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Vestige Slimming Capsules help in reducing your weight in a easy way. It is a unique combination of four natural herbs such as Opuntia vulgaris (Nagphani), Garcinia cambogia (kokam), Coleus forskohlii (pathacoor), Piperine (Kali maricha). The herbal ingredients suppresses the appetite by burning the extra calories in your body and maintains the body weight. It also improves metabolism, increases stamina, and keeps you energetic throughout the day. You don't need to compromise on the nutritional values that provides surplus nourishment to your body when you intake these capsules. Each jar contains 90 capsules. The product is vegan and does not have any side effects.

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  • 4natural ingredients
  • 3travel-friendly
  • 2improves metabolism
  • 1vegan
  • 1decreases cholesterol


  • 3works slowly
  • 2average results
  • 1might have side effects
  • 1works along with exercise and diet
  • 1slow results

How To Use Vestige Slimming Capsules ?

  • Take one or two tablets on empty stomach daily.

Vestige Slimming Capsules Uses And Benefits :

Helps to suppress the hunger.

Keeps you energetic throughout the day without feeling hungry.

Helps to metabolize the fat and convert it into energy.

Prevents many disease conditions due to over weight.

Triggers fatty acid oxidation in the liver.

Protects the stomach from gastric ulcer.

Maintain the thyroid functioning.

Also acts on respiratory and cardio vascular system and maintain it’s efficiency.

Strengthens the immunity.

Vestige Slimming Capsules Ingredients :

Opuntia vulgaris (Nagphani)

Garcinia cambogia (kokam)

Coleus forskohlii (pathacoor)

Piperine (Kali maricha)


Anticaking agent

Dispersing agent

Veg capsule

Vestige Slimming Capsules Side Effects :

You might face problems like:

Mouth may feel dry



Vestige Slimming Capsules Reviews

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Try out once Gulnar approves this product

9 months ago


Natural ingredients

in today's competitive world who doesn't want to be fit and have a lean perfect body. So after delivering my baby girl I was on a look out for some products which would help me in getting back to my previous shape will stop so my friend suggested me Vestige Slimming Capsules I started taking it for a month and after using it for a mother I can see is it a decent product but you just cannot rely on it completely you have to work hard from your side as well. It has some amazing ayurvedic ingredients Opuntia vulgaris (Nagphani), Garcinia cambogia (kokam), Coleus forskohlii (pathacoor), Piperine (Kali maricha). So basically it helps in ko bunglow appetite and I do not feel hungry for or a longer time at the same time it increases your metabolism so you are active throughout the day and if you have any increase metabolism it's better to do some physical activities aur workout.

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ayuvedic slimming capsules. Sahithi approves this product

10 months ago



decreases cholesterol

improves metabolism

I have seen this for the first time when my friend taking it. She is a fitness freak and always tries to keep her body in shape, she takes it along with exercise. She has been using it for quite some time. It is completely made up of natural herbs and she did not have any side effects after taking it. It is enriched with herbs helps in reducing hunger and increases metabolism. It gives energy and offers a great nourishment also. It only works well in combination of workout and well maintained diet. It is completely vegan and safe to take. But some people might face issues like head ache, constipation etc but he never had any issue with that. It helps in maintain healthy weight thereby preventing many health issues like BP and diabetes it reduces the cholesterol level on blood. It comes in a container with 90 tablets. It should be taken on empty stomach.

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Effective and natural Papri approves this product

10 months ago



Natural ingredients

If you are struggling to lose weight, then Vestige Slimming capsules are a natural and effective solution for that. These slimming capsules are all-natural and made with different herbs such as Nagphani, Kokam, Pathacoor, and Kali Marich. These herbs effectively reduce appetite to a great extent and help to burn calories. These capsules come inside a white plastic jar which carries all the relevant details regarding the product. The jar contains 90 capsules. You need to consume these capsules 1hour before your meal. If makes you feel fuller and suppress the urge of overeating and thus it reduces extra calory intake. It also improves metabolism and keeping the body weight in control. These capsules also fulfill the requirements of the necessary nutrients of the body. This product is 100% natural and vegan hence causes no side effects. You can give these capsules a try. All you need to eat healthily and do some regular exercises along with this, You will definitely get a positive result.

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Vestige slimming capusles Preity approves this product

10 months ago



Natural ingredients

Vestige Slimming Capsules helped me loose weight to an extent where I use to have only one dose per day. And It keeps me energetic and throughout the day without any food craving or feeling hungry. The intake of this capsules increases metabolism, immunity and suppress the appetite by burning calories in the body. I use to take this medicine early morning on empty stomach and then use to have breakfast and followed by daily routine. It. It only reduces weight but also helps in strengthening the muscles and other essential body fat. The herbal ingredients such as Opuntia vulgaris (Nagphani), Garcinia cambogia (kokam), Coleus forskohlii (pathacoor), Piperine (Kali maricha), which gives nutritional value to the body and helps in reducing appetite and also helps in boosting immunity. It maintains over all body parts functions properly and feel light and refreshed all day long. With this you can even manage blood sugar levels, prevents fatty liver and many other skin problems like acne, pimples and dullness in the skin.

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Good Prabha approves this product

10 months ago


Herbal ingredients

Improves metabolism

Vestige Slimming Capsules are specially formulated medicine that will help reduce weight and improve metabolism. It has natural herbs like Nagphani, kokam, pathacoor and kali maricha. I have been using it for over 3 months now. I must say it will work only if you pair it up with some proper exercises and diet. Just consuming this tablet and following your unhealthy habits is not going to work. When I bought this capsules I just took it as some supplement. There was improvement in my metabolism but no change in weight loss. So later I switched to changing my health habits, I incorporated yoga and started following proper diet. In the last 2 months I have lost lot of fat around my tummy and also my body is feeling much lighter. It will take time to show results. You will need to be patient.

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