Beauty Secrets Of 7 Miss World Pageant Winners

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We are all ears to know the beauty secrets of pageant winners! You can’t help but wonder what they eat or do to maintain their beauty and vitality. They are not only perfect in their pictures, but they also look like goddesses in real life. Maintaining beautiful looks comes at a cost .It takes a strict routine and dedication to glow at all times.However, there are some tips and tricks they use to make this process easier. Here are some of the beauty routines of Miss world pageant winners that will help you treat your skin and hair the right way. Go through the list to know the regime you are most likely to take up next.

1. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

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Our very own Aishwarya has set the bar of beauty high. Her grace and disposition have become a worldwide hallmark. She is blessed with gorgeous hair and glowing skin, and for her skincare, she is a firm believer in home remedies. She uses besan, milk, and turmeric as exfoliators and keeps yogurt and cucumbers as hydrating agents. She also keeps her distance from junk food and prefers high-fiber food in her diet. You will find her taking frequent meals in small quantities if you are around her. She is also a yoga queen and frequently hits the gym to tone her body.

2. Ivian Sarcos

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Ivian Sarcos from Venezuela is more than just beautiful, and winning Miss World 2011 was a dream come true for her. Life had not been very kind to her, but she stood the test of time and continues to do so. She chooses natural ways to keep her skin clean and nourished. She also loves working out vigorously and practices lightweight training every day. She has no particular diet but has a healthy menu full of vegetables and fruits. She also keeps herself hydrated with lots of water to flush the toxins from her system.

3. Agbani Daregeo

Agbani was the first African woman to embrace the title of Miss World in 2001. She is a sensation in the modeling industry and is a mentor to fashion models and beauty pageant aspirants. Her impeccable sense of fashion makes her a complete diva. She is also a fitness freak and a yoga fan and practices keeping a healthy balance of mind and body.

4. Priyanka Chopra

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Priyanka is full of talent and beauty, and she depends on DIY routines to maintain her skin and hair. She uses homemade scrubs made of sea salt for her gorgeous lips. For her body, she uses ubtan and yogurt. She also adds honey to her hair spa routine. She has great hair, and her updo has certainly set trends. She also keeps hydrated with a lot of water and likes hot oil massages to keep her hair soft when she is not shooting. She has a healthy diet chart and uses coconut water to balance electrolytes after a warm day outdoors.

5. Rolene Strauss

Rolene is also a doctor by profession, and she sure knows how to look gorgeous round the clock. She goes by the CTM routine and cleanses her skin every morning. She uses vitamin C sprays to keep her skin fresh and nourished. She is fond of the no-makeup look and keeps her makeup very light. She goes for salon treatments and keeps away from heating tools as much as possible. She doesn’t like strict exercise routines and goes for weightlifting and cardio to tone her muscles. She also believes people should eat and exercise according to their body type.

6. Manushi Chillar

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Manushi is the perfect combination of beauty and brains. The aspiring doctor is everything that it takes to be Miss World. Her routine is what gives her the glow we can’t get over. She believes in completing 8 hours of sleep and being hydrated. She also likes running and dancing as an exercise to drive stress away. In addition, she practices yoga 4-5 times a week. Her diet has concentrated proteins, and she believes in eating all meals at the right time.

7. Rosanna Davison

When it comes to her bikini-ready physique, former Miss World Rosanna Davison swears by a strict vegetable-based diet. She believes that a diet rich in vitamins and minerals can keep you going all day and even make you feel better. She also doesn’t wear any makeup and has an unwavering conviction in the value of regular workouts. As a result, she steers clear of fast food and opts for a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, and meals strong in protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates, which help her stay energized throughout the day.

So now that you know the beauty secrets of pageant winners, nothing can stop you from glowing like a diva. Make sure you maintain a doable healthy routine and abide by it. So, which among these is the first beauty routine you will try? Let us know in the comments section! Stay beautiful!

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