10 Beauty Secrets From Popular Hollywood Celebrities That You Would Like To Know

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It’s no secret that celebrities only trust professionals when it comes to their skin care routines. Whatever it is, they surely know the secrets to having gorgeous skin round the clock. Thus, it is not surprising that they have acquired the techniques that make them seem perfect effortlessly. Fortunately, some of these stars have been kind enough to share their beauty secrets with us by posting them online. Here in this article, we have some of the most beautiful celebrities from Hollywood and their beauty tips that help them achieve the perfect look every time. Read on to know them all!

1. Selena Gomez

Image: Twitter

Selena Gomez demonstrated her easy makeup routine in several videos on her social media. She used tweezers and mascara to define her bottom eyelashes. With the mascara in hand, she carefully clumps together a couple of her bottom lashes with the tweezers. Sounds like something you would want to try?

2. Hailey Bieber

Image: Twitter

Hailey Bieber revealed that she uses a straightening iron to get her signature beach waves. To get a more natural wave, she first manipulates the straighteners in one direction and then in the other. To acquire the luminous highlights, Hailey revealed another secret. With a makeup sponge, she adds a layer of moisturizing gel over her foundation and concealer. It makes it seem more supple and moisturized. She also mentioned that many makeup artists prefer to apply foundation by pressing it into the face with their hands instead of using a brush. After trying the same, she realized it makes her skin seem healthier and more radiant.

3. Jennifer Aniston

Image: Twitter

Jennifer Aniston uses petroleum jelly to maintain smooth under-eye skin. She advised lathering Vaseline over the area around one’s eyes before going to bed. The lashes benefit from the conditioning effect. She says this is something she picked up from her mum.

4. Halle Berry

Image: Twitter

Halle Berry has constantly been posting Instagram stories about her favorite cosmetic products. Among them is coffee body scrub. Researchers found that coffee-based treatments reduced the appearance of cellulite and is something that works perfectly for her.

5. Chrissy Teigen

Image: Twitter

Chrissy Teigen freezes her eye creams. It makes a huge difference when the cream is chilled, and it works best for most under-eye creams. She says when she has to go to work in the early morning, she uses this to keep her eyes from looking puffy and dull.

6. Ashley Graham

Image: Twitter

Ashley Graham documents most of her beauty regimen on Instagram. She uses hair gel to hold her brows in place. Ashley loads up her eyebrow brush with the formula and combs it through her brows. By coaxing them upwards, she makes them appear bushier and fuller. So, ready to try her signature eye makeup?

7. Jessica Alba

Image: Twitter

Jessica Alba shared the beauty tip in which you use only one layer of each product. It makes the skin appear more supple and radiant. Then you mix the items from light to darkest. This is her secret to flawless makeup application.

8. Kate Hudson

Image: Twitter

A makeup artist taught Kate Hudson this trick. Fill a basin with icy water, then plunge your face out of it for approximately a minute. You’ll look like you have a glow radiating off your cheeks from the effect. She also relies on a baby lotion to keep her skin moisturized for the day.

9. Bella Hadid

Image: Twitter

Jaw highlighting brings up Bella Hadid’s naturally defined jawline. However, careful execution is required for this style. The most significant results may be achieved using a precise brush or fingertips. Look for a highlighter that simulates light from natural sources. After loading the brush with the highlighter, remove any excess by tapping it on the side of the container. Use the product as directed, beginning at the base of the ear and ending at the chin.

10. Catherine Zeta-Jones

Image: Twitter

Catherine Zeta-Jones believes in nurturing her skin right with the perfect balance of exfoliation and moisturizing. She does it by gently rubbing a blend of honey & bath salt all over her body. After you rinse it off, your skin will look and feel amazing.

Skin care is not something the millennials came up with, and it has been used and experimented with for centuries. Also, you must try it for yourself as there is no one size fits all. No two people have the same skin texture or type, so you must see what works for you. So, what do you think about these skin care tips from gorgeous celebrities? Have you attempted any of them yet? Let us know in the comments section. Keep glowing!

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