12 Of Your Best Assets According To Your Zodiac Sign

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We all have a few features that are better than the rest — for some, it may be their eyes and for some, it may be the pearls that shine when they smile. If we know what these features are, we can highlight them and ace the charm game. And what do we call such features that highlight our personality? Assets! These are the most attractive things about you and people notice them without fail. In this article, we will introduce you to the best asset of yours according to your zodiac sign. Read on to know more.

1. Aries: Face

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The best feature of yours is your face. The perfectly aligned eyes, nose, and lips make your face the most attractive feature of all. Also, you have a well-defined shape of face and jawline. When you’re dressing up to go out, make sure you apply minimal makeup because your face already looks great the way it is. Just take care of your skin and do facial exercises every day to take care of your best feature.

2. Taurus: Neck

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Your sign’s symbol, the bull signifies that you’re well-built and strong. You may need to tone your body to keep it in good shape but you won’t have to work too hard on it because you have the natural edge. Your neck is long and toned which can attract anyone around. Try to wear clothes that highlight your neck and shoulders like off-shoulder tops and dresses. Apply olive oil to your neck and shoulder area which will keep the skin and muscles firm.

3. Gemini: Complexion

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You are a very vibrant person and so is your glowy complexion. Your skin is always healthy and your face is quite positive. Your complexion is so attractive that your skin is the most blingy accessory you can wear. Shorts, miniskirts, spaghetti tops, and crop tops are all your things!

4. Cancer: Stomach

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You have a really attractive stomach and your curves are well angled! Stock up on crop tops and tight sweaters because your shape is something you’ve got to flaunt! But remember to workout regularly to not let the pizzas and burgers steal the show.

5. Leo: Hair

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Your spirit animal is the lion and just like the lion, you have a majestic mane. Your best asset is your hair and you can show it off just like the king of the jungle. As long as you’re taking good care of your mane, feel free to conduct experiments with styles and colors!

6. Virgo: Skin

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The soft and supple skin of Virgo people can get anyone jealous. You have a naturally luminous skin which is almost always healthy. If you take care of your skin, you can enjoy long-term benefits like slow aging and no zits.

7. Libra: Booty

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No offense, but you are “bootilicious!” The most attractive asset of yours is your perfectly round and toned booty. Do you know what that means? It means you can walk in there wearing pajamas and people will still envy you.

8. Scorpio: Lips

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You have the yummiest and most beautiful lips. There’s not a single lip shade that won’t look good on your lips. Take this as a sign and highlight your lips the next time you put on makeup.

9. Sagittarius: Legs

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If you’re a Sagittarian, you’ve got strong and beautiful legs. If you maintain this beauty, you can surely make it to the front page of a magazine or a poster! So flaunt your perfectly in-shape legs whenever you go out. We’re sure you will turn a few heads around.

10. Capricorn: Smile

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People born under this zodiac sign are kind, caring, and warm. Their best asset is their breathtaking smile that can easily melt people’s heart. If you are a Capricorn person, know that your smile is so charming that nobody ever feels like hurting you. So if you have a crush on somebody, don’t forget to smile a lot in front of them!

11. Aquarius: Feet

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Aquarius born people are calm and composed. When it comes to their physical appearance, these people have the prettiest feet! Even if shoes are always in, try to wear heels and sandals that help you show off those pretty feet of yours. Get your regular pedicures done and shop for toe rings and anklets a lot. Make sure you show off your feet in front of your crush and do some feet flirting!

12. Pisces: Eyes

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Your eyes are the focal points on your face. They are the most fascinating feature on anyone’s face, to be honest. But for those born under the zodiac Pisces, your eyes are more beautiful than anyone else’s. You can drown people in your big, bright, and shiny eyes. Remember to highlight your eyes when you put on makeup so that you can kill em with just a stare!

Every person is beautiful and no matter how your physical appearance is like, your character and beliefs matter the most. Do you believe in zodiac signs? What do you think is your best asset? Let us know in the comments section below.

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