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VI-JOHN Feather Touch Hair Removal Cream Ingredients

Crocus Sativus Flower Extract
Mel Extract

VI-JOHN Feather Touch Hair Removal Cream Reviews

Avg Ratings : 4.1

6 Reviews


1 year ago



Creamy texture

Removes hair painlessly

Smooth skin

VI-JOHN Feather Touch Hair Removal Cream is an easy to use hand removal cream. The cream easily spreads on the skin. I feel the spatula is a little too small to cover a bigger region and it just consumes a lot of time. It is suggested to keep the cream for 10 minutes. But, the hair does not get completely removed in 10 minutes. I had to keep it for more time and I had to repeat it again and had to keep it for more than 15 minutes. However, the skin becomes completely hair-free and smooth in texture. There were no side effects whatsoever.

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1 year ago



My friend shared her experience of using the Vi- John feather touch hair removal cream. She purchased this Hair removal cream as she found it difficult to spare time to visit the beauty parlour. The product comes packaged in a jar with a sturdy cap on it and there is also a spatula and an instruction manual enclosed all in the cardboard box. She applied the cream with the help of the spatula over all the hair on the hands and legs. She waited for 10 to 15 minutes and removed the hair with the help of the spatula. She then rinsed her skin thoroughly with water. She was very happy to see that all the hair was effectively removed with the cream. She felt the cream had a very overpowering fragrance which she did not like much but her skin felt soft and clean.

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1 year ago

Easy to use hair removal cream


VI-JOHN Feather Touch Hair Removal Cream and other hair removal creams comes in handy especially when you are kind of an emergency and do not have patience or time to visit a parlour. This comes in various variants and is very easy to use. It comes in a tub format and can be used once and comes along with a spatula. All you need to do is apply the cream and wait for ten to fifteen minutes and swipe the spatula in the opposite direction of the hair. It does not have that pungent smell unlike other hair removal creams post application and it leaves the skin feeling soft and smoother. You might feel that tingling feeling at first but it gives off after a while.overall an easy to use hair removal product

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1 year ago

Vi John hair removal cream


Travel-friendly packageing

Painless hair removal procedure

I always search for pain less ways to remove my unwanted hair from the body and also from the private areas. I just trust v John for the beauty products because v John products are pain free and are used in a little amount and gives quick and accurate results. I bought v John hair removal cream which just cleans and removes all the hair from one go., even the thickest hair requires no twice application. This is just awesome pain free hair removal cream which can even remove hair from under arms and leaves no darkness behind and the best part is it comes in travel friendly tiny packaging which can be carried to any place even

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1 year ago

best hair removal cream


Travel-friendly packageing

Various fragrances available

Suits all skin types

Gentle on skin

Painless hair removal procedure

delays hair growth

My friend always uses VI-JOHN Feather Touch Hair Removal Cream and I use it once to attend a party and I don’t have time for waxing. It is good product and I love a nice fragrance of it. I have used aloe variant of it as I have sensitive skin and suited me very well. It is available in so many other variants also. It removes the hair painlessly and works well even on the fine hair. It is very comfortable to use and hassle free. It does not make my skin dry and I did not get any rashes after using this. It is in affordable range and is a best alternative for waxing. Just loved it and looking forward to continuing this.

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1 year ago

Painless hair removal


VI-JOHN Feather Touch Hair Removal Cream is a good hair removing cream that dissolves the hair from the root and it is also painless which is unlike when you use a razor. One downside of the product which I find is it takes longer time to remove the hair and you will have to put some effort on the spatula while removing it completely. As there are many variants you could choose any one and I like the rose and aloevera as it soothes the the skin without causing any irritation or redness. The price is affordable and it comes in a tub packaging.

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VI-JOHN Feather Touch Hair Removal Cream is a quick and effective method of removng unwanted hair. The cream is available in many variants like Rose and Aloe Vera, Lime and Aloe Vera , Sandal and Aloe Vera, Aloe vera and Cucumber, Haldi and Chandan, and Saffron and Honey. It removes hair form the roots delaying the regrowth of hair. It is a painless way of removing unwanted body hair. It preserves the natural moiture of your skin and makes it soft and smooth after hair removal.

How To Use VI-JOHN Feather Touch Hair Removal Cream ?

  • Wash the area with water where the hair need to be removed.
  • Apply the hair removal cream with a spatula following the growth of hair.
  • Leave the cream on for 3-5 minutes on the body.
  • Wash the area with water or wipe it off with a wet cloth.

VI-JOHN Feather Touch Hair Removal Cream Benefits And Uses :

  • Quick hair removal process .
  • Hassle-free hair removal process.
  • Hair can be removed with complete privacy at home.
  • Skin feels clearer.
  • Hair is removed right from the roots.
  • Moisturizes the skin and makes it look brighter.

VI-JOHN Feather Touch Hair Removal Cream Side Effects :

  • May cause some redness and tingling sensation