9 Absolutely Annoying Things That Left-Handed People Have To Deal With

by Niharika Nayak

Let’s be real, being left-handed is quite a difficult task. Did you know that left-handed people only make up about 10% of the world population? The harsh reality is that the whole world is made for right hand favoring people and if you’re left-handed in a right-handed world, you have a lot of adapting to do. Although things have gotten easier and many manufacturers have started making items for those who are left-handed, it is still a difficult task to come across those items. Everything from mugs to spiral-bound notebooks are made for right-handed people. So it’s easy to understand the frustration of having to go through life knowing that very few people actually care enough to cater to your needs. Here are nine super annoying things that lefties have to deal with:

1. Pen Smudges


There is nothing more annoying than writing in a book and dealing with the pen smudges you receive from it later. Even when you visit banks and government buildings, the pens are usually attached on the right side with string so you can’t even pull them out and try to use them.

2. Spiral-bound Notebooks


How do left-handed people even attempt to use a spiral-bound notebook? The rings of the spiral-bound notebook make sure that it is impossible for someone who is left-handed to lay their hands flat on the notebook and write. Left-handed people have to come up with crafty ways to write in spiral notebooks instead.

3. Credit Card Machines


Reaching over to swipe your debit card with your left hand feels pretty weird, but using your right hand to do the same gesture feels equally as awkward since it isn’t your dominant hand. Thankfully, you now have the option to just swipe over the credit card machine and you can also deposit your card through the centre of the credit card machine.

4. Manual Can Openers Favor Right-Handed People



Left-handed people have to reach across the can and turn the crank at a really odd angle. This can get super uncomfortable to do. However, there are now quite a few can openers that actually cater to left-handed people. It’s a good idea to search for these kinds of can openers online instead as you will most likely not find them at your regular hardware store.

5. Chairs With Desks Attached


In classrooms where there are desks attached to the chair, those who are left-handed do not have the luxury of sitting with their left hand resting against a desk. We get that many colleges, schools and universities use this as a way to save space as much as money but the least they could do is keep a spare one that all of us can use and enjoy, right? The fact that so many colleges and universities don’t consider the plight of left-handed students is really sad.

6. Computer Keyboards With Number Pads


The number pad on computers is always on the right side and it gets especially difficult when one wants to sit and game. Why oh why don’t keyboard manufacturers spare a thought for us left-handed folks? Lefties are constantly plagued by design flaws that clearly don’t favor them and looking for items that are adapted to them is another pain in the bum. It’s difficult to type when you’re left-handed and are unable to adjust your keyboard. Thankfully, with the advent of smartphones and tablets, we can use virtual keyboards that can be adjusted as we please.

7. Scissors Are A Joke


How in the lord’s name are left-handed people supposed to cut things with regular scissors? Sure, you can find left hand favoring scissors at the store but what about the numerous times when you’re at someone else’s house or when you’re traveling and on the go? Where are you going to find the unicorn like left-handed scissors in that scenario?

8. Vegetable Peeling Is Tough


Vegetable peelers usually have at least one sharp side. They are designed in such a way that when they are held in your right hand, the sharper side is on top and the users can pull the tool towards them in a gentle motion. However, when you’re left-handed, that gets flipped and it involves a lot more maneuvering while peeling your veggies.

9. Opening A Door With A Knob Is Tough


The normal way to open a door is to reach with your right hand and grab and pull the door knob. The door knobs are designed in such a way that right-handed people can open them with their dominant hand. If you try to reach for the door knob with your left hand and pull, you’ll end up smacking the door into your face.

Life is really difficult for those who are left-handed and it’s no secret at this point. However, the good thing is that as time moves on, people are getting more and more inclusive of lefties. Even the former President of The United States of America, Barack Obama is left-handed and has probably gone through similar struggles when he was younger. Do let us know if you can relate to any of the points we’ve mentioned in our article in the comment section down below.


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Niharika Nayak

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