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Argan Oil
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The Beauty Co. Chocolate Coffee Scrub Reviews

Avg Ratings : 4.3

101 Reviews

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1 year ago

must try


Enriched ingredient

Easy and safe

The chocolate coffee scrub is gentle on skin and contains the goodness of many nourishing ingredients like coconut oil that moisturizes skin, coffee bean which helps in detoxifying skin and argan oil that nourishes skin. It also has an amazing Chocolate smell with sugar granules that does the natural exfoliating part. I surely recommend you to use it.

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1 year ago

ready made detoxing scrub


Detoxifies skin.

Instant results.

I have seen many YouTubers use coffee scrub for their skin to get a soft, glowing skin. Seeing those videos I too have tried them at home by mixing coffee, sugar, honey etc. But that takes sometime and many times I would miss one or the other ingredients. This scrub has made my job easy and simple. No need to search for the ingredients now.

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1 year ago

Hydrating Body Scrub


Gentle exfoliation

Packed with antioxidants

Ideal for acne-prone skin

Minimizes signs of aging

Helps reduce cellulite

Fades tan

Soothes skin


Suitable for all skin types

I had my eye on this one for a very long time. I really got excited when the Stylecraze team sent in this Scrub in the Fabulous beauty box. I have used coffee scrubs before but This one was different. Firstly, they are not dry. There is a kind of moisture in it! The ziplock packaging is top-notch Since this is a Coffee Chocolate scrub, you can imagine how great it smells. (I feel like eating it!🤭) The scrub is gentle and easy to apply on wet skin. What surprises me more is how moisturizing it is!!! My skin felt smooth and moisturized. The hydration factor is right there! This one is surely different from other coffee scrubs and I would definitely recommend this product to everyone. I preach what I genuinely like, so you can definitely rely on this review.

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1 year ago



good fragrance

My sister used this scrub at her friend's house when she had to attend a birthday party. After cutting cake, her face was full of cream and she used her friend's chocolate coffee scrub which was the only scrub her friend had in the washroom. She loved the fragrance but when she checked the price, it was too costly for a scrub.

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1 year ago

feels uncomfortable on acne


Prevents dryness.

Soothes skin.

My friend got this product as a free gift for buying cosmetics at a store. She was happy as it was a free gift and that too a good product as a free gift is a bonanza. Unfortunately, the small sugar and coffee granules felt rough on her acne prone skin. It had an uncomfortable feel on the acne unlike that of a creamy or soft formula.

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"The Beauty Co. Chocolate Coffee Scrub is a specially-formulated exfoliator made with cocoa powder and organic coffee for acne-prone skin. It helps eliminate dead skin cells and deals with stress-related breakouts. As it is rich in antioxidants, this mask detoxifies the skin, fights cellulite, and scrubs out dry and flaky skin, thereby making your skin soft and supple. It is available in three sizes: 50 g, 100 g, and 200 g."

How To Use The Beauty Co. Chocolate Coffee Scrub ?

  • Massage The Beauty Co. Chocolate Coffee Scrub gently on wet skin.
  • Let the scrub sit for 3-5 minutes to hydrate the skin.
  • Rinse thoroughly.

The Beauty Co. Chocolate Coffee Scrub Benefits And Uses :

  • Removes grime and tan.
  • Controls acne and breakouts.
  • Firms skin.
  • Rejuvenates skin cells.
  • Suitable for all skin types.