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Urban Botanics Rose Water Reviews

Avg Ratings : 4.2

6 Reviews


1 year ago

Very refreshing organic gulab jal toner


🌹 Perfect for summers

🌹 Smells Amazing, not artificial at all

🌹 Budget Friendly

🌹 Steam Distilled Gulab Jal

🌹 Feels refreshing

🌹 Provides hydration

🌹 Cruelty free

🌹 Reusable bottle

🌹 Actually reduce redness and irritation.

🌹 Soothens your skin

🌹 100% Organic

🌹 100% Chemical Free

I have been using this as a face mist and toner lately and I am really liking it. This comes in a plastic bottle with a nozzle spray which works pretty good. It’s a decent rose water in form of a spray mist. I you are a lover of gulab jal, you can definitely go ahead with this and use it for various purposes as face mist, diys, toner, etc.

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2 years ago

Urban botanics Rose water


Natural smell

100% chemical free

I have very sensitive skin and because of which I just believe in using rose water for daily make up like look. Rose water come switch the richness of the rose properties and this tru Urban Botanics Rose Water is very pure, and natural rose water which just has rose extracts. It is made up with the steam distillation method which makes it herbal product too. It can be used as a toner , cleanser and also can be used as for make up base. It does not contain any harmful contents and smells pleasant just like a smell of a natural rose. It is also rich in anti inflammatory properties which does not like acne and pimples to take space . It gives a fresh look with pleasant smell in just one time spray . It helps in tightening the skin pores and retains back the natural glowy look on the face.

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2 years ago

Natural rose fragrance


Natural rose fragrance Rich in detoxifying properties

My relative been suffering from oily skin and she always complaints about the acne and pimples caused due to the oily skin. She has tried many kinds of product but nothing helped in her skin ph balance. On search, we came to know about this Urban Botanics Rose Water which helps in controlling the sebum secretion and improves ph balance level of the skin. She got one for herself and she was very happy in choosing the same. The rose water made from natural roses, that been extracted through the steam distillation method. The product doesn’t contain any artificial fragrance or preservatives. The rose water comes in a travel friendly bottle along with a spray applicator. It can be used as a toner or cleanser to remove all the skin impurities and dirt skin cells. As it is rich in detoxifying properties it cleanses the skin effectively. It also adds natural rose fragrance to the skin that keeps us fresh all through the day.

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2 years ago

Good Fragrance


Long lasting smell

I use rose water extensively for my skincare routine. I use the rose water to remove the residue of makeup. I have used some brands and have never changed them as I was happy with the price and quality of the product. Recently when I met a friend of mine she was using the Urban Botanics rose water, I was curious to see how it performs in my skin. I quickly placed an order on my phone. I have started to use the rosewater for my skin, firstly just used as a cleanser. It had a strong smell of a rose that was very calming, The earlier products that I used never smelled so good. I must say. Urban Botanics Rose Water is not like any other rose water, it is prepared with 100% pure rose. This is a high-grade product, the rose water is extracted via a unique method called the steam distillation method.

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2 years ago



Natural smell

100% chemical free

Urban Botanics Rose Water is the purest form of rose water! The good thing about this product is that it is made through the steam distillation process. I have always loved how the rose water settless well in the face. Freshness is the main reason I have been using rose water for almost an age. What I really appreciate in products like these is that they come in a pump which makes the spraying more or very easy. I have been using this spray to mix a face pack as well. Just plain water can make the face not be fresh for a long time. The face pack would do the cleaning and cleansing but then the fragrance and the freshness is not long lasting. For all this it is definitely recommended to use the rose water with the face pack. If not also just a little spray during your day time maintains the skin's natural PH balance. This makes you feel super fresh and nice!

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2 years ago



Natural smell

100% chemical free

I was in a search of good and effective rose water for my face. As todays world is full of adulteration and impurities I was really scared which one to buy. As I have tried so many brands rose waters till now in the past but was never too satisfied with the results. Than some one suggested me to try out Urban Botanics Rose Water which claims to be 100% pure. I hence decided to buy it out and try on my face. This one as claimed is really natural as till now it did not cause any sort of side effects on my face. It helps me in getting my pores close and hence reducing occurrence of break outs. I usually use it as a toner as it works exactly the same as a toner. I am very happy with the way it has turned my face in to. My face looks really clean and clear now a days.

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Urban Botanics Rose Water is a 100% pure, high grade, rose water extracted through the steam distillation method. It is mostly used as a rejuvenating toner and cleanser. It has no artificial fragrance and just the pure scent of natural rose that will uplift your mood with just a few sprays. This can be used to maintain your skin's pH level naturally. Rose water has anti-inflammatory properties and is very soothing to reduces irritation and redness. It softens the skin texture, retains the natural moisture, absorbs excess oil, tightens pores, and protects the skin from any harm. It provides instant hydration and freshness making it look more vibrant and youthful.

How To Use Urban Botanics Rose Water ?

  • Close your eyes.
  • Spray the rose water directly onto your face, hair, and desired areas.
  • Let it settle.

Urban Botanics Rose Water Benefits And Uses :

  • Helps remove dirt from the skin.
  • Retains moisture of the skin.
  • Helps maintain skin's pH balance.
  • Controls excess oil.
  • Keeps the face hydrated.
  • Can be used as a natural skin and hair conditioner.

Urban Botanics Rose Water Ingredients

Distilled Rose Water

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