9 Beauty Trends That Can Actually Ruin Your Look

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Who knows, there can come a time when people consider peach hair, facial hair growth, and uneven skin tone as trending, and we can walk about confidently without having to undergo painful hair removal procedures. Just like fashion fads, beauty trends also keep changing, and while some of them are near harmless, others can have a lasting effect on the health of your skin and hair. So if you would like to know which of the popular beauty trends are actually not very good for you, we are here with a list! Read on to know them all!

1. Extremely Thin Eyebrows

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Lily Collins is one of the lucky women who have thick, bushy brows. But unfortunately not all of us are that blessed! Makeup professionals often suggest using a brow pencil on clients whose eyebrows are naturally sparse. Some individuals also believe that bushy brows indicate youth while thin brows indicate old age.

2. Thick Eyeliner

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Makeup artists advise against using heavy eyeliner, particularly close to the water line. If you do, you risk drawing attention to your under-eye circles and fine lines. But, if done properly, eyeliner may have a rejuvenating impact on your overall look. You can achieve this by drawing attention upwards. It is suggested that eyeliner be applied solely along the top lash line and in the inner eyelid corners. You may achieve a softer effect by smudging the line.

3. Matte Lipstick

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Although it’s really on-trend now, matte lipstick may be difficult to apply correctly, considering the powdery texture. Lips that lack gloss and “juiciness” can make a person’s face look older.

4. Overly Vibrant Blush

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A healthy flush of color is usually a good choice since it makes your skin look youthful and natural. For this reason, you shouldn’t go overboard by picking a color that’s overly vivid or embellished with glitter. The quickest way to achieve that flushed, healthy look is using a creamy blush that can be layered.

5. Poker Straight Hair

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Hairstylists say that having your hair cut straight across the face or with harsh ends can make you look older and give the impression that your facial features have sagged. Meanwhile, lengthy layers, gentle volume, and ample movement will serve to frame your face & smooth over any rough edges.

6. Dark Hair Tones

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Gray or ashy tones in your complexion may be accentuated by these colder hair tones. However, hairstylists suggest using warm tones, notably for hair around the face. Your skin will look brighter with lighter highlights. But this depends on your skin’s undertones as well.

7. Unnatural Eyelash Extensions

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To be honest, we dig eyelash extensions. They can make your eyes look pretty even if they are not really big or sparkly. However, the biggest mistake you can make with them is to overdo them. Too many eyelashes or unevenly applied eyelashes will not only look unreal but will make it obvious that you have applied for extensions. So to keep the look natural, don’t force the lashes on, and instead distribute it evenly on your eyelids.

8. Dark Lipstick

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Lipsticks that are too dark or too bold may look perfect for a night out, however, they draw emphasis to the creases around your mouth, as well as your teeth, jawline, and any acne or imperfections you may have. To conceal the features you don’t want to emphasize, you can use rose-toned neutral lipstick which will enhance your pretty features and look good on a wide range of skin tones.

9. Uneven Foundation Tones

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Stylists say that the color of veins on your inner forearm might help you determine the best foundation color for you. The makeup colors you use should be warmer if your undertone is cold, and cooler if your undertone is pinkish. You can also determine using the color of jewelry that suits you. Check whether gold or silver jewelry complements your skin tone. Gold indicates a warm skin tone, whereas silver indicates a cooler one. Neutral types look good in either gold or silver. Pay attention to whether the foundation you’re considering has the letters “W” (warm), “C” (cool), or “N” (neutral) on the container. If you have problems deciding on which ones are made for you, you can walk in at a beauty product showroom and they will help you determine what you need for your skin tone. Note down the products and the shade numbers and now you can buy the perfect shade online as well.

Finding out what looks good on your skin is easier said than done. It’s easy to fall for beauty and fashion fads, but make sure you look through the trends and follow only those that are good for your skin and hair health. So, which of these beauty trends are you guilty of following? Let us know in the comments section!

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