Apply Ghee On Belly Button To Soften Your Skin

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How many of you out there have had to face the embarrassing situation wherein you walk out of your house, all decked up, only to find the skin on your face flaking due to excessive dryness? Almost everyone. Whether it’s seasonal or just a glitch in your genes, having dry skin is pretty common. And even though we often think of it as a seasonal problem, dry skin is a year-round issue for most people, which gets exacerbated in winters.

Now, you would be thinking that there are so many products, lotions that are out there that can treat this problem. But my dear readers, what if I told you that you could treat this problem without spending all that money on those expensive lotions and creams. Sounds intriguing, right?

Yes, you can do that, and let us tell you how. You can do so by inculcating your mother’s favorite kitchen ingredient — ghee, in your skincare routine. Why ghee? This is because regular use of it is supremely beneficial for your skin. We have listed some of these benefits for perusal, read on to know more.

Benefits Of Using Ghee

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  1. It is a superfood, and its consumption keeps constipation at bay (1). This allows for proper disposal of toxins, which keeps our skin in the pink of its health.
  2. It can also reduce dark circles.
  3. It is a great source of good fats, and it contains numerous fatty acids which can fight dehydration by nourishing the skin from within.
  4. It is an excellent moisturizer, which is suited to all skin types, and it helps in making the skin supple by diminishing fine lines and wrinkles.
  5. As it is an excellent source of hydration for the skin, it also minimizes the appearance of aging signs, making the skin look youthful and vibrant.

What Is The Belly Button Hack?

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Now that we have explained to you the myriad benefits of ghee, you would be thinking how can you include it in your beauty/ skincare routine. You can’t really apply it like lotion, all over your body because it is an expensive ingredient, besides there will also be the issue of smell.

This is where the belly button hack comes into play. According to Ayurveda, our navel is the focal center of our body, and it is connected to important organs such as pancreas, intestines, gall bladder and liver. In fact, Ayurveda also states that problems such as indigestion could also be treated by adjusting the nabhi (navel) (2). Therefore, applying the clarified butter to the navel can certainly work wonders for your dry skin as it is almost like the nerve center of your body.

This Is How You Apply Ghee To Your Belly Button

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Take about a tablespoon of ghee in a container, and heat it over the flame. Take care so as to not heat it too much, as that can burn your skin.
Lie down on a flat surface and pour a few drops of the warm ghee in your belly button (the naval pit area), and apply the rest to the area around your navel.
Massage the area around your navel for a few minutes in a clockwise fashion.
Remember this remedy should be used at night, before going to bed, for it to yield great results.
For this process, it’s best that you use clarified butter (ghee) made from cow’s milk.

To Treat Dry Skin On Your Face, Use This Ghee Face Pack

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You will need the following ingredients to make this face pack.

  • Two tablespoons of ghee
  • Two tablespoons of gram flour (Besan)
  • Two tablespoons of turmeric powder (haldi)

Preparation And Use

  1. Take a small bowl and pour all the ingredients in it, and mix them well. You can also add a little water to the mixture to make sure it’s not too dry.
  2. In case, you accidentally add a lot of water, you can fix it by adding more gram flour. Make sure the paste has a thick consistency.
  3. Now apply this paste to your face and neck using a brush, and leave it on for about 20 minutes to dry.
  4. Next, clean the dried-up paste by rinsing it off with cold water. You can use this remedy thrice a week to get the best results.

Use Ghee To Treat Chapped Lips

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You can also use this superfood as a moisturizing agent for dry, chapped lips. All you have to do is take a spoonful of ghee and add some honey to it. Apply it on your lips before going to bed. You will notice an improvement in their condition upon regular use of three to four days.

Turns out your mother’s wisdom of insisting on having ghee as an ingredient in your meals had an ounce of truth in it.


Now, instead of spending your money on expensive lotions, you can get baby-soft skin by using this superfood. Do try these hacks and let us know how they worked out for you. And if you know of any other homecare remedies that make use of ghee, please share them with us in the comments section.

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