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The Man Company Beard Growth Oil Ingredients

Argan Oil

The Man Company Beard Growth Oil Reviews

Avg Ratings : 4.5

5 Reviews


1 year ago

Very Nice


Non sticky

Non greasy

Natural ingredients

Promotes hair growth

Dense beard

The Man Company Beard Growth Oil is the best oil for all the beard keepers. I recently bought this growth oil for my husband. It is very easy to apply and has wonderful effects. The hair becomes very soft and it is very easy to manage them. Soon you get a rich and shiny look to the beard. Apart from the shine, the oil also provides deep conditioning and nourishment. The ingredients like almond and thyme promotes new hair growth. The oil gets spread evenly to the beard providing effects to whole of the beard. I would recommend The Man Company Beard Growth Oil to all the men who want a nice masculine and groomed look. The packaging of the product is very nice which makes it travel friendly. More importantly you can do the styling the way you want after using the oil.

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1 year ago

best beard growth oil free from chemicals.


light weight

My husband is very fond of styling his beard. He had a patchiness in his beard and hair is little dry and difficult to manage and styling products also caused some dryness to his beard. Then he started using The Man Company Beard Growth Oil. It is a fantastic product and is enriched with almond oil. This helped him increasing the hair growth. This oil imparts a great shine to the beard and makes it more manageable. It even makes it soft and nourished. I can see there is no more dryness and flakiness on his beard. The oil is very light non sticky and gets absorbed well without making it feel greasy. The bottle comes with a dropper and delivers the oil properly without messing up and is hygienic to use. The pack is also travel-friendly and does not spill. The price is decent and is worth of its quality.

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1 year ago

Darker and denser


My husband purchased this after searching for a beard oil online and reading quite alot of positive reviews about this. This has quite alot of natural ingredients. If you are looking for a beard oil which helps reduce the patches and also makes the beard hair a bit denser then you should give this a try. The packaging is simple and it is a bottle shaped and comes with a dropper facility. The bottle is housed in a cardboard box. It is totally lightweight .my husband takes two to three drops and massages on the beard .after a while he combs his beard for the oil to reach everywhere. He has been using this for more than one and a half month. Over this time it did help alot with the patchy areas and his beard looks quite denser and darker. Apart from that it has very pleasant smell to it and also when he was using this oil it did not cause any acne .so overall he liked this oik

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1 year ago

Best beard oil


My husband has a dense beard and he likes grooming his beard regularly. He uses a nice beard oil from The man company. This beard oil is enriched with almond oil and thyme. This proficiently softens the beard. This oil promotes the hair growth. It reduces the beard dryness and fizziness. This oil well nourished his beard. It promotes the hair growth and makes it soft and manageable. The texture of the oil is non greasy and light. It glides smoothly and spreads evenly on the beard. I manage the coarse and curly hair. Regular application will help in easy grooming the beard. It effectively treats dandruff and prevents other skin infection. This is best used by massaging the bread with few drops of oil and combing the beard. It gives a tidy appearance. This also helps his beard to grow fast. As it is completely natural, it is safe to use.

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1 year ago



My brother had a scanty growth on the beard area and wanted to accelerate the hair growth on his beard. He read about the Man company beard growth oil and decided to buy it. The oil comes packaged in a dark brown colour bottle with a nozzle attached to the lid. The bottle he mentioned is deliberately designed to be dark so that it does not come in contact with light. He washed his face and then took a few drops of the oil on the palm of his hand and gently massaged the oil all over his beard area including his mustache and massaged it slightly. The oil is extremely lightweight and non greasy in texture and it easily got absorbed into his skin. With daily usage of this oil for more than a month and he is saw a great improvement in the growth of his beard. The beard hair felt more soft and his facial skin felt hydrated. He would surely recommend this product

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The Man Company Beard Growth Oil is a special oil known to promote hair growth of beard and makes them more manageable and lustrous. It is enriched with almond and thyme that supplies all the necessary nutrients to promote hair growth. The oil will help the beard grow to its full potential. Apart from promoting hair growth, it will also make the hair frizz-free and easy-to-manage. It will keep dryness away from the beard and keep it hydrated. The oil will also nourish the underlying skin and prevent it from getting dry.

How To Use The Man Company Beard Growth Oil ?

  • Take some drops of The Man Company Beard Growth Oil on to your hands.
  • Massage them on your beard for 3-4 minutes.
  • Later you can comb your beard to spread it evenly and let it on for 3-4 hours.

The Man Company Beard Growth Oil Benefits And Uses :

  • Nourishes and softens beard.
  • Promotes growth of beard hair.
  • Adds shine.
  • Makes beard frizz-free and more manageable.