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Meeting specific fitness criteria is a must to enlist in the Navy. Meeting and controlling the body fat percentage is an important aspect of maintaining the appearance and general fitness and health of military personnel (1). The Navy body fat calculator can provide an overview of total body fat percentage, which will help you monitor and measure your body fat. Knowing the values will also help you plan and adjust your fitness routines so that you can control your body fat levels effectively. Keep scrolling to check out the tool and learn more about it.



Enter your height

Enter your height

Neck circumference

Waist circumference

Hip circumference


Overview of allowed body fat percentage for the Navy

The Navy fat calculator will help you find out the maximum allowable body fat percentage in the Navy. This is an important criterion to determine whether or not a military personnel or a candidate is overweight. The US Navy does not follow any weight-for-height table for screening. Irrespective of age, the ideal body fat percentage for men is 26%, and for females, it is 36% (2), (3).

Formula For Calculating Body Fat Percentage For The U.S. Navy

The U.S. Navy uses the equation developed by James Hodgdon and Marcie Beckett to determine the body fat percentage. There are two separate equations for men and women (2):
For men,

Density = -0.191 × Log10 (abdomen – neck) + 0.155 × Log10(height) + 1.032 BF%

BF% = 100 × [(4.95/density) – 4.5]

For women,

Density = -0.350 × Log10(abdomen + hip + neck) + 0.221 × Log10(height) + 1.296 BF%

BF% = 100 × [(4.95/density) – 4.5]

Here, you have to use all measurements (for waist, hip, height, and neck) in inches. The physical assessment during screening for the US Navy includes a Body Composition Assessment. They also screen maximum weight for height, other than body fat percentage during the assessment.

The US Navy Body Composition Assessment Standards

The US Navy uses a weight and height chart during the initial screening process. The following chart explains the weight standards against height. Remember that the body fat percentage is measured only for candidates who do not meet the US Navy weight standards for their heights. This table has been created based on the Navy Physical Readiness Program (NPRP) 2016: Guide 4 – The Body Composition Assessment (BCA) (3).

Height (In Inches)US Navy Weight Standards (In Pounds)

What Do I Need to Know to Use the US Navy Body Fat Calculator?

Using the Navy body fat calculator requires a few simple steps. Aside from entering your age and gender, you will also need to measure your neck, waist, and hip circumference and enter those values. Here are a few tips to help you take the measurements properly:

To measure the neck circumference:

  • Look straight and relax.
  • Measure below the larynx or Adam’s apple.
  • Avoid involving shoulder muscles.

Note: It is advisable to get someone’s help to measure neck circumference.

To measure the hip circumference:

  • Wear minimal clothing to ensure accuracy.
  • Stand in front of a mirror.
  • Keep your feet close.
  • Measure around the fullest part of the buttocks.
  • Hold tape horizontally.
  • Measure after exhaling.

To measure the waist circumference:

  • Wear minimal clothes to ensure accuracy.
  • Stand straight with feet together.
  • Keep your arms at the sides.
  • Exhale and take the measurement.
  • Measure the smallest waist circumference above the belly button.
  • Repeat twice, then find the average.

The Navy body fat calculator helps you gauge your body fat composition and understand where you stand. You have to take proper measurements and input accurate data to get precise results. However, keep in mind that you shouldn’t rely only on this tool to track your body fat and overall health. You must consult a healthcare professional and follow a proper diet and exercise routine to stay fit. Your journey to a healthier you starts with these simple but significant measurements. Stay active, stay healthy, and use tools like this wisely along your path to well-being!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Navy body fat calculator accurate?

The Navy body fat calculator provides an estimate of your body fat percentage, but it may not be entirely precise. It may also not give accurate results for those with a muscular build. Methods like water displacement testing are considered more reliable and provide more accurate results.

Can you have zero percent body fat?

No. While people may have extremely low body fat percentages, having zero percent body fat is not achievable or sustainable for a living human body. Essential fats are required for maintaining vital bodily functions, and even the leanest individual may have a small percentage of body fat.


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