This 1-Week Challenge Can Help Reduce Face Spots!

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Having a smart demeanour and being confident are very important aspects of our personality. But many a times, we are faced with problems and body issues that are difficult to get rid of, and often they can leave you feeling distressed and inadequate. One such problem is the appearance of face spots. They are mostly found in the form of dark patches or brownish-black spots on the face (1).

It is more important to consider what could be the reason behind the appearance of facial spots. Listed below are some of the most probable reasons why you could be plagued with these unsightly intruders!

1. Effects Of The Sun

When facial spots occur due to frequent exposure to the sun, it is called sunspots. The UV rays from the sun causes the skin to develop dark brown spots and it is more common in people who have less melanin in their bodies (2).

2. Hormonal Fluctuations

Hormonal imbalances can lead to a skin condition referred to as ‘melasma,’ which is a type of brownish or greyish hyperpigmentation of the skin. This condition may be further aggravated by hormonal issues caused due to contraceptive pills, pregnancy or hormone therapies.

3. Pregnancy

Pregnancy causes the body to produce excess hormones that result in hyperpigmentation (again melasma) and face spots. Interestingly, this phenomenon is also known as the ‘mask of pregnancy.’ These mostly appear on your cheeks and forehead.

4. Medications

Medicines and drugs that are administered to treat conditions like hypertension, diabetes or heart troubles can also cause hyperpigmentation or dark spots. It also happens in case of common drugs like anti-allergens, analgesics, antibiotics or laxatives (3).

5. Lack Of Certain Vitamins

If there is lack of certain vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin C or vitamin B12, it could lead to excess pigmentation of the skin and, hence, the face spots.

6. Inadequate Sleep

If you don’t get proper sleep in the night, it could affect you in two ways – firstly, it will affect your blood circulation, and secondly, it will raise the levels of stress hormones in your body. Both of these factors could contribute to the appearance of face spots.

If you are suffering from face spots, you can try a number of cosmetic treatments including cosmetic peels and laser surgeries. But before turning to such expensive treatments, we suggest you try some tested home remedies that can produce assuring results. Moreover, they are completely natural, without any unwanted side effects. Just pick the following ingredients from your kitchen shelf and see your skin transform itself within a week!

1. Lemon

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Lemon juice is highly effective when it comes to lightening dark spots. It is high in vitamin C and it is easy to apply as well. Just squeeze out some lemon juice and dab it on your dark spots using a cotton swab. Wash it with water when it dries off and follow this regime for 1 weeks.

2. Potato

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Potato juice is also an effective brightening agent. You can grate some potato and extract its juice, or you could rub potato peels directly onto the dark spots. There will be a noticeable difference within a week.

3. Aloe Vera

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Pure aloe vera juice is an excellent remedy for dark spots. Just extract some fresh gel from an aloe vera leaf and put it on the spots/dark patches. Wash the area with water or wipe it with a wet towel once the gel is dry.

4. Buttermilk

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Buttermilk when applied to the dark spots, helps to lighten the marks. Just take some buttermilk and apply it on the affected areas using a cotton ball. Wait for about 15 minutes, till it is completely dry, then rinse it off with water and pat dry.

5. Papaya Pulp

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Papaya pulp is a very good remedy for dark spots. Take a ripe papaya and scoop out some pulp. Apply that pulp on your face and keep it for about 15 – 20 minutes. Wash it off when it dries. It will also help to smoothen your skin tone and texture!

6. Turmeric

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Turmeric has been used since the ancient times to treat dark spots and blemishes. The best way to apply turmeric is to form a paste using two spoons of turmeric, and then mixing it with lemon juice and some raw milk. This paste is a great remedy to treat skin pigmentation.

Expensive cosmetic interventions will always be there as conventional options for treating dark spots and skin discoloration, but the abovementioned remedies can also be tried to lessen these bothersome marks on your face. They have been proven to be highly beneficial for skin tone and texture, that too without using any harmful colours or additives. So, why not try out these awesome home remedies and enjoy the glow on your face!

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