9 Beauty Tips That Women Who Work In Front Of Computers Need To Follow

Written by Niharika Nayak

Due to the immense workload we face daily, many of us spend hours in front of the computer without a break and this can take a major toll on how our skin looks. Staring at your computer continuously can damage and seriously affect your skin since it radiates harmful rays. There are many beauty tips out there that can help you and we’ve decided to list nine of them.

1. Take Beauty Breaks Often



Make sure that you take a ten to fifteen minute break between your work as this will not allow radiation to cause damage to your skin. The work that can be accomplished with pen and paper is good as it can be pretty beneficial for your eyes. Rather than reading PDFs, pick up a book. Although you may not be able to prevent the entirety of the damage, you can definitely minimize it.

2. Make Sure That You Wear SPF



SPF is very important and especially so when you are someone who sits in front of a screen all day. Sunscreen helps prevent the harmful rays of the laptop screen and even if you’re working from home, it’s a good idea to apply sunscreen. Also ensure that you reapply the SPF every 2 to 3 hours.

3. Toners Are Extremely Useful



When you’re sitting in front of a computer all day, making use of a toner to revive your skin is an absolute must. It is important that you use an alcohol free toner and make use of it before you apply the sunscreen. Make sure that you apply toner at least once during the morning and once at night.

4. Massage Your Face Regularly



While sitting in front of a computer for lengthy periods of time, your skin can get dull and tired. To rejuvenate it, you need to make sure you improve your circulation. Nothing can work better than a good massage for this purpose. Make sure that you use a good quality cream based or gel based product while massaging your face. You can also make use of a special roller-massager as it helps improve circulation and relaxes the skin.

5. Antioxidant Rich Serums And Moisturizers



Antioxidants are needed when it comes to fighting off radiation damage so ensure that you use a good quality serum. Rich serums and moisturizers pamper your skin and help make it glow.

6. Relax With Some Cucumbers On Your Eyes



Your skin suffers the harsh effects of your computer screen but it is your eyes that are the most badly affected. Your eyes will end up looking tired and droopy so the best way for you to calm down any irritation and relax is by applying sliced cucumber to your eyes. You can also apply sliced potato to your eyes as the juices soothe the skin around the eye and help remove the darkness.

7. Eat Right



If your skin has to fight off damage, then it needs to be fully nourished from the inside. Make sure that you are following an antioxidant rich diet and eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables daily. It’s also important that you drink green tea and detox drinks along with lots and lots of water. This will make sure that your skin is left less damaged in the long run.

8. Ensure That You Use Eye Cream



Eye cream is also an essential as sitting in front of a computer can cause you to suffer from dark circles quite easily. Do ensure that you incorporate a good quality eye cream in your skin care routine to combat this issue.

9. Make Use Of Anti-Aging Products



Your skin starts to age at a much more rapid rate when it is exposed to computer and laptop radiation. Wrinkles and fine lines start to appear at a much faster rate than they should and if you want to prevent this, anti-ageing products are your best bet. If not all, make sure that you try and add at least one or two anti-ageing products in your skin care routine as this will help keep your skin looking youthful for longer.

Just because you spend all your time in front of a computer does not mean that you deserve to live with tired looking dull skin. We hope that our beauty tips were of help to you and helped rejuvenate your delicate skin. Please let us know all of your thoughts on this title in the comment section below.

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