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For joining the Navy attainment of certain fitness parameter is mandatory. Navy body fat test is a compulsory process each aspirant needs to go through. Use of Navy body fat calculator makes the process convenience as an overview of body fat and required changes can be identified. Identifying quantity of body fat is an inexact effort. Still, with effort it is possible to know overall fat content of the body. The online Navy bmi calculator can be a must use tool while you are initiating your endeavor to join the Naval and amphibious force.

Overview of allowed body fat percentage for the Navy

A Navy fat calculator helps us to know the maximum allowable body fat percentage in Navy.

The following body fat percentage rates are mandatory for is needed for securing a position in the Navy:

  • Age Group: 18-21 Female 33% Male 22%
  • Age Group: 22-29 Female 34% Male 23%
  • Age Group: 30-39 Female 35% Male 24%
  • Age Group: 40+ Female 36% Male 26%

Formula associated to United States Navy fat calculation procedure

U.S Navy fitness formula is followed to estimate body fat percentage while selection. A tape is used to measure body regions like waist, hip, neck etc. Then, Navy body fat calculator needs to be used. Details like gender, weight (narrowest point), height, neck circumference etc needs to be keyed in while using the U.S Navy body fat calculator. Next, the approximate body fat percentage can be obtained right away. Many of the fat charts might provide fat mass, lean mass etc. It is considered that water displacement test is the perfect process of calculating body fat percentage.

NBFP or Navy Body Fat Percentage Formula:

James A. Hodgdon and Marcie B. Beckett formulated the process of calculating Navy body fat. For men and women different parameters or equations are followed to calculate the percentage of fat in body.

In case of Men:

Density = -0.191 × Log10(waist - neck) + 0.155 × Log10(height) + 1.032 BF ( Body fat) % = 100 × [(4.95 ÷ density) - 4.5]

In case of Women:

Density = -0.350 × Log10(waist + hip - neck) + 0.221 × Log10(height) + 1.296 BF (Body Fat)% = 100 × [(4.95 ÷ density) - 4.5]


height = Height in centimeters (cm)

hip = Hip Circumference in centimeters (cm)

waist = Waist Circumference in centimeters (cm)

neck = Neck Circumference in centimeters (cm)

The US Navy body fat calculation standards and limitations

Utmost Allowed US Navy Body Fat Limits:

The following chart explains the maximum allowed limits of body fat percentage by United States Navy. This table has been created based upon the Navy Physical Readiness Program (NPRP) 2016: Guide 4 - The Body Composition Assessment (BCA).

What Do I Need to Know to Use the US Navy Body Fat Calculator?

To use the Navy body fat calculator the it is pre-requisite to know few guidelines, beside keying in Age and Gender, the following details are also required.

To measure Neck Circumference:

  • It is advisable to get someone’s help to measure neck circumference
  • Look straight ahead and relax
  • Neck Circumference needs to be measured at a point just below the larynx or Adam's apple.
  • Shoulder muscles must not be involved in the measurement

To measure Hip Circumference:

  • It is wise to wear lesser cloths to obtain the right measurement
  • Use a full body mirror and stand in front of it
  • Keep your feet closer and maintain a very little space between them
  • Hold the tape around the maximum circumference of your buttocks
  • Keep the measuring tape in a horizontal position
  • Inhale and exhale normally and take the measurement after exhaling

To measure Waist Circumference

  • Wear little cloth as possible.
  • Stand straight with your feet close together.
  • Keep your arms at the sides.
  • Take the measurement after the end of a normal expiration.
  • Measure the smallest circumference of the waist, one inch above the belly button.
  • Repeat the measurements twice and take the average.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is navy body fat calculator accurate?

Yes it is accurate upto 3-4%.

Can you have 0 percent body fat?

No, it is not possible to have 0 body fat percentage.

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