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Wilks Calculator is used to calculate the Wilks score, which is a measure of the strength of a powerlifter. Wilks score is calculated using the total weight lifted, body weight, and gender of the powerlifter. It can be used to compare the strength of powerlifters, irrespective of gender and body weight. Higher the Wilks score, the better is the powerlifter. The Wilks Calculator is highly regarded in the weightlifting world and is used by the International Powerlifting Federation to evaluate lifting performances across weight classes.




Wilks coeff. :

What Does Wilks Mean?

The Wilks score was developed by Robert Wilks, which estimates your weightlifting abilities and allows you to compare it with that of others.

How Do You Calculate Wilks?

Different formulae are used to calculate the Wilks score for men and women as men are statistically stronger than women. Therefore, if a man and woman of the same body weight lift equal weights, the Wilks score of the woman would be higher than that of the man.

The Wilks calculator helps us estimate and compare our weightlifting abilities with other lifters, irrespective of bodyweight and gender. Unlike the bench press calculator, this calculator is not generally used to track one’s progress, but to decide who is the superior weightlifter.

The three variables used in the Wilks score calculator are as follows:

  • Bodyweight (in kilograms or pounds)
  • Gender – There are different variables used to calculate the Wilks coefficient, according to the gender, as mentioned in the table below.
  • Weight lifted (in kilograms or pounds)

Wilks calculator KG

The formula used to calculate the Wilks coefficient is:

Wilks coefficient = 500 / (a + bx² + cx³ + dx⁴ + ex⁵ + fx⁶)


x = Body weight of the lifter measured in kilograms.

The following table introduces the a to f values for the male and female gender:


After the Wilks coefficient is calculated, the Wilks score is obtained by multiplying the Wilks coefficient with the weight lifted (in kilograms).

Wilks Score (points) = Wilks coefficient * Weight lifted in kilograms


If a male weightlifter with a body weight of 90 kg has lifted a weight of 250 kg, the Wilks score would be 159.60.

Wilks Calculator Age

The Wilks calculator does not take age into consideration.

What is a good Wilks score RAW?

A Wilks score RAW of 250 is considered good for a beginner powerlifting professional.

What Is A Good Wilks Score For Males?

As mentioned above a Wilks score RAW of 250 is considered good for a beginner powerlifting professional, irrespective of whether the professional is male or female.

Highest Wilks Score

The highest Wilks score of 664.95 was set by Chakera Holcomb at the Kern US Open in 2018. She broke the record Wilks score of 638 set earlier by Eva Dunbar.

Chakera’s record-breaking achievement consisted of three huge lifts, which were a 284 kg squat, a 165 kg bench press, and 274 kg deadlift in the women’s 82 kg weight class.

IPF Points Calculator

The International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) decided to use a new IPF formula to calculate the IPF Relative Points in place of Wilks score, which was developed more than 25 years ago with data gathered between 1988 and 1994 and was not as extensive as it is today.

While the new formula is more complex, it still uses lifter body weight and their Powerlifting Total or Bench Press Total to compute points.

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