8 Amazing Water Recipes For A Healthy You

8 Amazing Water Recipes For A Healthy You Hyderabd040-395603080 May 30, 2018

Whether you want to try a new detox to shed some pounds, or you simply want to look and feel healthy, one of the best ways to achieve these goals is by drinking a lot of water. It keeps our body hydrated and helps it get rid of harmful toxins. It also maintains the health of all vital organs. While you might be aware of these benefits, did you know that adding some special ingredients to water can almost double its benefits?

Here, we are sharing some very easy and effective water recipes along with their benefits. Let’s check them out!

1. Lemon Water

Lemon is rich in vitamin C and potassium. Drinking lemon water early in the morning helps our body absorb vitamins effectively. It promotes healthy digestion, boosts our immunity, reduces belly fat, and also keeps our skin blemish-free.

To prepare lemon water, take a glass of normal water, add three to four tablespoons of hot (boiling) water and a half cup of lemon juice to it. Mix well, and your lemon juice is ready!

2. Rose Water

The amazing benefits of rose water for your skin are no secret. But, did you know that drinking rose water is also equally beneficial for your skin, body, and hair? Rose water maintains the pH balance of the skin and prevents excessive oil formation. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that help in treating skin-related issues like acne, eczema, or redness.

To prepare rose water, pick some fresh petals of rose and wash them properly. Now, put these petals in a pan and add some water to it. Cover the pan and let it boil on low flame for some time. Filter the water and drink it once it cools down.

3. Ginger Water

When you suffer from a headache, the first thing that usually comes to your mind is a hot cup of ginger tea. But, were you aware that ginger water is equally beneficial for your health? It has been used since ages to treat menstrual cramps, nausea, digestion-related problems, joint pains, etc.

To prepare ginger water, grate half a ginger, mix it with a glass of water and boil it for some time. Strain the water and drink it while it is lukewarm.

4. Rice Water

Rice water makes a very good hair rinse. It is used as a natural hair shampoo and works even better when mixed with castile soap. Rice water can also be used as a face toner.

To prepare rice water, soak rice in some water and keep it aside for 2-3 hours. Now, boil it for 30 minutes on low heat. Once it cools down, puree this mixture in a blender until it forms a smooth mixture. Your rice water is ready!

5. Cucumber Water

Cucumber water contains silica that is very beneficial for your muscles. Drinking this water keeps your skin healthy and supple.

To prepare cucumber water, peel the skin of a cucumber, cut it into thin slices and mix it with water. Keep it aside for an hour. Your drink is ready to serve!

6. Mint Water

Drinking mint water promotes healthy digestion and cures digestion-related problems. If you feel sick or drowsy due to stomach pain, the first thing you should try is mint water.

To prepare it, mix lemon slices and mint leaves in a bowl. Add water to it and stir well. Keep it in your refrigerator for some time. Drink this cooling and refreshing drink and bid goodbye to digestion problems.

7. Honey Water

Drinking honey water early in the morning aids weight loss. It also builds your immunity, reduces allergy, and treats gas.

To prepare honey water, take a glass of hot water and add a tablespoon of honey to it. Mix well and drink.

8. Fennel Water

Fennel water is very helpful in combating bad breath and relieving menstrual cramps and constipation.

To prepare fennel water, add some fennel seeds in a liter of water and boil it for some time. Drink it after it cools down.

Try to incorporate these amazing drinks in your daily routine and enjoy their benefits.

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