter fight against the mites, which are the infective cause of scabies and related skin problems, and thus cures it. This soap bar is clinically proven to be gentle and pampering without using artificial or synthetic ingredients. Tetmosol can be used daily on both your body and head scalp controlling the skin issues. It also works against head and body lice. This soap is great for sensitive skin also.

How To Use Tetmosol Monosulfiram Medicated Soap ?

  • Wet yourself with lukewarm water.
  • Apply Tetmosol soap all over your body paying special attention to the folds of your skin.
  • Lather liberally.
  • Rinse off with lukewarm water.
  • Tetmosol Soap should be used daily for good result.

Tetmosol Monosulfiram Medicated Soap Benefits And Uses :

  • Cures scabies.
  • Cures Itching and skin irritation.
  • Cures inflammation.
  • Cures rashes and redness on skin.
  • Fights head and body lice.
  • It can be used for entire body including the scalp.

Tetmosol Monosulfiram Medicated Soap Side Effects :

  • It has sulphur that may cause allergies in some.

Tetmosol Monosulfiram Medicated Soap Ingredients