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1 year ago

Herbal hair oil!



Suits all hair types

smells unique

Zordon Herbal Hair Oil is a unique hair oil. This hair oil was referred to me by a very close friend. She knew my hair troubles and that's when she got me introduced to the Zordon Herbal Hair Oil. The good thing about this hair oil is the list of ingredients and also that this oil is herbal. With the goodness of gandhak, jatamansi, and sandalwood the hair is bound to become healthy. I started mainly using this oil because I was tired of my hair loss and also the dandruff. But then after like 2 weeks of use I can see the difference. This is one of the best hair oils that I have used in a very long time. I was honestly bored of the coconut oil and was looking for options. This oil is a great buy for sure. Use it and you will know.

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1 year ago

Great oil


repair hair well

I have been using Zordan Herbals Hair Oil for more than a month for my hair fall and brittleness and I am really impressed with the results and its effects . It has not reduced my hair fall but also strengthen my hair from root to tip. The mint or bringhraaj herbs keeps my mind cool and soothing. Being a 100% herbal product, it has no side effects and can be used by both the genders. Its budget and travel friendly. I have suggested some of colleagues and friends to use Zordan Herbals Hair . They have used it and happy the results.

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1 year ago

Enriched hair care solution



100% naturally safe

Nourishes hair

One of my friend recommended that I use Zordon Herbal Hair Oil . My hair was dull dry and had an unruly look. I must say that using Zordan was simply a complete hair care solution to me as I needed something curative. It promoted a thicker and fuller look to me. I found numerous benefits like strength, shine, smoothness. So if you are looking out for the same results then go for it as it also restores lost nutrients to the scalp. It works synergistically to create the best and ideal conditions for healthy hair and reduces hair shedding. It’s really not necessary to have hair problem but it’s the best care you can give your hair.

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1 year ago

Nice oil


I was having very bad dandruff and itchy scalp followed by hair fall. It was uncontrollable. Tried out many medications and nothing gave me permanent solution. It recurred the moment I stopped using it. Then a friend recommended me to use this Zordon Herbal Hair Oil. She said it has all herbal ingredients and safe for the scalp and hair. I tried it and the result is awesome. It cleared my dandruff and itchy scalp gradually. Since it is herbal, the effect is seen very slowly. However, am happy the way it worked for me. It has a very nice fragrance, unlike the usual herbal oils. It is lightweight and gets absorbed to the skin deeply.

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1 year ago

Reduces hair fall


Non greasy


Herbal ingredients

My friend has been suffering from severe hair fall. She used zordon herbals hair oil and shared her good experiences. This oil worked really great on her hair. It has effectively reduced the hair fall and improved the hair texture. The oil texture is light and runny that spreads evenly on the hair. It seeps into the scalp and improves the scalp health. It helps to eradicate dandruff and prevents other scalp infections. It promotes the hair growth and appears thick and strong. Her hair looked volume and thick. It made the hair soft, smooth, and supple. Highly recommended hair oil to overcome hair fall issue.

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1 year ago

Hair fall reduction


As was facing severe hair fall I made up my mind to change my hair care regime. I was not at all happy with all the hair oils that I have been using since past till date. Hence after much online study I decided to start using Zordon Herbal Hair Oil finally. I make sure to apply this oil twice a week and keep it over night. The consistency of this oil is not too thick nor too thin and is just perfect to be applied easily. It has helped me in reducing mmy hair fall subsequently now. I feel so happy and content with the way my hair feel so healthy now a days. I regret not using it in the past.

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1 year ago

Zordan Herbals Hair Oil


Good mix of herbs.

Travel friendly packing

I don't like to use chemical based product for my skin and hair care routines. They just give instant results and causes a lot of damage. My skin and hair is delicate and I am very cautious in choosing the products. Zordan Herbals hair oil is what I have been using for more than 6 months now. My hair feels nourished and healthy. It is a good blend of herbs and also does not smell too strong. I can see the gradual improvement in my hair. The split ends have reduced a lot plus the hair fall is under control.Does not feel too sticky as well.

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Zordon Herbal Hair Oil is rich in many herbal ingredients like gandhak, jatamansi, and sandalwood. It nourishes your hair from the roots making it stronger. It makes your soft and silky. With regular use, it controls dandruff as well. This hair oil has a pH balanced dormula that makes it suitable for all hair types.

How To Use Zordan Herbals Hair Oil ?

  • Apply this oil to your scalp and hair.
  • Massage until its absorbed.
  • Rinse whenever required.

Zordan Herbals Hair Oil Benefits And Uses :

  • Prevents hair fall.
  • Improves hair growth.
  • Treats dandruff.

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