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VLCC Specifix Professional Skin Brightening De-Tan Pack Reviews

Avg Ratings : 4.3

6 Reviews


2 years ago

Works slowly


VLCC Specifix Professional Skin Brightening De-Tan Pack works good in removing the tan from the skin but takes a long time to show results. The packaging comes in 2 sizes. One is tube packaging which is travel friendly and the other cones in tub packaging. This product contains natural ingredients that did not cause any breakouts or irritation. The product is creamy and soft that it spreads easily over skin. It also has a minty fragrance that makes us feel relaxed and refreshed. After using the product, the skin feels soft and fresh. It also appears brighter than before. But the product does not with tan in one or two uses. It takes time. The product suits all types of skin. The other downside of the product apart from giving slow results is, it does not have any effects on ageing signs. Your skin remains the same without any changes on wrinkles or fine lines. Also it does not make skin firm or look younger.

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2 years ago

Recommended for Tanned Skin


Ideal For protecting Skin from Tan

Glowing Skin

Once I was passing through a mall and was window shopping I have seen this product VLCC Specific Professional skin Brightening De-Tan pack I know about VLCC product but was not sure and confident to use this product. I was looking for pack for suntan from a very long time. Because of the pollution and sun, my skin had become tan so I wanted to try this De-Tan pack and I started using it from the very first time since I started using it. My skin started to show the difference. It has removed the suntan from my skin. This De tan pack contains natural ingredients like lemon peel extract, cucumber, peppermint oil and aloe vera oil which helps in lightening the skin tone and removes dullness from my skin. It also contains an anti-aging property which makes my skin glowing and youthful. All to use it should apply on the face and leave for 10 to 15 minutes on the skin and wash. The freshness remains for the whole day.

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2 years ago

Clears tan


When I got tan a bit after travelling the whole city on my two-wheeler, I was looking for de-tan packs and face wash to get rid of the tan. That's when I recalled that I had VLCC Specifix Professional Skin Brightening De-Tan Pack is lying in my shelf since long and I haven't got a chance to use it. So, I went ahead and applied the pack. It has great ingredients like peppermint oil, lemon peel extract, cucumber extracts and many other natural ingredients that are beneficial for the skin. I kept the mask on for 20 minutes until it was dry. I loved the instant brightening effects of this face pack. It made my skin clear and fresher looking. Since then, I have used this pack about 4-5 times and still have the tube is left. It is quite affordable when compared to other de-tan packs available in the market. So, I would recommend you to try this out!

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2 years ago

Anti tanning and whitening face pack


No parabens

Suitable for all skin types

Removes suntan

VLCC Specifix Professional Skin Brightening De-Tan is a face pack for de-tanning, firming, smoothening and whitening of the skin.  This pack is a combination of aesthetic values and modern technique. Because it has natural ingredients like Extracts of lemon peel, cucumber, peppermint and eucalyptus oil, orange together with goodness of vitamin C, E and D, and at the same time it also lavishly induced with Hydrolysed soy protein and Niacinamide. These natural and scientific ingredients aids in toning of the skin and acts an as anti tanning agents. It removes all the effects of sun UV rays such as sun burns, black patches and breakouts. This pack is very effective in removing dryness of the skin and at the same time it retains moisture of the body locked inside the skin. It is free from paraben and suits all types of skin. The packing is hygienic travel friendly tube and the texture of this pack is thick creamy in white colour.

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2 years ago

De tan pack


Removes tan from skin

Soothing to the skin

After my recent vacation trip, my skin had got a lot of tan due to excess exposure to the sun. Now after returning from the trip, I had to get rid of the tan from my skin. I tried a few packs and creams to remove it for a week but it did not help. My friend suggested me to use this VLCC Specifix Professional Skin Brightening De-Tan Pack to remove the tan from my face and skin. This face pack comes in a white coloured inverted tube with a flip top cap that allows limited dispense of the product without spillage. The pack is very soft and creamy in texture and it gives a soothing feel once you apply it on the face. It needs to be applied on a freshly cleansed face and kept it for 15-20 minutes before washing it off. It helped me in removing the tan from my within 2 weeks of its use. It also helped in removing the fine lines and wrinkles. 

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2 years ago



De-Tan now becomes a necessity for every girl. I make it my habit to use this VLCC Specifix Professional Skin Brightening De-Tan Pack to make my skin glowing and attractive. It really removes the dead skin from face and works on open pores. It removes the blackheads from the face and gives clear and glowing skin.

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VLCC is a renowned brand that cater a wide range of products that are related with skincare, hair care, beauty care, and wellness. VLCC Specifix Professional Skin Brightening De-Tan Pack has been specially formulated with a unique blend of nature science and modern science. This detan pack is enriched with lemon peel extracts, cucumber, peppermint oil, and eucalyptus oil. This pack helps in removing the suntan from the skin. This helps in lightening the skin tone and reduces the dullness. The natural ingredients also has anti-ageing property that gives glowing and youthful skin.

How To Use VLCC Specifix Professional Skin Brightening De-Tan Pack ?

  • Take sufficient amount of the product.
  • Apply it on the skin and leave it for 10- 15 minutes.
  • For the best result, use it once a week.

VLCC Specifix Professional Skin Brightening De-Tan Pack Benefits And Uses :

  • Effectively removes suntan.
  • Refreshes and soothes skin.
  • Firms and tightens skin.
  • Lightens the skin tone.
  • Reduces dullness.
  • Provides instant glow and radiance.

VLCC Specifix Professional Skin Brightening De-Tan Pack Ingredients