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Anti Hair Fall/Loss






Hair Conditioning


Hair strengthening


Scalp Protection

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Petroleum derived

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High risk 17%

Moderate risk 33%

Low risk 50%

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Paraben free

Silicon Free

Sulfate Free

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Allergen Free

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Vasmol Rootz Almond Hair Oil Reviews

Avg Ratings : 3.9

6 Reviews


2 years ago

Vasmol rootz almond hair oil



Hair oil is used by almost everyone whether he or she or old age person or a child. And I use this amazing oil... I love to use this oil which provides me lot of benefits with its natural herbs. I need not to go for any other oil or hair products after using this hair oil. It makes you get the great hair texture and nourishes the skin. The almonds and vitamin E in the hair oil improve strength and adds volume to the hair. And also it is non greasy and easily applied with a gentle massage all over the head. This Vasmol Rootz Almond Hair Oil controls hair loss, makes hair soft, shiner and reduces dandruff. As we know almond oil is good for hair and skin. And vitamin E is another great supplement which adds thickness to the hair which makes hair healthier and stronger. It can be suitable for both men and women for all skin types.

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2 years ago

Good to keep it handy


Non greasy

Almond oils were good during my growing days but as you grow the texture, thickness and density of your changes resulting in changing your hair oil. I am a huge fan of olive oils. But sometimes if I ran of options or don’t have olive oil in handy. I keep Vasmol Rootz Almond Hair Oil as stand, because though it doesn’t give me shine but neither it though it doesn’t give me shine but neither it harms my hair in any way. The smell of the this hair oil makes some of them uncomfortable. Though its not the best oil to keep it as first option, but also not the last one as well. One thing I like about Vasmol Rootz Almond Hair Oil is non sticky and smooth. Which is very rare and unique. Price wise its just like any other almond oil. Good for kids above 5 yrs. This not something you can add to your travel kit as there chances of leakage.

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2 years ago

Rich in Vitamin E


Rich in Vitamin E Nourishes the hair

As I have dull and dry hair. One of my aunt suggested me to try Almond hair oil which would improve the hair health. On the search, I bought this Vasmol Rootz Almond Hair Oil from the Market. It comes in a comfortable travel friendly bottle which is also very easy to use. About the hair oil, it contains the goodness of Almond oil extract. Almond oil which is rich in Vitamin E content prevents the hair from sun rays and environmental damages. It also recovers the natural health of the hair with its anti inflammatory properties. The hair oil has a thick consistency but gets absorbed quickly deep into the hair roots and scalps. It prevents scalp irritation and from dandruff complaint. The hair oil adds nourishment to the hair and keeps them soft and supple. It also adds hydration to the scalp and the hair that prevents them from dryness.

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2 years ago



Almond oil is good for skin and hair. I have used some brands earlier, The oil has a mild fragrance and not everyone is comfortable with it. The Vasmol Rootz Almond Hair Oil was used by my sister, she has thick hair. After she suggested I also bought the oil for myself. The product is average as compared to the products that I used earlier. I like the product packing, It is lightweight and travel-friendly. Not too expensive also. The main drawback in that it is not pure and has a mix of mineral oil. I did not feel the almond oil very nourishing for my skin. Even though it states that the oil is rich in Vitamin E, it does not look like. I will not suggest this brand as I am not very happy, It does not hydrate my hair nor does it stay longer. Not only on my scalp but it does not feel good.

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2 years ago




Vasmol Rootz Almond Hair Oil is an age old brand. This brand has made it possible to think away from the normal or the generic coconut oil that we always resort in. Almonds have a lot of benefits. The benefits in this oil is that it has the presence of almond and vitamin E. Both together can only and only give nourishment to the dry and broken hair! This will also help in the growth of new and healthy hair and it also repairs the damaged hair! It has worked very well on my frizzy and unruly hair. At times I wonder if it takes only this oil to control my hair. It's good that at least something can control my hair! The oil is not very expensive and does not show on the hair. That's the best part. You can apply and go out as well. It will not show! The best for sure!

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2 years ago

Good hair oil



As I was facing so many hair problems I used to think when would I be getting rid of all these problems. I tried so many hair oils and shampoos to get rid of my hair issues but nothing worked much. I than thought of trying hair packs too but it only made my hair soft with no solution to the other hair problems like hair fall etc. my mother than advised me to try out almond oil so I started searching for the same. I was not sure which brand would be good and finally made up my mind to try out Vasmol Rootz Almond Hair Oil. It has been over a month now that I ma using this hair oil for my hair problems. My hair fall though not stopped completely but I could see that it has decreased a lot. It makes my hair so soft and smooth that I no longer need to apply the chemically filled conditioner on my hair.

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Vasmol Rootz Almond Hair Oil is made from the carefully chose almonds and vitamin E. It protects the hair from environmental damage and nourishes the hair from root to tip making it smooth, soft, and manageable. It is a non-sticky and non-greasy hair oil. It has a very soothing fragrance. It also works very well for frizzy and unruly hair to tame them and make them more manageable. Regular use of this oil also helps to control hair loss.

How To Use Vasmol Rootz Almond Hair Oil ?

  • Apply hair oil to the scalp and hair length.
  • Massage the scalp with this oil for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Keep it at least for 45 minutes before washing it off with your regular shampoo.
  • For the best results, keep it overnight.

Vasmol Rootz Almond Hair Oil Benefits And Uses :

  • Treats damaged hair.
  • De-frizzes hair and makes it more manageable.
  • Mosturizes hair.
  • Works on scalp infection.
  • Nourishes hair.

Vasmol Rootz Almond Hair Oil Ingredients

Cl 47005
Cl 26100