10-Day Sugar Detox Diet (Removes Fat, Headaches, Pain & More)

10-Day Sugar Detox Diet (Removes Fat, Headaches, Pain & More) Hyderabd040-395603080 November 16, 2017

Most of the people find it difficult to control their sweet cravings. But the catch is—it is not just the sugary sweets that contain a high amount of sugar. Even seemingly not so harmful savories like chips, burgers, plain flour tortillas, etc. are laden with refined carbohydrates, that are very high on sugar.

And what are the cons of consuming such eatables with high sugar? It can lead to a host of problems like obesity, low immunity, accelerated aging, skin issues, dental cavities, anxiety and even hormonal issues.

It is an astounding amount of sugar that the Americans eat on average. A research firm called Euromonitor found that the average American consumes more than double the amount of sugar, roughly 126 gm, as compared to the world average, which is about 50 gm daily. (1)

Though the good news is that the Indians are nowhere closer, yet high sugar consumption is spreading like an epidemic. A good way to reduce excess sugar from our body system is to follow a detoxification regime.

According to Dr. Mark Hyman, who introduced a 10-day sugar detoxification course, it is possible to reduce a considerable amount of weight in very short time, if the dietary detox program is followed religiously. (2)

So, read on and find out how can you plan and execute the detox program to reap maximum benefits and minimize your sugar quotient.

1. Make That Decision

1. Make that Decision Pinit

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The first thing is to read and answer the series of questions that Dr. Mark puts up for his readers. This gives a clear idea if you should really go for the 10-day detox program. And if you choose to, you will go through the process of weight loss in the most agreeable way.

2. The Big Resolution

2. The Big Resolution Pinit

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Once you have decided to take the plunge, be resolute to keep at it. It might be a task to refrain psychologically from your favorite foodstuffs, but for 10 days you must cut out all kinds of sweetmeats, artificial sugar substitutes, refined flour items and such, that shoot your sugar levels up and slow down your metabolism. Another thing that you should be careful about is to turn away from all kinds of packaged eatables because they are naturally high in sugar. Consume fresh food that consists of whole grains, legumes, fresh vegetables, and fruits.

3. Avoid Sugary/Fizzy Drinks

3. Avoid SugaryFizzy Drinks Pinit

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According to Dr. Hyman, the empty calories gained from liquid sugars are far more dangerous than their solid counterparts. And it even includes the supposedly healthy liquids like juices and sports drinks. The other major culprits include caffeine with sugar, be it tea or coffee. In fact, they are the leading contributors of sugar in common everyday diets.

Fizzy drinks and sodas can heighten the chances of obesity in kids by a staggering sixty percent, whereas the chances of contracting diabetes (Type 2) in women are increased by almost eighty percent.

4. Pack Up On Proteins

4. Pack up on Proteins Pinit

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Proteins maintain the levels of insulin and sugar present in the blood much more than carbohydrates. Eggs and protein shakes are excellent ways of stacking on proteins. It makes you feel more satiated and for a longer time. Though we need not overdo on proteins, roughly a portion matching your palm size should be enough.

5. Good Carbohydrates

5. Good Carbohydrates Pinit

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The good news is that it is not just the grains and starchy veggies that are sources of carbohydrates. Even green vegetables like broccoli, kale, beans or asparagus are good examples of healthy carbs and so are cauliflowers, mushrooms, courgette, and tomatoes. So, you can pile up your plate with any and every vegetable that you fancy.

6. Go For Good Fats

6. Go for Good Fats Pinit

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Good fats are an excellent way to make you feel fuller. They maintain the sugar levels in the body and are necessary for the healthy formation of cells. The inclusion of good fats like seeds and nuts, fruits like avocados, unprocessed and cold pressed olive, sesame and coconut oils etc. in the everyday diet makes for very good options.

7. Emergency Snacking

7. Emergency Snacking Pinit

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Dr. Mark Hyman opines that in case you are out and surrounded by unhealthy food choices, make sure you carry your own supply of healthy snacks. Nuts, puffed rice, baked soy or whole grain sticks, fresh fruits like berries that are easy to store and are some viable choices

8. Calm Down

8. Calm Down Pinit

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Dr. Hyman suggests that you should eat food in a calm, de-stressed state of mind and recommends practicing deep breathing before meals. It not only ensures better absorption of food but also activates the nerve called vagus that kicks the metabolism to burn fat rather than store it. On the other hand, a stressed-out body ends up piling more food and adding more fat to the waist.

9. Avoid Inflammation Inducing Food

9. Avoid Inflammation inducing Food Pinit

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The two food groups that cause inflammation in the guts are dairy and gluten. They can interfere with the body sugar balance and set off diabetes and reduced insulin sensitivity. Keeping these two allergens at bay, even if it is for 10 days, can make a lot of difference.

10. Adequate Sleep And Rest

10. Adequate Sleep and Rest Pinit

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If you are sleep-deprived, your hunger inducing hormones look for replenishing your lost energy and you may end up craving high-sugar and high-calorie food. Adequate sleep is essential to suppress unwanted hunger pangs. So, follow the natural pattern of your body and sleep for 8 hours to give your body and mind the necessary rest.

Those are some of the techniques suggested by Dr. Mark Hyman that will help you reduce your sugar intake and give back your body the desired push of good health.