Calories Burned Hiking Calculator

Hiking is popular like any other activity for fitness. People tend to go hiking for fitness, to explore nature and beauty and to meet new people. It is an interesting activity which you enjoy, retreat yourself and bonus is it also helps to lose extra weight. If you want to know that during these kind of different activity how many calories you burn. then hiking calculator can help you to know estimate calories burnt during hiking based on your weight, your backpack weight, time and distance etc.



Calories Burned:

How does hiking calorie calculator work?

This calculator gives you a simple way to estimate the calories you burned on your hike based on average metabolic rates.

  1. Enter your current weight. ( in lbs or kg)
  2. Enter the weight in lbs or kg of any backpack you wore during hiking (enter 0 if you didn’t carry a backpack)
  3. Enter how long you hiked for. ( in minutes)
  4. Enter the distance you hiked in miles or kilometers ( hiking calculator uses your time and distance to work out the speed)
  5. Select the type of hike:
    • relatively flat cross country
    • combination of uphill and downhill
    • all uphill
    • all downhill
  6. If hills are involved, choose the approximate average incline

The hiking calorie calculator will then use all of these factors to estimate your calories burned.

How many calories do you burn hiking?

The number of calories you burn hiking is generally depends on your body weight. The more you weigh, the more calories you may burn on a hike.

Besides body weight, here are some more factors that may affect your caloric burn rate:

Fitness level: It is harder to burn calories for a fitter person, by simply hiking for more miles. Because the human body adapts to higher physical activity.

Intensity: Hiking on a faster pace for at least 45-50 minutes may increase the number of calories your burn during and after hiking. It will also help your to boost your metabolism.

Pack weight: the weight of your hiking pack may also contribute to the number of calories burn during hike. A heavier backpack may raise your calorie burn count by roughly 200calories per hour.

Terrain: More challenging terrain with uneven, rocky ground and steep can cause your muscles to work harder and help you burn more calories.

How many calories do you burn hiking 2 miles?

The amount of calories you burn hiking will vary and based on gender, body weight, backpack weight, distance, activity and intensity. Besides that, there are many other variables that may increase or decrease the number of calories burned hiking - like muscle mass, age, fitness level, and height.

Walking 2 miles you may burn an average between 350 – 780 calories.

Is hiking good exercise for weight loss?

Hiking is a powerful activity, better than any other weight lifting exercise. When you talk about exercise, it doesn’t only mean burning calories, but it also contributes to weight loss. It can lower your risk of heart disease; give strength to your hamstring, hip portion and lower legs.

Will Hiking help me lose belly fat?

Certainly, any exercise that involve belly muscles hiking, cycling, running, dancing, aerobics and weight training or cardio will help reduce belly fat. Additionally, exercise like hiking will give strength to belly muscles and in result you will get a flatter tummy.

Can hike tone your body?

Hiking is a powerful cardio vascular exercise to strengthen and tone muscles. It has many other benefits too. It will also improve endurance and build stamina.

What burns more calories hiking or biking?

A hiker may burn more calories per mile, but a biker gets to travel more miles in the same time. So a hard rice cyclist may end up burning more calories than a fast moving hiker.

Calories burned hiking vs walking

Yes of course, hiking will help you burn more calories than walking. Hiking is a great way to get in shape with more fun.

Effect of backpack weight on calories burned

The heavier your backpack, the more calories you burn. If you will increase the weight in you backpack, number of calories you burn will also increase.

How many calories do you burn walking a mile uphill?

Your weight and the distance is the biggest factor in how many calories you will burn while walking. But while walking uphill, your pack weight and your speed also contribute to the calories burned. On an average walking uphill for a mile you may burn up to 25-350 calories with 130lbs weight.

Benefits of walking uphill

A study published in the journal Psychological Science showed that when people walked in nature, they experienced improved focus.  You will burn more calories per mile as you increase your speed, but the biggest factor will still be how much you weigh. When you are walking uphill, you are burning more calories than walking on the flat surfaces.

  • Working on difference leg muscles
  • Improving your metabolism
  • Increasing exercise intensity.
  • Feel refreshed and happier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is hiking better than running?

No. Running has the potential to burn more calories than hiking as it involves more vigorous cardio activity. Also, it is considered a high-intensity aerobic activity.

Is it good to hike every day?

Yes. Exercising in the form of hiking, in moderation, is encouraged every day. Hiking helps strengthen muscles, lose weight, and also reduce stress (1).

How often should I hike to lose weight?

Regular hiking in moderation comes with many health benefits. However, hiking 3 times a week is considered one of the best ways to lose weight.

How long is considered a hike?

There is no cut-off distance to define a hike. However, many people believe that a trial should be at least 2 miles long to hike.

How often should you rest when hiking?

Try to take a break for at least 10 minutes when hiking.

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