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Zumba is a form of aerobic workout and a fusion of Latin-inspired dance moves and cardio. A 1-hour Zumba session may help you burn around 300 to 900 calories, depending on the intensity of the session, the duration of the workout, and your weight. It is extremely effective for burning fat and weight loss. The Zumba Calorie Burned Calculator can help you track your results. Scroll down to check out the calculator and understand how Zumba may help you achieve your weight loss goals.



How Does The Calculator Work?

The calculator helps you estimate the number of calories you burn per minute during a Zumba session. It will determine your metabolic rate as per your weight and then show you the results. Since people who have more body weight use more energy, a person who weighs less will burn lesser calories while doing the workout for the same duration as the heavier person and at the same intensity.

To use the calculator,

  • Enter your weight in kilograms
  • Enter your workout duration in minutes. The number of minutes you enter cannot be less than 1 and can go beyond 60 (1 hour).
  • Select the workout intensity and click on “calculate”.

An average Zumba session may last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. The next section will help you understand how many calories you can burn during a typical Zumba workout session.

How Many Calories Can You Burn During A 40-Minute Zumba Session?

A study involving 19 women found that a 39-minute Zumba session could help burn 9.5 kcal per minute, which means an average of 369 kcal per session (1). However, the exact calories burned depend mostly on weight, heart rate, height, and age, and may vary from person to person (2). The chart below provides a rough estimate of calories you might burn depending on your Zumba session duration and weight.

Chart (Time vs burn calories)

Time(minutes)Calories (depending on weight)
150 lbs200 lbs250 lbs300 lbs350 lbs400 lbs

Calories Burned During A 1-Hour “STRONG by Zumba” Session

A 1-hour session of “STRONG by Zumba” (which is now called “STRONG Nation”) can help you burn up to 400–800 calories (3). However, remember that it is not like the traditional Zumba and is not a dance-based workout routine. It is actually a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout. “STRONG by Zumba” involves muscle conditioning, plyometric training, and cardio, and all movements are choreographed on the beat of the music.

Can Zumba Help You Lose Weight?

Yes, Zumba can help you burn calories and lose weight. However, you have to combine it with a balanced diet and strength training to ensure better results. Zumba will be effective only when you create a calorie deficit by consuming fewer calories than you are burning every day.

Does Zumba Burn More Calories Than Running?

No. According to the American Council on Exercise, running burns 11.4 calories per minute (for a person weighing 120 lbs.), whereas Zumba burns 9.5 calories per minute (1), (4).

Even though running is more effective than Zumba for burning calories and losing weight, a dance fitness routine is best for those who may find it difficult to stick to a monotonous exercise routine. Moreover, running may strain joints, whereas, Zumba is easy on the joints and ligaments. As a result, it might be a good option for those with joint issues or those who have recovered from surgery.

Does Zumba Gold Burns Calories?

Yes. Zumba Gold workout helps burn calories and is customized for older adults who want to lose weight and stay fit and active. It involves low-impact, easier movements that do not strain the joints and ensure an overall workout. Zumba Gold focuses on improving fitness, balance, coordination, and muscle conditioning, and impacts the cardiovascular system (2). Though it burns fewer calories than traditional Zumba, it improves the range of motion and strengthens bones. Zumba Gold also puts a heightened focus on Zumba as a social group exercise. The next section discusses a few tips you can follow to do Zumba for weight loss.

Zumba For Weight Loss: Tips To Follow

You can reap the maximum benefits from Zumba if you pair it with a nutritious and balanced diet. Therefore, it is crucial to work with a nutritionist. Here are a few diet tips you may follow to get the most out of your Zumba routine:

  • Consume plenty of fruits and vegetables every day. Include whole grains like quinoa, brown rice, and oats in your daily meal plans.
  • Consume carbs in moderation. Avoid empty carbohydrates like white flour and bread, pasta, and cookies.
  • Include lean proteins such as eggs, chicken, and fish in your diet. If you are a vegan or vegetarian, you can consume soy protein (like tofu).
  • Follow your hunger signals. Eat only when you feel hungry and choose healthy snacks, like fruits, nuts, cheese, etc. Eat several times a day to keep your energy up. Just make sure you’re choosing healthy snacks.

It is always better to follow your body’s signals and needs. Instead of focusing on fast weight loss, try to lose weight gradually. Ideally, you should try to lose around 1-2 pounds weight per week. So, pay attention to your body signals and set your diet and exercise routine accordingly. Now, let’s look at the other health benefits of Zumba. Scroll down.

Other Health Benefits Of Zumba

  • Helps strengthen your core muscles
  • Improves flexibility and promotes better hip movements.
  • Boosts heart health, since it’s an aerobic exercise.
  • Improves coordination
  • Reduces stress and improves mood.
  • Increasing energy.

In addition, practicing Zumba improves aerobic capacity and muscle strength (5). It’s a fun way to burn calories, lose weight, and stay healthy. However, ensure you do not overexert yourself. Work out under the supervision of a trained instructor and consult a nutritionist to ensure you are maintaining a proper diet and getting enough nutrients to replenish your body and get the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Zumba better than the gym?

Both Zumba and gym can help burn calories and have their own benefits. You can go for one depending on your preferences and weight loss goals. Zumba is suitable for those who enjoy dancing, prefer cardio, and want to tone their body while burning calories. The gym is good for toning, strength training, and strengthening muscles and bones.

What is a good BMR value?

An average person may have a BMR value between 1000-2000 kcal. This means, your body needs these many calories to function properly while on rest.

Is Zumba better than walking?

It depends on your fitness level. Zumba is always a better option than walking, and depending on the intensity, it may help burn calories. However, walking (on a treadmill) is low-impact and better for those with joint issues.

Will Zumba reduce belly fat?

Yes. A high-intensity Zumba session that offers a mix of cardio and plyometric training may help reduce belly fat and body circumference (3).


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