11 Must-Try Beauty Secrets of Meghan Markle, Number 6 Will Shock You!

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Meghan Markle never shifts out of the spotlight. Be it making headlines or just being herself, we can’t help but stare at her in awe. Even though she is no longer a royal, one quality she has embraced from the Royal family is looking flawless on every occasion. From her stunning wedding look to her official public appearance, there is something picture-perfect about Meghan. Her graceful look is the accumulation of little dressing-up tricks, which makes her look well put together in every attire. Here are some of the makeup and dressing hacks that Meghan follows, and we would love to share them with you. So read on to stay gorgeous!

1. Light Makeup

Light Makeup
Image: Twitter

Even when Meghan applies makeup, she makes sure it is just to give her skin an even tone. No one wants to be caught with the wrong foundation shade, especially not a celebrity like Meghan! She likes showing off her freckles and uses primer and foundation on her skin that perfectly suit her undertones. It gives her a dewy look and makes her makeup look natural.

2. Bright Eyes

Bright Eyes
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Meghan is a firm believer in emphasizing the under-eye region. She follows a good eye care routine and highlights her eyes with smooth makeup to look bright and awake. She wears them like a pro, from light eye shadow to perky lashes!

3. Eyes With Luscious Lashes

Eyes With Luscious Lashes
Image: Twitter

Meghan likes bold, clear eye makeup, and for that, she prefers a mascara with a thick consistency to give her lush lashes. If you look closely, her eyes are always highlighted with the perfect shape, and even in a no makeup look, she makes sure her eyes are always touched with mascara.

4. Splash Of Color On Your Cheeks

Splash Of Color On Your Cheeks
Image: Twitter

Meghan likes to apply a dash of pink color to her cheeks. This gives them a fresh blush look that always makes her look beautiful. Just a dab of rouge does the trick over your foundation. Make sure you blend it well and place it right above your cheekbone.

5. Neutral Lips

Neutral Lips
Image: Twitter

Meghan seldom wears lipstick that is bright or dark. For the most part, she favors a clean, neutral lip; and she carries it so well! It has become her style now. If you are someone who has always picked up a pink or red hue at the store, try something closer to your lip color. You never know; it might be something you have been looking for for ages!

6. Quick Hairstyle

Quick Hairstyle
Image: Twitter

Don’t have time to go to the salon to style your hair? Try Meghan’s straightforward method. She uses a hair spray to keep her hair upright and in place, and the secret always stays with her in her handbag! It adds volume and structure to her hair which takes less than two minutes!

7. The Application Of Oils

The Application Of Oils
Image: Twitter

Meghan is a staunch supporter of virgin coconut oil, which she uses to keep her hair thick and shiny. If you thought celebs don’t oil their hair, Meghan is here to burst that bubble! And looking at her thick and gorgeous hair, you will be tempted to use hair oil too!

8. Frizz-Free And Flyaway-Free Hair

Frizz-Free And Flyaway-Free Hair
Image: Twitter

Have you ever wondered how Meghan manages to tame her flyaways all day long? Well, she has a secret tool. She suggests a proven method for keeping frizz and flyaways in control so that your hair is always on point. Applying hair spray to a tiny boar bristle toothbrush (or a normal toothbrush) and gently smoothing down any stray hairs is what you need to do. Once you master this technique, your high ponytail or hair bun will always look fresh no matter how long you plan on keeping the hairstyle on.

9. A Nice Moisturizer For The Body

A Nice Moisturizer For The Body
Image: Shutterstock

One would think it is the result of expensive treatments and cosmetics, but Meghan always swears by body lotion to keep her skin looking gorgeous. It is what gives her required hydration and also bounces a shine when the camera flashes at her!

10. Face Exercise

Face Exercise
Image: Shutterstock

We’ve all heard about the benefits of working out and how it may make you seem younger. Meghan takes it further and suggests a nice face exercise or massage. It helps shape the face and gives a healthy shine to the skin. Meghan also arranges appointments with a famous facialist and aesthetician to keep her face pampered with whatever they need.

11. Meditation And Yoga

Meditation And Yoga
Image: Twitter

Meghan believes that the therapeutic techniques of meditation and yoga help to cleanse the mind, body, and spirit. She adheres to these practices to enhance her inner and exterior attractiveness. Seeing her do the advanced yoga poses will surely motivate you to get into yoga classes!

So, now that you know the beauty secrets Megan swears by, you can achieve a flawless look without rushing to a salon for every event. It is important to keep stress out of the way and harness positivity. Once your mind is calm and serene, it shows on your face. So, do you have any beauty secrets that you would like to share with us? Let us know in the comments section!

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