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Anti Hair Fall/Loss




Cooling agent


Hair strengthening


Hair volume


Scalp Protection

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High risk 0%

Moderate risk 17%

Low risk 83%

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Paraben free

Silicon Free

Sulfate Free

Alcohol Free

Paraffin Free

Allergen Free

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Vilvah Hair Growth Oil (Reverse Balding) Reviews

Avg Ratings : 4.3

5 Reviews


2 years ago

Controls hair loss


Controls hair loss Promotes hair growth Natural

One of my friend has a complete of early balding. He was very worried about the same and he wants to control the hair fall as it became worst day by day. So I recommended him to give a try to Vilvah Hair Growth Oil (Reverse Balding). He started using this product for more than a month and he was quite happy with the end result. The hair growth oil has been infused with the blend of natural oils which works effectively on the hair. As the product is out of harmful chemicals, it is best suitable for all types of hair. The oil deeply penetrates into the hair follicles and hair root and prevents the hair fall. It repairs the hair damages and adds natural moisture to the hair. It nourishes the hair and makes the soft and supple. By stimulating the hair follicles, it improves the hair growth and controls hair loss effectively.

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2 years ago

herbal hair growth oil free from chemicals


herbal formulation

Recently my cousin has faced so much of hair loss started getting small bald patches on his scalp. He started using it and it really helped him. The oil has richness of natural ingredients like grape seed oil, peppermint oil, pumpkin seed oil, castor oil helps in nourishing the hair for its roots. It prevents hair fall and helps in increasing the volume. It hydrates the hair and keeps it frizz free and manages it well. It regenerates hair from the hair follicles. Gentle massage with the oil relieves stress and gives a relaxed mind. The consistency of the oil is think and non-greasy gets absorbed well. It delivers the nutrients to the roots. This oil is free from fragrances and artificial chemicals like parabens, sulphates and silicones. It is completely herbal formula provides a deep nourishment to the hair. It comes in a travel friendly package helps in preventing any spillage while carrying.

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2 years ago

Expensive but worth buying


Suitable for all hair types

No harsh chemicals


No sulphates

No parabens

No silicones

No artificial fragrance

Hair loss has become a common issue nowadays. Due to lack of sleep, stress and unhealthy lifestyle hair fall become a problem for many of us. Vilvah Hair Growth Oil (Reverse Balding) is a natural and organic hair oil which reverses hair loss and helps you to regain hair. It has a unique blend of all-natural and powerful oils like kalonji oil, peppermint oil, pumpkin seed oil, castor oil, and almond oil. This oil comes in a plastic bottle with a flip-top cap. It is available in one size. The packaging is easy to carry and apply. The oil has a thick consistency but it applies evenly to the hair. It seeps deep into hair follicles and improves blood circulation. It helps to stop hair fall due to breakage. It doesn’t make your hair oily or too greasy nor even stain pillow or clothes. It repairs and rejuvenates damaged hair and stimulate new hair growth. It makes your hair soft, smooth and shiny. With regular use of this oil, you can notice a visible difference in hair fall.

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2 years ago

Good Oil


Herbal ingredients

Reduces hair fall

Nice fragrance

Vilvah Hair Growth Oil (Reverse Balding) is a special oil prepared from powerful ingredients to stop excess hair fall and also to renew the growth of new hair. The main ingredient in this oil is pumpkin seed oil which was new for me. I just bought this out of curiosity to see if it could help my hair fall problems. This oil is slightly light brown in color and has a minty fragrance. The oil is neither too thick nor too thin inconsistency. It easily spreads on the scalp and hair. This oil did have a soothing feel. After using this for the 3-4th time I could see the difference in my hair. My hair texture was getting much better. It was having a natural shine. It does reduce hair fall to a great extent. No new hair growth until now. But I am still happy with this oil. I guess it will take time to show results. I liked it and would recommend buying this.

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2 years ago

Vilvah hair oil


Suitable for all hair types

No harsh chemicals

No artificial fragrance

Massaging the scalp with the right hair growth oil restores hair and adds volume to the hair. And the Vilvah Hair Growth Oil is one of the best among other brand oils in the market. I use this oil regularly to gain healthier and thicker hair. It contains pure essential and natural oils such as grape seed oil, kalonji oil, pumpkin seed oil and castor oil which helps the hair grow fast and reverse the balding process. Those who are facing problem of hair fall and baldness definitely should try this vilvah hair growth oil and see the result. As this oil has natural form of herbs and other elements, it does not have any side effects and also paraben, sulphate and chemicals free oil. It is a good solution for repairing damaged hair and get smoother, shiner and silky manageable hair, and everyone want to have thicker and healthier hair to look representable.

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Vilvah Hair Growth Oil (Reverse Balding) is prepared from a blend of 100% natural oils. This powerful blend of oils make them a great solution to repair, rejuvenate, and strengthen the scalp and your hair. These ingredients are effective in reversing the balding process by reducing hair fall and stimulating new hair growth. This oil also improves your hair texture making them soft, smooth, shiny and manageable.

How To Use Vilvah Hair Growth Oil (Reverse Balding) ?

  • Apply the oil to the scalp and hair in inversion method and massage gently.
  • Inversion method is flipping your hair down and massage in this position.
  • This will improve the blood circulation in the roots of your hair.
  • Use twice a week for the best results.
  • Ideally leave the oil on your hair for 1 hour or overnight before hair wash.

Vilvah Hair Growth Oil (Reverse Balding) Benefits And Uses :

  • Pumpkin seed oil contains magnesium and zinc that improves hair count and hair thickness after 24 weeks of regular use.
  • In combination with grapeseed oil, castor oil and kalonji oil with right margin it helps in the regeneration of new hair follicles and reduces hair fall.

Vilvah Hair Growth Oil (Reverse Balding) Ingredients

Nigella Sativa (kalonji) oil