Ustraa Face Scrub De Tan

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Ustraa Face Scrub De Tan helps in removing suntan and exfoliates the skin. It has coarse and bigger granules for better scrubbing. This scrub also removes the dead skin cells from dermal layer and reveals a clear, tan-free skin. It enhances the blood circulation and brings back life to the dull skin. It also helps in unclogging the pores and removes all impurities from the skin thus preventing acne, whiteheads, blackheads and pigmentation. This all-in-one scrub cleanser is all you need to get squeaky clean and visibly clear skin. It suits men with all skin types.

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  • 3suits all skin types
  • 3sls and paraben-free
  • 3no harmful chemicals
  • 2travel-friendly
  • 1contains natural ingredients

How To Use Ustraa Face Scrub De Tan ?

  • Take adequate amount of scrub and apply on wet face.
  • Scrub it in your face and neck for 2-3 minutes.
  • Rinse thoroughly with water.

Ustraa Face Scrub De Tan Uses And Benefits :

Maintains the natural skin tone and glow.

Removes impurities and suntan and reveals a brighter looking skin.

Prevents acne, blackheads, whiteheads and pigmentation.

Helps in enhancing the complexion due to the presence of natural extracts and glutathione.

Ustraa Face Scrub De Tan Ingredients :

Walnut Granules

Vitamin C

Wheat Extract

Swiss Garden Cress Sprouts Extract

Pineapple, Beetroot & Sugarcane Extract


Propylene glycol

Glycolic Acid

Xantham gum

Saccharide isomerate

Triethylene glycol


Satvium sprout extract

Dehydroxanthan gum




Linoleic acid

Linolenic acid


Ustraa Face Scrub De Tan Reviews

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Best Mens Scrub Sushma approves this product

9 months ago


Suits all skin types

SLS and Paraben-free

No harmful chemicals

Ustraa Face Scrub De Tan is the best face scrub I have ever seen especially for De Taning of the skin. It is an expert in removing suntan and it contains natural ingredients like Walnut Granules, Vitamin C, Pineapple , sugarcane and beetroot extract which helps in deoxidising of the skin and it contains no harmful chemicals and suits all types of skin which helps in maintaining natural skin tone and glow. It helps in removing impurities and suntan from your skin and gives an even look and prevents acne, whiteheads, blackheads and pigmentation. Giving a slight massage on the skin it enhances blood circulation and bring a new life to your skin. It is known as all in one scrub which is used as a cleanser and face wash. It has a bigger granules for better scrubbing. This scrub also removes the dead skin cells from dermal layer and reveals a clear, tan-free skin. It suits all types of mens skin. Its an awesome product and I have seen a lot of difference in my husband skin and now he is having an acne free look.

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Great scrub Ragini approves this product

10 months ago


My husband wanted a scrub that has coarse granules because all the scrubs that I own has very mild granules and that did not give him that squeaky clean feel. So, he bought Ustraa Face Scrub De-Tan Scrub that is specially formulated for men. It has an SLS and paraben-free formula that makes it a suitable choice for everyone who is conscious of the ingredients that go into their skincare. It comes in a tube packaging which is absolutely safe to carry along while travelling. It has a creamy texture and coarse scrubbing beads that removes all impurities and makes the skin super-clean. It does not stick to the skin or have a soapy feel after washing and gets easily washed off. This scrub is effective in removing tan and energizes the skin by improving the blood circulation. It also helps in getting rid of acne by cleansing the pores. I would definitely recommend this scrub for all men who like coarse scrubs.

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De tanning scrub and exfoliator Vasutha approves this product

10 months ago


Suits all skin types

SLS and Paraben-free


No harmful chemicals

Contains natural ingredients

Exfoliates dead skin

De tanning scrub

Upon seeing my spending enormous amount on beauty products mynow a days husband too purchasing cosmetics specially meant for men. He recently bought Ustraa Face Scrub De Tan. I read the product description and found it very interesting and useful. It is an exfoliating scrub for men. It exfoliates the skin of dead skins, breakouts, dirts, impurities, fat deposits, pollution left overs and most importantly black heads and white heads from the facial skin efficiently. Its main ingredient is walnut shell granules apart from other natural ingredients like Swiss garden cress sprout extracts, Glycolic Acid derived from beetroots and pineapple. This scrub removes sun burn marks and acts as an anti-tanning gel, evens out skin colour, whitens high pigmentation and at the same time maintains pH balance of the skin. The consistency of this transparent scrub is thick gel like in light brownish honey colour. This is free from SLS and paraben.

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Works great Nilofer approves this product

10 months ago


Ustraa Face Scrub De Tan contains hard walnut granules and wheat extracts that is specially designed for mens tough skin. The guy who has been using this scrub for about a week said that this scrub has benefited him much that it has lightend his skin tone and his friends were able to notice the changes. He was also happy as his oily skin has become less oily these days and the scrub has efficiently removed few of the blackheads that were on his face. The Scrub feels slightly harsh on skin but it cleansers the dirt and impurities from the skin. It also unclogs the pores and refines skin giving a tightened and firm look. He was able to notice the changes within a week and was very happy to use this product. He also said that he will be buying this product in the future also. The product comes in a travel-friendly, tube packaging and the price is slightly expensive.

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For men Shruti approves this product

10 months ago


Safe for all skin types

Scrub for men

Ustraa Face Scrub De-Tan Is a specially formulated scrub For men as they have a very rough and dry skin. This scrub is formulated with wheat extracts, Vitamin C, Walnut granules, Swiss Garden Cress Sprouts Extract, Pineapple, Beetroot & Sugarcane Extract. All these ingredients are highly nourishing and make the skin soft and smooth. The walnut granules are big in size and very coarse that helps in effectively eliminating the dirt, impurities, dust and excess oil from the face and gives it a smooth and soft appearance. It makes the skin clear of all the dark spots and pigmentation marks. It enhances blood circulation and gives the dull skin a new rejuvenated life. It also removes all the whiteheads and blackheads from the face. It is a very good exfoliating agent and suits all skin types for men. It also helps in lightening the skin tone.

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