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Vedic Line Charcoal Acne Control Cream Ingredients

Tea tree Oil
E. Wax

Vedic Line Charcoal Acne Control Cream Reviews

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Vedic Line Charcoal Acne Control Cream is an ayurvedic formula that treats all problems related to acne and pimples. This cream is infused with the goodness of tea tree oil. It has a light texture that easily absorbs into the skin without making it look oily. It helps to dry the acne fast and clears all blemishes. It leaves the skin soft and moisturized. It also works to reduce acne spots and evens the skin tone. Tea Tree Oil is known for its detoxifying properties - it slowly purifies and strengthens the skin cells. This Acne Control Cream comes in a tub packaging and is available in 2 different sizes.

How To Use Vedic Line Charcoal Acne Control Cream ?

  • Take a small amount of the cream and apply it directly on the acne/pimple or dark spot.
  • Leave it on overnight.

Vedic Line Charcoal Acne Control Cream Benefits And Uses :

  • Gets rid of acne, pimples and dark spots.
  • Keeps the skin soft, moisturized, and healthy.
  • Ideal for acne-prone and oily skin type.
  • Reduces redness.