10 Beauty Secrets That Women All Over the World With Beautiful Skin Swear By

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Numerous cultures around the world have passed down their traditional skin care recipes throughout centuries. These customs have been passed down from generation to generation, and they are still being practiced now, giving us the time-tested skincare fulfillment we deserve. But astonishingly, each of them are very unique from the other. While some believe in spice face masks, others are more comfortable with detox drinks. Here in this article are some beauty secrets women in different parts of the world swear by. Read on!

1. Snail Mucus Is Used By Koreans To Get Soft Skin

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Koreans strive for flawless, glass-skin by mastering their skincare routine. Snail mucus or slime is a common component in many skincare products. When applied to the skin, snail mucin removes dead skin cells, brightens the complexion, and plumps the skin with collagen to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles (1).

2. Authentic Cocoa Is A Daily Staple For Panamanian Women

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Native Caribbean chocolate, primarily the one produced in Panama, has long been used as a health drink by natives looking to improve their overall health and delay the signs of aging. At least 3 – 4 cups of unsweetened cocoa per day may help prevent hypertension and type 2 diabetes (2).

3. Japanese Women Often Use Matcha On Their Hair

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Japanese green tea powder, often known as matcha, provides additional benefits beyond just aiding in weight reduction and improving immunity. Also, matcha has been shown to stimulate hair growth and improve scalp health (3). A hair mask made with avocado, yogurt, coconut oil, sugar, and matcha is sure to work.

4. Turkish Women Cleanse Themselves Using Mud Bath

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Turkish women use baths not just to reduce tension but also because they are suitable for their skin. Their land has natural mud baths made from sulfur and other minerals from the hot spring waters. These elements eliminate toxins from the skin, such as dead cells, while the heat soothes aching muscles and joints.

5. Cacti Is A Popular Skin-Care Food Among Mexican Women

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Cacti, or nopales, are common during Mexican celebrations and celebration meals. On the other hand, Mexican ladies use their delicious meat and healthy liquids for other purposes. Because of the many vitamins, phytochemicals, & polysaccharides found in them, the cacti are also used on the face to achieve a dewy appearance (4).

6. In China, Rice Water Is Used As A Face Cleanser

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For over a millennium, East Asians have relied on rice water as a critical component of their cosmetics and skincare routines. Chinese women still use rice water for its beauty benefits, and it helps them maintain a youthful appearance and shiny hair. It may be used in various ways, from a soothing bath soak to a hair cleanser, skin toner, or even sunscreen.

7. Olive Oil Is A Favorite Among Greek Women For Skin Care

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The production of olive oil and the number of olive trees in Greece are both exceptionally high. Unsurprisingly, olives are an integral part of women’s health and beauty routines. They are known to increase lifespan of skin and natural elasticity (5). Olive oil’s moisturizing properties make it helpful in warding off dryness-related skin conditions.

8. Shea Butter Is Widely Used By Women In East Africa

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East African women are fortunate to have a strong culture of using shea butter for beauty and health since it contains antioxidants, vitamins, & fatty acids (6). Tons of raw shea butter, rich in oil, is extracted from shea nuts harvested from the shea tree. People with dry skin, acne, or burns can all benefit from this butter’s moisturizing properties.

9. Thai Ladies Drink Lemongrass Tea To Cleanse Their Bodies

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Thai women drink herbal teas as part of their regular weight loss and self-care regimens. Lemongrass tea is widely consumed because of its purported ability to facilitate restful sleep, and reduce stress (7). It improves the condition of your teeth and digestive system at the same time.

10. Turmeric Is Used Both Cosmetically And Culinary In India By Women

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Women in India use turmeric ubiquitously in both cooking and cosmetics. Turmeric is used as a spice and has medicinal properties, and may be used as a natural alternative to chemical face masks. Applying a paste made of turmeric, yogurt, and honey can give your skin a fresh, radiant appearance. So, who is ready to give it a try?

All over the world, people have been experimenting with different time-tested methods to beautify their skin. Even though some may seem unusual, doing a little research on your skin type and how these elements can help, you come up with the perfect recipe to make your skin glow naturally. So, which skin care practices will you try on your skin first? Let us know in the comments section!

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