8 Awkward Dilemmas All Indian Brides Face Before The Wedding – Solved!

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Being a bride is one among every girl’s childhood fantasies. Everything’s always perfect in the imaginary wedding where your best friends are the bridesmaids and there’s an imaginary groom. But then reality struck and you grew up and everything you thought about being a bride changed. Of course, the fun part is still the same but weddings bring in a lot of stress too. Once the dates are fixed and the invitations are printed, you’ll find yourself neck-deep in wedding preparations. There will also be uncomfortable situations that you just want to get out of. All that money you spend at the beauty parlor may just go waste because of the dark circles and frown lines on your forehead that the stress and anxiety bring along. Walking through the months prior your wedding is going to be more terrifying than walking down the aisle. But don’t worry, because the dilemmas are universal and with the right thinking you can save yourself from becoming the bridezilla!

If you’re an Indian bride awaiting a big fat wedding, you’re going to get to the rock bottom of your patience. As the big day inches closer, your place is going to be filled with guests all the time and your cheekbones will start to ache after smiling like a doodle 24×7. You’ll find yourself confused about silly things like which lacquer to wear, how to do up your hair, what color flowers to choose for the decor, etc. So, what do you do? We’ve made a list of 8 awkward dilemmas all Indian brides face and how to deal with them. Read on to know what they are.

1. “How Much Should I Spend On My Wedding Outfit?”

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Well, there’s no definite answer and it all depends on you and your family. If you’re the kind of person who wants to treasure memories, you can spend as much as you want and buy a pretty lehenga. But if you really don’t care about keeping it as a memory of your wedding, you can rent a grand one. You can spend on other things like jewelry and makeup products because you can use them again.

2. “When Should I Go On The Honeymoon?”

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Don’t plan a honeymoon right after your wedding. It might not be as exciting as the ones you see in the movies because you and your husband will be pretty tired after the hectic wedding. Also, you may have to take extra days off work and it will mess up your moving in and settling down in a new place. Instead of doing it all in very little time, enjoy your wedding and new life to the fullest and then plan a honeymoon after a few months.

3. “What If He Wants A Simple Wedding”

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Sometimes, your partner may want to stay away from all the drama and go for a simple wedding. But you may not like it because you’ve been planning for a movie-like wedding since you were 14. You can have all the grandiose of a wedding that you like, but focus more on making memories and not clearing up your bank account. Think about it before making a decision. You’ll be saving a lot of money which can be put to actual use instead of feeding your whiny relatives.

4. “Should I Show The Wedding Dress To The Groom?”

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It’s considered to be a bad omen if the groom sees the wedding outfit of the bride even by mistake. But do we really care about the omens that much? It’s an amazing experience to include your fiance while you shop for your wedding clothes. It lets him be a part of the wedding preparations and for all you know the entire experience would make him all the more eager to see you walk down the aisle. You would definitely want to wear something that your fiance also likes to make his jaw drop when you walk into the wedding hall, right?

5. “How Do I Get A Break From This Crowd?”

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People start to flock together like sheep once your wedding is almost around the bend. Not that the aunties and uncles with a gazillion questions and comments are annoying, but they’re TOO DAMN ANNOYING! You already have a lot on your mind and putting up with the relatives and neighbors can push you over the edge. Sometimes, you might feel even your parents and to-be in-laws are putting too much pressure on you as well. To get away from all this, excuse yourself for a few hours every day for some last minute shopping, spa appointments, or even temple visits and drive away with your friends or fiance. Get some time off without being guilty— you need a break.

6. “How Do I Disagree With My To-be In-laws?”

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You don’t want to wake the volcano, do you? But you’ve got to disagree with them if you aren’t on the same page as them about certain things. You may not like the clothes they bought for you or you don’t like the way they’ve arranged your room. Before you think about keeping ice packs on your head, try to talk to your to-be mother in law about your likes and dislikes. Don’t stress too much on the dislikes but emphasize assertively on what you like.

7. “Should I Invite My Toxic Relative To The Wedding?”

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The answer is clear and simple—NO. It’s your day! Don’t involve anyone who’s going to hurt you or your family no matter who they are.

8. “Should I Change Outfits On The Wedding Day?”

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If it can be avoided, don’t. You spent a lot of money on that wedding lehenga. So, flaunt it for as long as you can. Also, changing outfits is a waste of time and energy on the special day.

No matter how many challenges you’re going to face as a bride, enjoy it while it lasts. It’s one of the most important events in your life and you must live every moment of it to the fullest. What were your dilemmas as a bride? How did you overcome them? Let us know in the comments below.

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