A Complete Guide To Women’s Hairstyles

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Every time you step into a salon and let your stylist decide what haircut you should get, you face 30-45 minutes of anxiety about what your hair will look like after the new cut. Of course, you trust the professions, but the haircut they choose might differ from what you envisioned. Also, there is a chance that the haircut you thought would suit you doesn’t work for you as you imagined. This is when research about different hairstyles and cuts comes in handy. Here in this article we have selected some of the most popular hairstyles for women you should know about. Read on to know them all!

1. Pixie

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Pixie is a short haircut with longer fringes. The length is shorter on the top and rear end of the head. The bangs are blunt, and the top hair is a little longer. The name pixie is taken from the fantasy creature for their adorable size. The style took off when Audrey Hepburn sported a pixie cut in the 1950s rom-com Roman Holiday. Mia Farrow, a British fashion model, also contributed to the style’s widespread popularity.

2. Bob

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The bob is an adaptable haircut that may be worn short or long. A typical bob style frees the rear of the head and neck. This style may be worn in many different ways, including with longer hair in the front, hair that frames the face and shorter hair in the back, or even hair that falls to the shoulders or chin, with or without bangs with a dash of asymmetry.

3. French Bob

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A chin-length French bob is an abbreviated version of the classic bob. The eyebrow-grazing bangs complete the look. Curly or straight hair is appropriate for such a French bob cut.

4. Lob

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The name lob can be said to be an abbreviation of the words “long bob”. The length falls at or slightly below the shoulder. Hair may be styled in various ways including smooth, straight, or slightly wavy.

5. Shag

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Multiple layers of hair with varying lengths make up this style. The top is voluminous thanks to the layers, and the hair gradually fades into fringes at the ends. This is because of the variance in hair length, which gives the hair its characteristic “shaggy” appearance.

6. Garcon

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The French term for “boy” is “garcon.” It’s a fashionable hairstyle for women that originated in France over a century ago and gained widespread recognition from Coco Chanel. Garcon’s hairstyle is sleek and angular, with a short, open back, shaved temples, and a touch of volume. In addition, the shortness of the hair on all sides gives a garcon its distinctive appearance, making it distinct from a pixie.

7. Undercut

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The undercut is characterized by a short back and side hair, and a longer top. Miley Cyrus showcases a great example of this cut.

8. Cascade

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The locks in a cascade cut are of various lengths, creating a gradual fade from the roots to the ends. The shorter locks are towards the top, while the longer ones are near the bottom. This hairdo appears thick and healthy. There are no sharp corners or straight lines in the cascade.

9. Step Cut

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Those with straight hair that fall below their shoulders may do this cut. In contrast to the cascade, each successive stage just involves the front of the head. The step is a classic because it’s one of the few easy-care styles that looks great on almost everybody.

10. Cesson

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The cesson’s bangs are distinctly semicircular and blend in seamlessly with the rest of her hair. Simultaneously, the hair appears to be internally twisted. At the outset of the Sixties, Mireille Mathieu used this haircut as her signature style.

11. Mushroom Haircut

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The bulk of the hair in this style is piled high on top of the head like something of a hat, and the back of the head is the only area that has been shaved. Most of the focus is on the exposed neck.

You should also consider the shape of your face when picking a haircut since it can change how specific cuts and styles look. This explains why some people look well in a particular fashion while others don’t. The oval face shape complements a variety of hairstyles, including long waves, an A-line haircut, and a shoulder-grazing flip. Avoid the pixie cut with short bangs or a sleek ponytail if you have a high forehead. So, which of these haircuts is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section!

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