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You might have felt guilty about wearing shoes either too big or too small for your feet at some point in your life. Wearing wrong sized shoes can hurt your feet and have long term consequences. Research also shows that 3 out of 4 individuals wear shoes that are big or small from their correct foot size. While shopping for shoes online or abroad, it becomes difficult to identify your true shoe size and shop accordingly. There are plentiful conversion charts available online to measure your true foot size according to different countries. To measure your correct shoe size, here is a shoe size convertor you can use and get the perfectly fitting shoes.

Adult or child?

Shoe size

Shoe size

How can I use the shoe size converter?

There are plenty of ready shoe size convertors available online. The standard shoe sizes given on the charts are for the US, Europe, UK, and Australia. The shoe size chart in India typically follows the similar measurements as the UK. Here are the common formulas for finding out the right shoe size for US, UK and EU.

Here are the common formulas for finding out the right shoe size for US, UK and EU:

Inches = millimeters / 25.4

  • US

US_male= (3 * inches) – 22

US_female= (3 * inches) – 21

US_child= (3 * inches) – 9.67

  • UK

UK_size = (3 * inches) – 23

UK_child = (3 * inches) – 10

  • EU

EU_size = 1.27 * (UK_size + 23) + 2

These formulas are not for finding the shoe size for children and if you wish to find the correct shoe size for children, calculate the shoe size using the online converters.

How to use the Shoe size Converter

If you are unable to calculate the shoe sizes with this formula, you can always refer to the conversion charts and calculators available online. These are an easy way to know inches to shoe size conversion. For using the convertors online, you’ll have to follow the below given procedure:

  1. First, choose for whom you want to find the right shoe size. Select from the drop down that has values Men, Women or Child
  2. From the other drop down, select the country for which you know the shoe size. If you know your shoe size for US, choose US
  3. Now from the other drop down, choose the country you want to know your shoe size. If you want to know your shoe size for UK, choose UK
  4. Now enter the shoe size that you know. If you know that your shoe size in US is 7, enter 7 in that field.
  5. Now enter the shoe size that you know. If you know that your shoe size in the US is 7, enter 7 in that field.
  6. Press enter or calculate and the shoe size converter will display the true result within seconds. You’ll know your shoe size in UK

Note: Though the Indian shoe size chart adopts the UK sizing system, there may be slight discrepancies in sizing among various brands while measuring.

Here is the basic or standard size chart for men, women and children:

Use the chart in the following way. Suppose your shoe size is a 7 in the US chart, but you want to know your correct size in the UK, simply check its equivalent of the same and you’ll get your correct size.

Men Shoe Size Chart

Shoe size calculator

Women Shoe Size Chart

Shoe size calculator

Children’s Shoe Sizes Chart

Shoe size calculator

How to Measure Shoe Size and Width at Home?

You can simply measure the shoe size while using a measuring tape and if you want to measure the shoe size in detail, here are the steps you can follow:

  1. Take a piece of paper or a chart paper and put your feet on it. Keep the paper steady and don’t let it slip.
  2. Take a pen or pencil and draw your foot holding the pen or pencil straight up at 90 degrees. Put your foot perpendicular to any lines on your paper
  3. Draw the complete outline of your foot and highlight it
  4. Use a marker to draw a straight line that touches each side of the outline
  5. Now measure the length and breadth of your foot (distance from the heel to tip of longest toe)
  6. You can subtract 3/16th of an inch from the both numbers you get or you can simply enter the measurements into the calculator to find the respective shoe size

The Perfect shoe fit Tips:

  • As you grow older, loose or gain weight, your feet changes. This is the reason you should always measure your shoe size before purchasing a new pair of shoes. A the end of the day or during evening, your feet are largest so I is the best time to measure your size
  • A lot of people have one foot larger than the other so before buying a new pair of shoes, consider this aspect
  • The shape of shoes is very important to consider. If you are purchasing the shoes that doesn’t match the shape of your feet, you’ll feel the discomfort and adverse results
  • A lot of people buy tight shoes and expect the shoes to stretch after certain uses. Don’t do this as it can hurt your feet badly
  • To identify if the shoes fit best, consider how your foot slips in the shoe. The shoe should not ride up or down too much when you walk
  • Before buying the shoes, walk in the shoes to make sure that it’s a good fit
  • Choose the shoes made using soft and breathable fabric. Tight and hard materials will hurt your feet badly
  • Wear the socks you are going to wear with the new pair of shoes while trying the shoes
  • Make the salesperson measure both of your feet because one can be bigger than the other one
  • Pay attention to width as well as length. A lot of people buy shoes simply according to the length ignoring the width is equally important
  • Examine the soles. Make sure that the soles are sturdy and irritation free

Difficulties in shoe size conversions

Although there are ample of shoe size convertors, there are certain issues that people might face. Here’s what makes the convertors not 100% accurate.

  • The shoe conversion systems are not fully standardized. The shoe sizes might differ slightly as per different manufacturers. The manufacturers in US make shoes differently than the manufacturers in UK and thus, though they are using the same continental European system for making shoes, there might be a slight difference in terms of shoe size and fitting.
  • The biggest issue with children shoes is that children shoes are always calculated in a different way. The growth speed of children is extremely different. The fast growing kid might need bigger shoes than the other kid who grows slowly. Rather than considering the conversion charts, it’s better to measure the size manually
  • People only consider foot length while measuring and purchasing the shoes. Some people have broad feet while some have narrow and thus, it is important to measure the width of feet before purchasing the shoes. For wider feet, sometimes, large sizes are required

Why is it Important to Wear the Right Size?

Wearing the right shoes is very important, especially if you walk a lot. You take ample steps in a day in those shoes and if the shoes don’t fit right, you might get blisters, shoe bites, painful or achy heels etc. our feet are the heavily stressed body part and carry the weight of our entire body. So while the feet bear our entire body weight, it is important to wear comfortable and breathable shoes.

When the shoes or footwear is too tight, it’s not comfortable. If you wear tight shoes, you might get painful blisters, achy fingers, achy heels and some orthopedic issues. In fact, when you wear tight or too uncomfortable shoes for a long period, it can cause more serious conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, nerve or circulatory disorders etc.

Wearing tight shoes can have short and long term consequences on your body. The short term consequences include swelling, discomfort while walking, blisters etc while the long term consequences include gait, postural issues, hammer feet, twisted feet and serious injuries. This is the reason you need to wear the right size shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the biggest shoe size in the world?

Jeison Orlando Rodríguez Hernandez from Venezuela has the biggest shoe size in the world.
His feet measure nearly 16 inches, and his size is 26.

What is the average shoe size for a man?

The average shoe size for a man in the US is 10.5.

What are true-to-size shoes?

The shoes that are true to size have accurate measurements that run for the size. They are neither too big nor too small.

Does 0.5 shoe size make a difference?

Not really. As it is just a difference of 1/8th of an inch, it depends on the shoe material if it can accommodate your foot comfortably.

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