10 Amazing Benefits Of Sweating You Didn’t Know

by Rahi Bhattacharya

Don’t you find beads of sweat forming on your upper lip or trickling down your neck irritating? But, after a grueling session at the gym, you feel good as you wipe your perspiration on the towel. Sweat, although commonplace, is not as ordinary as you might think it is. Baffled, are you? The truth is, our sweat has many benefits that we are completely oblivious of. Here is a list of such benefits that will blow your mind away:

1. Heals Wounds

Surprising as it may sound, sweat can potentially help close wounds. Consistent research has found that the eccrine sweat glands on your skin contain a reservoir of adult stem cells that contribute towards healing wounds.

2. Reduces Acne Problems

When you sweat, your skin pores open up to release the excess build-up. Research has found that mild to moderate sweating can remove the dirt that clogs skin pores and causes breakouts. Excessive sweating, on the contrary, can increase instances of skin infections like warts and tinea.

3. No More Kidney Stones

When you sweat, you lose a considerable amount of salts and calcium from your body. This expulsion of salts reduces their accumulation in the kidneys and minimizes the chances of developing kidney stones.

4. Is An Antibiotic

Did you know sweat glands contain antibiotic agents? When your sweat spreads over your skin, it will neutralize the effects of a mosquito bite and disinfect cuts and scrapes.

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5. Boosts Endorphins

When you engage in physical activity, it leads to the release of endorphins or the ‘feel-good” hormones. So, when you sweat it out in your Zumba classes, you are influencing the secretion of endorphins that leave you feeling happy and energized.

6. Contributes To A Great Detox

Sweat acts as a great detox for your body. As toxins accumulate in your body, there is a need to expel them. Sweat acts as a medium for the toxins to be flushed out of your system. You must have noticed that people who tend to sweat a lot drink a lot of water. Water prevents dehydration while simultaneously helping in the process of detoxification.

7. Regulates Body Temperature

In tropical countries, with warm temperatures, the overall body temperature also tends to rise. Sweating helps cool you down. When you sweat, it evaporates, carrying with it latent heat from your body, thus regulating your body temperature.

8. No More Anxiety Or Depression

As already mentioned, exercising and working up a sweat release endorphins. What you probably didn’t know, however, is that endorphins are mood enhancers that can alleviate depression. So, the next time you feel anxious, hit the gym for some positive energy.

9. Relieves Body Pain

The endorphins that your body secretes, owing to your perspiration, not only act as mood enhancers, but also painkillers. Exercise is found to stimulate neurochemicals in your brain that help soothe pains and aches. So, the next time you are in the gym, don’t be amused if your neck pain vanishes.

10. Protects Against Environmental Pollutants

Sweating helps flush out toxins, as you are already aware. What you might not have known is that it also helps in the removal of industrial pollutants from our bodies. Chemicals like Bisphenol A (BPA) are used in the manufacture of plasticware, like kids’ tiffin boxes, and their accumulation in the body has harmful effects. Sweating helps flush out these toxins as well.

Those beads of perspiration trickling down your brow may not seem annoying anymore. So, get some physical exercise, work up a sweat, and enjoy good health!

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