These Bands Keep Your Thighs From Rubbing Together — Thank God!

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Imagine walking down a beautiful moonlit beach with your date. Everything’s good until you realize that your inner thighs have started sweating and now they’re rubbing against each other. Now that you’re in pain, you’re screaming inside and walking funny. This would be a night that you would want to delete from your memories and there are high chances that your date is spooked out because of your walking style. This problem can also occur when you’re participating in a sports event, working out at the gym, walking around, shopping, or when you’re at work. There’s nothing you can do except sit in a corner and pray to the God of pain to spare you. Well, before you get to that, know that there are other ways of staying away from the chafing caused by friction including thigh bands that have become quite popular these days.

Things are quite different when you’re at home, relaxing on a couch with an anti-bacterial skin cream at your disposal. But if you are an outdoorsy person, you need to go by the phrase “prevention is better than cure.” Read on to know more about thigh bands and all the other ways in which you can deal with the chafing due to friction.

Thigh Bands: A Stylish Boon

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Thigh bands resemble a lot to garters and are designed to prevent the rubbing of thighs together. It covers the chafe-prone areas of the inner thighs and comes in a variety of designs. There are plain options available if you don’t like fancy ones. These are made of lace-free microfiber. The other types are mostly made of lace and they resemble the top part of a thigh high stocking. These are the ones that look like lingerie and are extremely pretty! Now you know which one to buy when you’re going to work and what to wear when you’re on a date night.

Getting the right size while buying thigh bands can be tricky. It should be tight enough to stay on even if you run, and not so tight that your thighs get hurt. Also, these bands get a little loose after a few months due to wear and tear. The best thing to do is to size down a bit when you buy the band so that it stays fit in the area that you intend to cover. Thigh bands are extremely light and you won’t even feel that you’re wearing anything extra on your legs.

How To Prevent Thigh Chafing

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If you are wearing a skirt or a short dress, it’s always better to wear a thigh band. However, there are certain preventative measures to minimize the risk of chafing. Thigh chafing can occur due to many reasons and if you do not look into the problem during the initial stage, it can result in infections. The most important things to avoid are friction and excessive sweating in the area. Chafing can not only occur due to skin-to-skin contact but it can also happen if you’re wearing something that is irritating your skin. Also, it can occur in other areas of your body like the armpits, shoulders, and groin. Heavy shoulder bags and bras that are too tight can cause chafing on your back which can be extremely painful.

People who are overweight and those who are active in physical activities are prone to thigh chafing the most. It causes redness, itching, burning, blisters, and painful rashes. Fungal and yeast infections can take over in just a few days if you leave the area untreated. Here are some tips that you can follow to prevent chafing.

Stay Clean

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You must follow strict personal hygiene rules to avoid chafing in the thigh as well as other areas. This means that showering daily and using clean undies is a must. If you are out and sweating, carry a few body wipes with you. Wipe the chafing prone area whenever it’s too sweaty and sticky.

Moisture Absorbing Powder

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Invest in good moisture-absorbing powder and apply it in the thigh area before you get dressed up. Carry some of the powder in a small bottle when you go to work or do an outdoor activity so that you can use it whenever needed.

Body Powder Lotion

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Heard that for the first time? A body powder lotion is a lotion that you apply like any other but it turns into a moisture absorbent powder after application. The product helps in avoiding messy applications.

Anti-chafing Creams And Balms

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You can purchase a good anti-chafing cream or balm to apply in the friction-prone areas. You can also use the good old petroleum jelly for this purpose.

Apart from the above measures, there are special clothes designed for those who are actively involved in sports in order to prevent chafing. Now you know how to handle the painful rubbing of thighs. So go ahead and get your thigh band today and remember to follow the prevention rules. How do you deal with thigh chafing? Tells us in the comments below.

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