9 Common Beauty Habits That Can Make You Look Older

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There is one thing people fear more than getting old; looking old! It almost feels like a catastrophe when you spot the first wrinkle and spot on your face. But, alas, you cannot fight old age. It’s natural; no matter how much you try to delay it, it eventually catches up to all of us. But sometimes, old age starts to haunt you even in the prime of your youth, and that has a lot to do with how you dress up and wear your makeup. Even though people wear things that suit their personality, some colors and clothes spread the illusion that you are much older for your age. Here in this article are a few everyday beauty and dressing habits that steal away your youthful charm and how to avoid it. Read on to know them all!

1. Wearing Black Clothing

Wearing Black Clothing
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When in doubt about what to wear, many people reach for black garments due to the widespread notion that they can be worn with any other color and will always make the wearer look sophisticated. A natural consequence of aging is that skin gradually takes on a more rosy hue. Wearing just black might make you appear weary and it is also a powerful wrinkle-enhancer. So, if you have been trying not to look mature, stick to bright colors.

2. Wearing Dark Makeup

Wearing Dark Makeup
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Makeup, if applied the right way, draws attention to your attractive features. For this reason, you can use more makeup than is necessary or choose really bold hues. But darker colors are usually associated with mature age, and will automatically make you look older than you are. To try this, you can put on a light pink lipstick and then switch to a maroon lipstick. You will know the difference for yourself.

3. Dresses With Bold Floral Patterns

Dresses With Bold Floral Patterns
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Big and bold floral designs need to be avoided if you want to prevent looking older, even though they will always be fashionable. Wearing large or heavy floral designs immediately adds the retro look to you. You may avoid this by going for floral prints that are tiny and delicate. Also, if you’re going for a modern look, geometric or abstract designs are a great choice.

4. Wearing Eyeliner And Mascara

Wearing Eyeliner And Mascara
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Eye makeup has the power to enhance both the color and size of one’s eyes. But be cautious to stay moderate since overdoing it might bring unintended enhancements to features you’d rather keep understated. Avoid heavy applications of black eyeliner and mascara if you want your eyes to seem more natural.

5. Baggy Clothes

Baggy Clothes
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Loose garments do little to flatter a woman’s figure. Instead, they bloat your figure since the clothes sag and distort your contours. It’s preferable to select clothing in the correct size. They mold themselves gracefully to your shape, and while it may be challenging to locate the proper garments, you can still get a well-rounded and attractive look with some effort.

6. Leggings

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Leggings are typically seen as a wild card since women wear pants every day, whether they plan to work out or just grab a coffee. It makes sense, as it’s a universally flattering style that works with any physique. Still, you should treat them like something other than ordinary pants. They may significantly draw attention to your legs and shape your overall profile.

7. Long Fingernails

Long Fingernails
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Nails that are too long have the effect of elongating the fingers, making you look older. Long artificial nails in various styles may seem like a great way to show off your hand, but they can make you seem older.

8. Turtleneck Sweaters

Turtleneck Sweaters
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The skin on the neck droops with age. What you’re witnessing is a perfectly natural occurrence. It is also typical for folks to try to cover it up by wearing turtlenecks. This hack usually backfires, drawing unwanted attention to the targeted region. Instead opt for low-key necklines like V’s and rounds. Wrapping your neck with a scarf or shawl in winter will help keep you warm and add an extra flair to your style without making you seem older.

9. Chunky Heels

Chunky Heels
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At some point, practicality usually wins out over aesthetics. However, it’s a bad idea to assume that you’ll automatically seem sophisticated as long as you wear your favorite pair of low heels with a square or rounded toe. People of any age might seem significantly older while wearing such shoes. Cute yet comfortable footwear is a great way to give the impression that you are younger than you actually are.

So now that you know the trick to avoid looking older, nothing can stop you from flaunting your sweet 16 looks longer. So, what do you think is the color that never makes you look older than 16? Let us know in the comments section!

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