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VLCC Mulberry And Rose Face Wash Ingredients

Citrus Sinensis Peel Extract
Cl 16255
Morus Alba Fruit Extract
methoxycinnamidopropyl hydroxy sultaine

VLCC Mulberry And Rose Face Wash Reviews

Avg Ratings : 4.3

6 Reviews


9 months ago

Must Try Face Wash


Good fragrance

Suits all types of skin

I'm using this product more than 4years I have combination skin type and suits me so well. Fragrance is so refreshing that I liked most help to fresh and clean your skin impuritys. Light pink in colour gel like texture. Come in a tube pack which is so hygienic. Satisfied with the product 😉 it's my all time favorite . you have try it out.

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1 year ago

Good for pigmented skin


Good fragrance

so whenever I get tan or if I see my pigmentation to be more darker and bye blemishes to be more visible I start using products which has properties to lighten the skin. Although I am against lightning your skin tone but products which has certain ingredients to lighten the skin is best for tanning and pigmentation. So whenever I am in stress and I see the dullness on my face I don't use heavier products I just switch my facewash.VLCC Mulberry And Rose Face Wash is my current favourite and I am just in love with its Rose fragrance I am all about roses Mel and this face wash does brighten up my mood along with making my skin all bright glowing and sparkling. The mulberry extract is best for pigmentation and blemishes and it works quite well. It's easily available online as well as offline and they always have some of the other offers going on.

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1 year ago

Average product


VLCC manufactures beauty products that suits all types of skin. They mainly concentrate on skin and hair issues. This Mulberry And Rose Face Wash is specially crafted for giving a even tone and brighter complexion. It is made up of Mulberry and rose extracts. Mulberry is known to stop the production of melanin in skin which causes pigmentation in our skin. While the rose extracts add glow and brightness to our skin giving us a fair skin tone. It also contains antioxidants which fights against the skin damages. the product is a gentle cleanser that larthers well and remove the dirt, impurities, oil and grime from our skin. It contains parabens and an average effect of exfoliating dead skin cells but gives an instant brightness. the product does not dry out the skin and make them smooth and supple. This product does not cause any side effect but there is no permanent whitening and brightening of skin. You could see only temporary results and you will have to use it regularly to keep your skin clean and clear

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1 year ago

Lightens complexion !


Good fragrance

Suits all types of skin

I started using the VLCC Mulberry And Rose Face Wash recently. The face wash is refreshing and makes us feel rejuvenated. I love the smell of the face wash. It is a mix of mulberry and rose. It is gentle on face and cleanses skin well. The face wash removes all the impurities, dirt and dust from face. There was one reason on why I opted for this face wash. During pregnancy I had heavy pigmentation on my neck and face. I didn’t bother about it much. But the pigmentation remained even after many months. So I opted for this face wash. It lightens the dark spots and reduces pigmentation on the face. On regular usage, I get a bright, glowing and radiating face. My skin feels soft and smooth. I use this twice a day and it is also effective when we use heavy makeup. I would definitely recommend this face wash.

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1 year ago

Flawless radiant skin


I like using VLCC face wash which is enriched with mulberry and rose extracts. This face wash deeply cleanses my skin by removing the dirt, impurities and excess oil from the skin pores. It unclogs the skin pores effectively. It does not accentuate the excess oil on my face. It reduces the acne and pimples on my skin. Its unique blend of mulberry and rose extracts lightens the skin complexion. Its anti oxidant property fights the free radicals and lessen its effect on the skin. It lightens the dark spots and pigmentation on the skin. It gives a squeaky clean skin with an instant radiance. It brightens the skin and imparts glow on it. It regulates the melanin production in the skin and lightens the skin tone. The texture of the face wash is creamy soft which foams well. The fragrance is mild and pleasant that lingers on the skin for some time. I highly recommend this face wash for flawless and radiant skin.

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1 year ago

Vlcc mulberry and rose face wash


Good fragrance

Suits all types of skin

Vlcc mulberry and rose face wash is an fairness face wash which helps in reducing blemishes and pigmentation from the skin. It is perfect blend of flowers and fruits extracts. It has mulberry and rose content with a perfect blend of orange and lemon extracts which is rich in anti oxidant properties and also has anti inflammatory substance. It comes in a value offer pack with an offer buy one get one free which let you pay for the one face wash on the cost of two. This cream is rich in fighting for radicles that causes damage to the skin . it deeply cleanses the pores in order to make skin look tighter and wrinkle free. As it has all the superior contents extracts it smells pleasant and can be suitable for any skin type. It should be used on a regular basis to see instant effect of this beneficial cream

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Get an even tone and fairer complexion with VLCC Natural Sciences Skin Defense Mulberry And Rose Face Wash. This face wash is a gentle cleansing agent which is an effective combination of rose and mulberry. Rose with its astringent property lightens dark spots and pigmentation. Mulberry inhibits the function of enzyme tryosinase that is responsible for melanin production. This face wash fights free radicals and promotes brighter complexion. With regular use, you could get a soft, healthy, spot-free, and radiant skin.

How To Use VLCC Mulberry And Rose Face Wash ?

  • Wet your face and neck.
  • Take a little quantity of the product in your palm.
  • Rub both palms together.
  • Apply it on your face and neck.
  • Massage gently with your fingertips.
  • Rinse it off thoroughly with water.
  • Use twice daily.

VLCC Mulberry And Rose Face Wash Benefits And Uses :

  • Lightens dark spots and pigmentation.
  • Promotes fairer, brighter, and even toned skin.
  • Fights free radicals that causes skin damage.
  • Adds radiant glow to skin.
  • Cleanses skin deeply.