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Vcare Lice and Nits Reviews

Avg Ratings : 4.3

4 Reviews


2 years ago

No more Lices & Nits!


Natural head lice treatment

Deactivates nits

Vcare Lice And Nits is the best way to get rid of all the Lice and nits on one’s hair. I suppose this has become very common in all kids hair problems. When ever they go to school it's very obvious that they will return home with a head full of Lice. It is said that Lice travels via air and just a little close by seating, the lice happily travel from one head to another. And one’s they are there, it's close to impossible to get rid of them. But with the Vcare Lice And Nits it is now possible to eradicate the Lice and nits problems. I have used this product on my daughter and I have seen the difference. I first apply the Vcare Lice And Nits hair oil and then massage well, wait for the oil to get absorbed and then I comb away the lice and nits as much as possible. After that i use the Vcare Lice And Nits shampoo to get rid of the oil on the hair and the stickiness along with Lice and Nits. It undoubtedly the best of the solution and also the end of the Lice and Nits problems. So you can stop worrying about it and start using the Vcare Lice And Nits!

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2 years ago

Effective in get rid of lice and nits



My daughter’s hair had may nits and lice when she started going to school. I have previously used many anti lice shampoos, but nothing was working great. I had to comb her hair hardly and roughly with a nit’s comb which was a painful job. She had experienced severe pain while combing her hair roughly. She had complained about itching and irritation too. I also used some home remedies on her hair, but everything went in vain. Then one of my friends has recommended Vcare lice and nits treatment. I had previously used many skin care and hair care products from vcare and had good experiences. Then I purchased one for my daughter’s hair. This treatment effectively reduces the scalp itchiness and irritation. Its formula is enriched with neem extracts and tulsi extracts which were good for hair. All are natural ingredients that have been used in the formulation. It has reduced the scalp redness and effectively kills the lice. It deactivated the nits which easily comes out while combing. It removes impurities and dirt from the scalp and keeps it healthy and clean. It helped to get rid of the lice and nits from the hair. Overall, it is very effective product to use for people of all ages.

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2 years ago



Lice is the biggest threat for the hair and it becomes embarrassing to deal with it. My neighbor was suffering from.severe lice and then she came across the Vcare lice and nits and decided to try it. Lice are dangerous as they move on from one head to the other and hence must be attacked right at the start. The product comes packaged in a simple sachet with the lice removal pack in it. The pack needs to be applied to the hair and left on for a good 20 minutes and them can be washed off with a shampoo. Immediately after the hair wash the hair needs to be combed rigorously to remove all the dead lice. The product not only killed all the lice and nits but also helped her in keeping the scalp healthy and treating the scalp of any disorders. It helps to keep the hair more clean and healthy. She loved the performance of the product and gradually she got rid of all the lice on her hair. She would surely recommend this product.

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2 years ago

Makes scalp clean


Nuts and lice can be a complete nuisance at times with causing incessant scratching and all. I have seen my neighbour cleaning her daughter's head mostly on Sunday and I guess it did not go off. I remember watching advertisement on television showing products which would help to totally eliminate the nuts and lice .luckily i never had and never faced an issue when it comes to using such products. Recently my neighbour mentioned about using Vcare Lice And Nits after watching an advertisement. I am not sure if you can find this in stores ,she purchased this online and did just exactly how it was directed. You need to apply the Vcare Lice And Nits oil and then cover the head with a towel or use a cap for atleast an hour. After that comb the hair and then wash it off with the Vcare Lice And Nits shampoo and then once again comb the hair. It did help in getting it out .also you get both the oil and shampoo in the box and my neighbour saw considerable reduction . The ingredients are natural too includes tea tree, neem, thulasi and not only eliminates nits but makes the scalp healthy and removes dirt from hair

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Vcare Lice And Nits eliminates lice infestation. It works effectively and makes the lice go breathless or tranquilizes them. The formulation also removes dirt from your scalp. Just use Vcare Lice and nits to keep away lice and nits and restore a healthy scalp.

How To Use Vcare Lice and Nits ?

  • Apply Lice & Nits Natural Head Lice oil.
  • Cover your head with a cap or a cloth. Leave it for 30 minutes.
  • Comb your hair once. Lice and nits will fall down.
  • Now wash your hair with Lice & Nits Head Lice Shampoo. Dry your hair.
  • Comb again to remove the remaining lice.

Vcare Lice and Nits Benefits And Uses :

  • It removes lice and nits.
  • It reduces scalp irritation and itchiness.
  • It is effective for people of all ages.

Vcare Lice and Nits Ingredients