12 Beauty Tips That Make Royals Look Flawless, Don’t Miss Number 7!

Written by Indrani Karmakar


Being a Royal comes with its set of challenges. For starters, anything you wear, say, or do becomes a headline the very next moment. However, even with millions of people scrutinizing Royal families, they have emerged as the epitome of perfection. Be it their makeup looks or the way they appear, they look absolutely flawless when they appear in public. Here are some of the beauty tips followed by Royals that will help you look fresh as a flower at all times. Read on to know them all!

1. Eyebrows Shapes



Kate Middleton lifts her brows to make her eyes appear wider, and she does it naturally and realistically. Since plucking eyebrows has been popular in recent years, Kate’s face seems more harmonious without these modifications.

2. Perfect Jawline



While contouring the face is an art in itself, making the proper accents is a skill that takes practice. Kate’s complexion is brightened by the pink bronzer she uses.

3. Classic Lipsticks Colors



Princess Charlene of Monaco doesn’t shy away from a bold lip color. She usually goes for red when she is not in shades of nude or brown.

4. Curls That Are Purely Organic



When Kate was a college student, she began to favor hairstyles with subtle gradients, which give the haircut more body and volume. The future Duchess of Cambridge began straightening and curling her hair as soon as she announced her engagement. Since she is now a member of the Royal Family, Kate chooses to keep her hair natural and wavy.

5. Pay Attention To The Eyes



At home, the duchess does her own makeup. She didn’t even hire a cosmetics artist when she got ready for the big day. For the past several months, Kate has been favoring smokey eyes with brown tints to draw emphasis to her green eye color.

6. Try Transparent Makeup



Lately, the idea of makeup has transitioned from putting on more layers to adding minimal layers. Queens and Princesses no longer shy away from their freckles or wrinkles. You can easily see the freckles on Meghan Markle, and it only fills us with confidence about showing off our skin as well.

7. Nude Nails

Most members are seen wearing nude or clear polish on their nails. Even though there is no hard and fast rule about what color nails they should keep, they prefer to keep their nails neutral to go with any outfit.

8. Simple Hairstyles



Modern royalty steer clear of hairdos that clump the hairs together and make them seem heavy. It’s all about natural hairstyles and voluptuous hair for them. Her Majesty the Queen of Jordan, Rania, pays particular attention to gaining volume at the root. Her simple ponytail is a total head turner!

9. Using Suitable Makeup Products



Princess Eugenie, the cousin of Princes William and Harry, says there are times when she has to constantly be prepared for public appearances. She admitted that she frequently dresses up for social engagements while driving. Aside from bronzer and mascara, Eugenie’s makeup routine consists of the bare minimum to give her a natural glow with a little bit of makeup blending into her skin.

10. Face Exercise



Meghan Markle is all about natural beauty, and she uses Nicola Joss’ methods to shape her face. Even though she is not technically a royal now, we can’t get over her flawless skin! And the best part is, it hardly takes any time but will shape your face in the best manner.

11. Advice From Experts



There are several video tutorials on applying makeup, and getting beauty tips is easy in today’s era. In the days when the internet was not available at the click of a finger, royals depended on professional makeup artists for suggestions. For example, Princess Diana’s personal makeup artist Mary Greenwell suggested she forego the blue eyeliner in favor of her natural hue.

12. Hydrating Skin



Did you know that Queen Elizabeth II likes to do her own hair and makeup? Only when appearing in public, does she invite professional makeup artists. Her beautiful skin is the result of regular moisturization and skin care. So, now, if the Queen can take care of her skin after governing a whole nation, we are left with no excuse for skipping skincare after a long day at work! Make sure you find your skin type and then research a skin care routine suited to pamper your skin.

So now that you know how the royals always look perfect always, you might be able to grasp the tricks that work for you to get naturally radiant skin. Looking flawless round the clock is not a piece of cake, and it takes a fair share of effort. Make sure you do the basics right, like eating healthy and drinking a lot of water. Once your skin is healthy from within, you can achieve any look you want with minimal makeup. So, which of the royal makeup hacks surprised you the most? Let us know in the comments section!

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