Are You Becoming An Unattractive Person? These Are The 10 Signs That You May Not Be Aware Of!

By Tanya Arora

As you go about your life, evil starts taking over you. It begins to slowly and steadily cover every aspect of your personality, turning you into someone you can no longer recognize. You look yourself in the mirror and see this stranger stare back. “What is happening to me? Was I always this way?” you wonder.

This is not a classic case of possession. No. What this is, is a shift in your personality. What’s happening to you is that you’re becoming an unattractive person. And what’s worse is that you’re not even aware of it.

However, there’s a way you can find out if you are becoming a person people would rather avoid. Just analyze yourself and see if you display any of these signs:

1. Your Ego Is Sky High


Even if someone offers you constructive criticism, you tend to take it the wrong way and turn it into an ego issue. Moreover, you constantly talk about yourself, always hold what you think in high esteem and never really focus on what’s going on with the others in your life. Mostly, it’s your ego that does the talking and not you.

2. You Care About The External Than The Internal

For you right now, it’s all about judging the book by its cover rather than believing that true beauty is skin deep. Judging people on the basis of their physical appearance comes naturally to you, irrespective of the fact whether they’re good people or not. You should look within yourself to find out what’s causing such behavior.

3. You Are Competitive


A healthy spirit of competition is always good as it helps you grow. But if your competitiveness turns aggressive and you find yourself ready to win by hook or by crook, then something is wrong. You should mellow down and try not to compete all the time. You should also learn to accept that you can’t always be the best.

4. You Find Enemies In Your Friends

Even if your friends try to give you friendly advice, you end up thinking that they are jealous of you and do not want you to succeed. And in a bid to stop them, you often fight with them. But that’s not even the worst-case scenario. Sometimes, you doubt them so much that you plot against them. You really need to change that.

5. You Question Why People Don’t Give You Importance


You just can’t help but ask others why they don’t give you the kind of importance they used to anymore. While you look for answers in them, the answer usually lies in you. Maybe you’re not so good to be around anymore? Hence, you should excuse your friends for making that one plan without you and rather work on improving yourself.

6. You’ve Been Dishonest

Lying about anything is not cool. And it won’t go down well with your loved ones either. If you want people to like you, you will have to tread the path of honesty. This means not making any compromises in this regard and allowing those small lies to slip by unnoticed.

7. You Are Bossy


Everybody likes to be in control. But being bossy and refusing to listen to no as an answer doesn’t look good on you. You shouldn’t always put yourself in charge. Remember, all relationships only work as long as there is equality in them. So, let others steer the boat too at times.

8. You Are Rude

While it is important to be honest in order to be likeable, you should take care that your honesty is not tainted by the black spot of rudeness. Being rude is just another way to hurt the feelings of those in your life. Even if you have to say something that might not be pleasing to the listener, you should try to be tactful and polite. Moreover, you should try not to behave rudely with people whom you consider beneath you in terms of social standing. Nobody likes a person with awful behavior who creates a scene.

9. You Are Unreliable


To seek and discover reliability as well as stability are the prime reasons why we form so many different relationships. However, if you simply depend on others but can’t return the favor when they need it, people will avoid you. You have to earn their trust by proving that you too can be depended upon.

10. You Are Pessimistic

Nobody can stop you from being pessimistic about your own life, but being negative about others is not acceptable. So is dwelling on the frustrations in your life. It makes you come across as a very negative person. And others will stay away from you if you’re so bitter.

If you feel that you possess any of the above traits, try to find out what’s causing them. Once you do, work on eliminating the cause as well as this behavior. As soon as your outlook changes for the better, people will start liking you instantly.

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