A Bag Full Of Goodies Just In Time For Christmas

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I am the kind who loves surprises, especially when the weather calls for something warm and cozy. When you are snuggled up with a warm cup of chocolate, and your doorbell rings with a rather cheerful man delivering a box of smiles, it is sure to make your day.

So I decided to treat myself to something special; I wanted to surprise myself. The first thing that came to my mind was Fabbag. For those of you who haven’t heard of it already, fabbag.com houses a wide range of beauty products, ranging from cosmetics to bath and body products, hair care, and fragrances for both men and women. For a meager subscription price, they send out these amazing bags that are carefully curated just for you, depending on the plan you choose. The best part is that if you are not happy with your bag, you could always send it back, and they will put together yet another set of products to ensure that you are happy. But it isn’t quite possible that you are not going to love your bag because as soon as you sign up, their priority is to know you and what you like. A user-friendly form asks different questions about your skin and hair type, a little bit about your personality, and the kind of colors and fragrances you like. So, you can be assured that they will send you stuff that you ought to like.

Usually, the whole package is a surprise. But since it is December, they gave me the option to choose the bag and one product of the five that they usually send. That already made it very special. I picked this shiny golden bag that not only looks festive, given the party theme for the month, but is compact and versatile too. It is big enough for all the cosmetics to fit in, and small enough for it to snugly fit into your luggage, making sure it doesn’t take up too much space.

I excitedly opened the bag to check what, apart from the Kama rose water that I picked, made it to my surprise package. The first thing that caught my eye was this quirky box, which I was sure contained a lip color, and I was right. I am a sucker for earthy lipsticks. So, they sent me the product in the most trending color of the season – plum. Yes, this color is dominating the fashion scene, and thanks to Fabbag, I am sure to stay in style as I apply the Matte As Hell crayon lipstick in the shade Poison Ivy by Sugar. The lipstick glides on smoothly and doesn’t dry out your lips. The color is intense and, as promised, it is as matte as matte can be. I did wear it for a couple of hours, and it seemed to last. But until I wear it longer, I cannot tell if it is a long-stay lipstick. I found another tiny box from Sugar, and it turned out to be a sharpener for the lip crayon. Yes, a small little sharpener also got me excited! The products are so well thought out – something as simple as a sharpener had a little stick stuck in at a strategic place to make it easy to clean up the lipstick debris. I know how much of a struggle it can be to pull out all that dust from the sharpener without either breaking it or nipping your finger, but this product has everything taken care of. I can safely say that I was already in love with the bag.

The next thing that my eyes fell upon was the much-needed cosmetic for the winters – a lip balm. A silicon and paraben-free lip balm that had the wonder vitamin, E and healing properties to rescue the tissue and ensure your lips remain supple and soft through the dry winter months. I put it on, and it was so easy to apply owing to its shape. I immediately felt that minty tingle on my lips. The lip balm is not too glossy, which is good. It makes it an easy base to apply lipstick, and I am sure I am going to use this product along with my new favorite of the season, the Sugar lipstick.

The bag also contained an anti-dandruff shampoo. In my KYC form, I did mention that I occasionally suffer from bouts of dandruff, and as a solution to that problem, they sent me a sample of the Ayush Therapy, Dandruff Nasshak Shampoo. This product is courtesy Hindustan Unilever, so it is definitely authentic. I used the shampoo and my hair felt good. It was quite soft and not too dry. The product smelled like a typical herbal Ayurvedic product, but was pleasant. Whether it is effective in clearing dandruff is too soon to tell. But my scalp didn’t get oily through the day, as it usually does, and my hair felt clean and smooth. So, that is definitely a plus.

They also threw in a sample of the Bioderma Sensibio H2O. This is an extremely mild cleanser for sensitive skin. This product can be safely used to remove eye makeup, and claims to be the only dermatological micellar water that is compatible with every skin type. The cleanser is clear and feels just like water. It is fragrance-free, which is already an assurance of it being free of irritants. It definitely removed waterproof makeup with ease, without leaving an oily scab on the skin. So I am quite happy with it.

Now coming to the product I picked from a range of exciting product options, the Pure Rose Water by Kama. I had quite an exhaustive list of products to choose from, ranging from hair care products to foot and face creams, but my love for all things rosy enticed me towards this one. It comes in a convenient spray bottle that will allow you to spritz it around whenever you need an instant burst of freshness on your skin. It smells amazing, and it is ought to, considering it is steam distilled and made from specially bred roses in white soil from the northern part of India. I believe in that claim because this rose water is better than anything I have tried earlier. And even though I would love to try out the other products in my list of options, I have absolutely no regrets about the choice I made.

I almost forgot to mention the booklet (called Fabpost) with a detailed description of each product along with some using tips, makeup advice, a pamphlet with my name, and the price and list of products that came with the bag. Not only does it make it very personal but it is also so thoughtful. It is amazing how Fabbag has everything so well thought out.

They have an amazing range of products on their website from some great brands. And once you’ve tried the samples and liked them, you can go back to their website and order the product for regular use. And even if you don’t, subscribing for these samples can at least give you an insight into what is available, and you have a plethora of new things to use.

I am sold and have half a mind to increase my subscription, given the good assortment and the quality of products. It also adds a sense of excitement to your otherwise mundane life, giving you something to look forward to every month, and the curiosity just adds to all the fun. Yes, there will be times when you are not happy or satisfied, but one odd hit and miss just makes the whole thing more real and believable.

My Christmas is truly made! It’s time you log in and sign up before it is too late!! You can subscribe for this months bag at www.fabbag.com.

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