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VCare Moustache & Beard Color is an innovative formulation specially created to help you color your mustache and beard in just 5-7 minutes. The Shampoo is enriched with natural hair color improver Fo-Ti and anti-allergen green tea.

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  • 4not time consuming.
  • 4reasonably priced


  • 2not safe on sensitive skin
  • 1comedongenic
  • Wet your beard and moustache.
  • Take a coin-sized amount of the beard shampoo in your palm.
  • Work into a lather.
  • Gently massage into beard with fingers.
  • Leave it in for 5 minutes and rinse off.

It is a an ammonia-free shampoo.

The hair color adds rich black pigmentation to beard and moustache.

It does not cause damage to hair.


Vcare Moustache & Beard Black Color Shampoo Price - ₹ 199.00
609184 Vcare Moustache & Beard Black Color Shampoo VCare Moustache & Beard Color is an innovative formulation specially created to help you color your mustache and beard in just 5-7 minutes. The Shampoo is enriched with natural hair color improver Fo-Ti and anti-allergen green tea.
3.4/5 5

Vcare Moustache & Beard Black Color Shampoo Reviews

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Vcare moustache shampoo Preity approves this product
4.5 5 0


Not time Consuming.

Reasonably priced

Most of the men’s use hair dye for the hair and moustache for covering grey and white hair. Basically there are lot of products available in the market for coloring beard. But I feel this VCare Moustache & Beard Color is great for the beard and moustache. As I have seen difference while using this color and the other one. It also have shampoo which protects the hair from any kind of damage and gives a shiner and softer beard look which makes presentable and handsome. This color comes with Fo-Ti and anti-allergen green tea properties which improves and moisture the hair from the roots and restores hair color. Generally when one Colors the beard it lasts for two weeks or so. This VCare beard color gives instant beard color and helps restore for 2-3 weeks. It is available easily at any drug store, super markets and Affordable in price.

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Compact and effective Anitha approves this product
3.9 5 0


This is a tiny little hair colour pack specifically designed for men's beard and moustache. It gives instant colour to the facial hair in men. the application is easy and the price of the product is very reasonable. This colour is enriched with green tea that works as an anti-allergen. The colour also does not stain your skin.

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Not satisfactory
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Not time Consuming.

Reasonably priced

This shampoo comes in a sachet of 5ml which retails for INR 5 and it is especially meant for men. The brand says that this this shampoo is enriched with green tea. Furthermore, this is ammonia free as well so pretty safe than other dyes. This shampoo has adds black pigmentation which colours the hairs beards and moustaches without causing any side effect. The application process is also pretty simple. You just need to wet your beard and moustaches, take a little amount of this shampoo and gently rub the same into the beards and moustaches. Leave it for 5 to 7 minutes and rinse it off with fresh water. My father had applied this shampoo once into his moustaches, but the results were not at all satisfactory. Moreover, he was experiencing itching too. Next day, some small blisters were also there in that sensitive area. Hence, after knowing my father’s experience on this product, I do not recommend this to anyone, because our facial skin is more sensitive than our scalp and one can take any risk. So NOT RECOMMENDED. Better to go for Indica brand for the same.

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Great Rinku approves this product
4.7 5 0


My brother never paid heed to his greys on the beard and mustache and whenever he was told to color them he refused. I had decided that I would encourage to change his look and look younger. I searched alot of products online as I felt the hair colour but not be apt to be used on the moustache and beard. I came across the Vcare moustache and beard colour and decided to order it. It came in a pink colour outer box which I was excited to gift my brother. Then came the day when I gifted my brother the product. He was not quite happy receiving it though but promised me to use it. After a few days when I met my brother, I was stunned to see that his beard and mustache were beautifully colored. The colour looked extremely natural and gave an even look. He looked much younger. He mentioned that the proud is very simple to use as one has to use it as a shampoo, leave it on for 7 minutes and wash it off. He received alot if compliments for his new look.

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Lasts for a short time Ramya approves this product
2.8 5 0


Not time Consuming.

Reasonably priced

Well you will find all kinds of hair colours and hair dyes in the market and nowadays even the shampoo based hair colours which takes less time than normal normal hair colour. A casual visit to the nearby supermarket i happened to come across this Vcare Moustache & Beard Black Color Shampoo.i got this for my husband to try on although he wasn't too keen on it . This product is priced reasonably and you can get it easily too be in normal stores to supermarkets or even online . It is a shampoo based colour for the beard and moustache to get rid of the grey hairs for some while. All you need is to apply this on damp Moustache and beard. All you need is a pea size product and lather in on the palms and then apply it on the beard and moustache. Let it stay for 5 minutes and then wash it off. This is ammonia free and is enriched with green tea.unlike hair dyes or hair colour it did not cause any stains too and time consumed is considerably less than normal hair colour. It did cover the greys but it lasted just for a week

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