Quiz: A Fun Color Test That Can Predict Your Mental Age

By Shirin Mehdi

When we talk about age, there are three universal types:

  1. ‘Chronological age’ is the most basic and straightforward. It talks about the years you’ve survived or lived.
  2. ‘Biological age’ refers to the condition of your body or how much it has aged.
  3. ‘Mental age’ is more about your attitude or how old you feel

Statistics show that these ages are different for each person, and also differ from person to person.

So, here’s a test that will give you an insight into the age of your brain (mental age). Choose your answer and tap on the image. Once it flips, you’ll be able to get your points. Add them up and there you have it – your mental age!

All that’s left to do now is to add up your points and get your result!

7-12 Points:

If you’ve got seven to twelve points, you are definitely less than twenty years old. You are a free-spirited teenager at heart irrespective of your chronological age.

13–20 Points:

If you’ve got thirteen to twenty points, you are between the ages of twenty and twenty-nine. Being full of life, you are also extremely active and creative. And, yes! You are an adult.

21–28 Points:

If you’ve got twenty-one to twenty-eight points, you are thirty to thirty-nine years old. You are definitely still active and are even now curious about new and different things. Having said that, you are extremely thoughtful and responsible too.

29–35 Points:

If you’ve got twenty-nine to thirty-five points, you are forty to forty-nine years old. You’ve got what they call ‘experience in life’ and are mature too. You truly know how to live your life!

36–40 Points:

If you’ve got thirty-six to forty points, you are well over fifty years old. You are calm and wise, and you know how to appreciate the good things in life.

Happy with your result? How close is your mental age to your actual age? Do let us know in the comments below!

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