9 Annoying Stereotypes You Will Find In Almost Every Bollywood Movie

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Have you ever tried explaining a plot from a Bollywood movie to someone, and then it occurred to you that all movies sound the same? This is because roles have been dictated by the industry, and now are too rigid to be changed. So basically, the good daughter is the one with long hair and who sticks to ethnic clothing. The responsible son is introverted and most commonly wears specks. And also, if you are rich, you have less ambition, and so on. These stereotypical roles have been overused by movies and have left a mark on how we perceive things in real life. Read on to learn how the reel is way different from the real!

1. The Police Constable Is Always Named Shinde Or Tambe


If Bollywood is all about creativity, how come the writers get a creative block when naming the police? In most movies, Shinde and Tambe will always be the surnames of the constables. It is almost predictable now what the name of the policemen will be.

2. NRIs Have To Be Punjabis

Now that you think about it, Bollywood has put it in our heads that an NRI has to be a person from the Punjabi community. From Namaste London to Bend It Like Beckham, it is the Punjabis who have a big Indian wedding in the UK or Canada. The other communities can be NRI too, you know!

3.The Small Town Lead Is Always From Kanpur Or Lucknow


Talk about Bala, Jolly LLB, Tanu Weds Manu, Pati Patni Aur Woh, Ishaqzaade, or Pagglait. What all of them have in common is their obsession with the two cities, Lucknow and Kanpur. Not that we have a problem with these places, but Bollywood could also take up an initiative to show other states and cities.

4. The Lawyers Always Find Surprise Witness

If you got into a law school hoping it would be as fun as they show in movies, you have our condolences. Real-life is much different than what they show reel cases to be like. They seldom get a surprise witness who changes the whole case track, and there are no exciting loopholes. So whatever you saw in movies like Section 375, Aitraaz, OMG, Jolly LLB, Damini, Section 420, or Jazbaa, they were all failed lawyers who somehow made miracles happen through the course of the trials.

5. Goans Dress Like They Are In A Carnival


Goa has been shown in many movies, and no matter what the setting is, you will always see the locals clad in the brightest clothes ever. It is always floral dresses and beer in hands. Like people have nothing better to do! We understand the party vibe, but that is probably something the tourists would do, not the local inhabitants.

6. Overweight People Are Madly In Love

What is the obsession of Bollywood with overweight people? They were initially treated like a punching bag for comedic relief; now, they are seen crushing over every random person. Also, they only find love when they lose weight and attain the Bollywood standard of ‘hot.’ If anyone wants to work towards good health, a boy should be the last person you do it for.

7. A Doctor Is Always A Call Away


So of all things, why would Bollywood want to propagate a utopian world where a doctor is always a call away from checking up on you? That too, a surgeon! Even people blessed with doctors in the family know how hard it is for a doctor to cancel all appointments and make it to your home. Also, in Bollywood, doctors give 2 primary diagnoses. One, congratulations, you are going to be a mother! Two, sorry, you don’t have much time…

8. The House Help Will Always Be From The Marathi Community

We understand the connection between Bollywood and Mumbai; however, seeing every ‘bai’ in nauvari saree finishing her dialogues with ‘Arre Deva’ is a bit too much. From what we know, people immigrate from the deepest corners of the country to find jobs in big cities, which is why you can see workers from every community working in households. So dear Bollywood, Kanta bai needs to retire!

9. Rich Daughters Of Businessmen Got No Ambition


So Bollywood stands firm on the ground that having a rich dad means you don’t inherit any ambition. Especially if you are a girl (echoes girl, girl, girl…). Take Shanaya Singhania, for example, in the movie Student Of The Year, all she did was look amazing in clothes and… well, that’s all! There is no mention of what she wants to be, what her future plans are, and anything on the line of ambition considering it was filmed in a school!

While Bollywood has entertained us for the longest time, some typical norms have become monotonous to the ever-evolving spectators. Newness is always welcome, and squeezing the jokes repeatedly makes it cringe! Also, the far from reality projection will confuse the youth or make it more challenging for them to cope with reality later in life. So, which of these Bollywood stereotypes have you noticed in movies? Let us know in the comments section!

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