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Spunky or messy, cool or tossed up, braided or left totally untouched – short hair has a charm that literally needs minimum care to maintain, yet it gives you the confidence to shine anywhere, anytime. Yeah, short hair has that much sass, and it’s fun to style it in 8,469 different ways! You can make it as awesome as Rihanna’s cool ‘Umbrella’ blunt, or as exquisitely stylish as the 80s waves of Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’. Or you can follow the videos tagged here to learn about other amazingly attractive hair plays that can be done with your nape-length hair.

Check them out!

1. How To Do Messy Hairstyle For Short Hair – Tutorial

A boon to all lazy girls around the world, the messy and unkempt look is something that is comparatively new to the arena, but it won’t be leaving the style-mazza anytime soon. Reason? Who likes to be prim and proper all the time? Messy locks give a fun element to your attire as well as your looks, and who does not want to look young and dynamic? So, it won’t be wrong to say that this fad is here to stay. Other than that, it is like a treat to our pockets – you just need a bottle of hair spray. Tousle your hair, randomly spray, and all done! But, really, who would have thought that even bed-hair can get this sexy?

2. How To Do A French Braid For Short Hair

Braided hair looks chic and classy – there is no denying this fact, but, having short hair generally meddles with our understanding of ‘French-Braid-suits-long-hair-only’. Girl, that is never the case. You can also rock this prim hairstyle, and it will look dashing on you. All you will need is some patience, careful handling of stray hair, and us (Stylecraze tutorials…Heh! Heh!), to guide you through the steps to perfection! Then you can decide whether to make it like Julianne Hough’s tousled side braid or sophisticated double braid like Hollywood’s Hair-diva Sienna Miller. The choice is totally yours!

3. Latest Short Hairstyles 2015

The lazy and inflated sister of the 60s fashion-invader bouffant, the puffed up hairstyle looks amazing on any sort of hair – long or short – but it definitely looks sassier on nape-length hair. It looks pristine, yet jammy; old-school, yet modish; haute, yet ragged – it all depends upon the outfit you are going to pair your style up with. And trust me, puffed up hairstyle can never go wrong – whatever your face type is. So, what are you waiting for, try out the tips shown in the video below and rock the party!

4. Latest Short Layered Hairstyles For Thick Hair

Still complaining about your thick and unmanageable hair that you decided to chop off? You have absolutely no idea how many people around the globe wish to be blessed to have such hair texture. So, cheer up and take our advice to for some amazing yet easy to come up with layered hairstyles that will make you feel lighter and prettier and totally fine for any event you plan on visiting. Wavy or slick-straight, it doesn’t really matter, these styles suit every type and taste, and are totally convenient.

5. How To Make Soft Curls On Short Hair

A perfect blend of hot and princessy, softer curls that frame our face look absolutely breathtaking. Easy to make, easier to carry, and devoid of any sort of intricacy – there are so many distinctive features of curls that make you love them more and more. I’m sure, you all want to look as stunning and fabulous like Scarlett Johansson or maybe, cool and approachable like Vannesa Hudgens. Just take a look at the video below and give it a try.

Ah! I wish these videos helped you chuck out some of your worries regarding your short hair and how to style them differently to suit the occasion. Do drop a comment!

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