A Genius Hack That Will Make Wearing Heels A Lot More Comfortable

By Shamita Dhingra

You can’t be penny wise pound foolish when it comes to buying footwear. It is not just about looking good, but also about comfort, fitting, and support that they provide to your feet. By only going by their style or low price, you may be compromising on your health and money both. If the footwear is not up to the mark, they may not be comfortable or may wear out easily.

So, it is important to invest in some really good pair of shoes that you can use for long and which fit you like your second skin.

But, if the purchase has already been made, you can take a look at the following hacks that can help you maintain your shoes and your feet.

1. Binding Toes

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Wearing high heels can be a task as it puts pressure on the finger nerves. If you put a tape around a pair of your toe fingers, any two together – second and third finger or third and fourth finger, it can reduce the pressure substantially.

2. Keeping Them White

You will be surprized to know that toothpaste can work wonders on your sneakers. Take a pair of your grimy sneakers, and wipe off the dirt from the surface. Now, apply some toothpaste on the rubber of your sneakers with an old toothbrush. Give it a gentle scrub, and it will come out clean. You can work up the fabric as well. Use the same paste and give the fabric some gentle brushing. Let the shoes rest for about 15 minutes before you wipe it off using a wet tissue or cloth.

3. Cleaning Leather Footwear

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If there are stain marks on your leather footwear, alcohol can come to your rescue. The alcohol Isopropyl is widely available in pharmacies. You can dab a little piece of cotton wool soaked in the alcohol solution on the stained spot and let it rest for 30 minutes. With this, you can get rid of the stains on your leather shoes.

4. Deodorize Your Sneakers

If you have a pair of smelly sneakers, baking soda could be very useful. You have to sprinkle some baking soda inside the sneakers and leave it overnight to do its work. Clean the sneakers the next morning, and you will find the odor gone. Not only shoes, this wonder product can also absorb odors from almost all the smelly things that you may find in your house.

5. Cleaning Suede Leather

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In case there are marks or scratches on your suede leather shoes, you could make use of a nail filer. First, wipe the affected suede surface with a soft piece of cloth to minimize the stain and then give the spot a gentle scrub using the nail filer, keeping in mind not to overdo it as it might spoil the surface.

6. Vinegar Bath For Smelly Shoes

Another handy trick to remove smell from shoes is to treat them with vinegar. Take two cups of vinegar and mix it in a medium bucket of water. Now, take your dirty sneakers and soak it completely in the vinegar-water solution. When you take them out after some time, the odor will be gone. Dry them in the sun for maximum effect.

7. Make Them Shiny

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Do you see little scratchy marks on your leather shoes? Don’t worry. A small dab and rub of petroleum jelly on the cleaned surface of the shoe is enough to give it a glossy cover and shine.

8. Removing Greasy Stains

If there is a greasy spot on the suede shoes, you could try rubbing some corn meal on the patch. Let it rest for some time. After the corn meal has absorbed the grease, you can clean the patch with a tissue or a soft cloth.

9. Make More Room

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If you think your shoes are a bit tight, you can make use of a hair dryer and a pair of woolen socks to make some more room in there. Wear the woolen socks and put on your shoes. Apply some hot air to your feet using the dryer. This will allow the footwear to stretch a little and become comfortable for you to wear it.

10. Stretch Shoes Using A Cold Pack

This method uses cold treatment instead of heat. Take two water-filled zip lock bags and put them in your shoes. Make sure they are not leaking. Now, put the shoes inside the freezer section of your fridge. When the water becomes ice, it will expand, and so will the shoes. When you take them out, give some time for the ice in the packet to thaw, or you might accidentally scratch your shoes with those icy edges.

11. Better Grip With Sandpaper

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In the winter months, rubbing the shoe soles with sandpaper will give them more friction and grip. This is very useful in the areas that have snowfall.

12. Avoiding Blisters

New footwear can cause blisters. To avoid blisters, massage some deodorant gel on the sensitive areas of your feet. It will give your feet a protective coating against friction.

13. Healing Blisters

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In case you got some blisters, soaking your feet in lukewarm tea water will soothe the area. You can use either green or black tea – both work effectively. It is also a good method of relaxation for the feet in general.

14. Save It From Water

If you want your footwear to be waterproof, apply a thin layer of beeswax on it. Blow some hot air from your hair dryer to seal the coating. It works really well.

These were some cool hacks that you can use to keep your shoes running long and strong. Do let us know how well they worked for you!

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