Beer For Beautiful Hair: Does It Work

Beer For Beautiful Hair: Does It Work Hyderabd040-395603080 December 26, 2018

If there’s one thing about Hollywood actress, Catherine Zeta-Jones that we love apart from her acting, it has to be her super classy looking soft tresses. Aren’t they gorgeous? She’s acknowledged it before and we’re telling it now — the secret to her lustrous tresses is the fact that she caresses them with beer. Yep! She’s an ardent beer lover; she has been using beer for her hair since decades.

Beer shampoos and conditioners seem to be getting popular around us. There’s a sudden rage among everyone to know about this fad. Do they really work? Turns out that, yes, beers do make our hair lustrous, fuller, and soft (1). If you’re still not convinced about this and want to know more, then you’re at the right place, my friend. You’ll definitely find your answers here about how beer works for your hair-

1. Beer Gives You Stronger, Luxuriant Locks

Beer Gives You Stronger, Luxuriant Locks Pinit


The hair cuticles are nothing but dead cells on the outermost surface of the hair. They can also be considered to be the most sensitive part of your hair. Exposure to harsh weathers or temperatures like snow, heat, and rain can cause severe damage to them. Apart from these natural factors, several other factors like the way you opt to style your hair can also be the reason for your hair cuticles’ damaged condition (2). You need to understand that regular usage of styling tools like hot irons and curlers must be avoided to protect your hair from damage.

Beer is known to be bursting with proteins which are in the guise of malts. These help to repair the damaged cuticles and your hair begins to regain its strength.

2. Beer Makes Your Hair Shinier

Beer Makes Your Hair Shinier Pinit


The presence of vitamin B in beer is what gives our hair a glossy finish (3). Using beer on your hair gives your hair more power to reflect light and look shiny which could grab the attention of men, and also make other women envy your hair’s health. Now, you know that all you need is some beer to add that sparkle to your locks.

3. Beer Makes Your Hair Voluminous

Beer Makes Your Hair Voluminous Pinit


If you find your hair thinning way too much with every passing day, give your hair some beer. The horde of vitamins and minerals present in beer gives it the ability to increase the blood circulation in your scalp, thereby increasing the volume of your hair. An ingredient called silica present in beer is mainly the reason behind the increase in your hair’s volume.

4. Beer Helps To Remove Relaxer

Beer Helps To Remove Relaxer Pinit


People with curly hair will know about the usage of relaxer. It’s a hair cream or lotion which is used to soften those timid curls and give a slightly straight hair finish. Using relaxers gives rise to a lot of hair problems mainly because of its chemical composition and not to forget that it also comes with a pricey tag.

In such cases, it’s the beer that once again comes to your rescue. Chug your hair with some beer. It helps to remove the relaxer in a much more effective way. Your hair will retain its natural curl-glory in the healthiest way.

How To Make DIY Beer Shampoo?

How To Make DIY Beer Shampoo Pinit


  • Take a pint of beer and boil it. Don’t get upset if you see the beer quantity get reduced as it boils.
  • Now take one cup of your regular shampoo and add a quarter cup of boiled beer to it. Mix it and set it aside till it comes to room temperature.
  • Next, wet your hair and massage your scalp and hair with this beer shampoo.

If you’re using a beer shampoo for the first time, be gentle with the usage. It’s like a foreign substance for your hair, therefore, give your hair some time to adjust to it. At the same time, we recommend that don’t overdo your hair by washing it with beer shampoo every other day. If you do so, your hair might start becoming dry again.

So, Is Drinking Beer Also Good For Your Hair?

Beer contains all the essential nutrients and sugars which support our human body to grow stronger Pinit


Beer contains all the essential nutrients and sugars which support our human body to grow stronger, beautiful hair. But, at the same time, we want to bring to your notice that over-drinking beer can lead to dehydration. It can also give way to bad eating habits as well which can take a toll on your hair growth. Oh, and please don’t forget that beer also contains preservatives, mainly used for murdering those bacteria. Therefore, too much is too bad.

We hope we’ve given you a clear heads up about how beer is beneficial for our hair. But, also remember that too much of anything is going to cause harm to you. Have you used beer for your hair? Did it work for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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